After weeks of waiting for Arsenal to make a big signing that clearly isn’t coming, Arsenal fans are becoming increasingly frustrated as the transfer window rumbles on. And with the “injury crisis” at Arsenal, I would just be happy with three or four mediocre signings so that we don’t have to resort to using the tea lady in the Champions League qualifiers.

And look, in a way I understand why we haven’t bought anyone in so far. Arsene Wenger, more than any other manager, is extremely loyal to his players. We haven’t bought a midfielder because he believes that it is Aaron Ramsey’s time to make that step up in quality. He has faith in Jack Wilshere going through a season without suffering an injury – it’s the same reason why Abou Diaby has lasted this long at the club. It’s the same as we go through the squad – Olivier Giroud is in his second season now so Arsene believes that he will do even better this time round.

Players who play under him always say how much of an amazing manager he is – and mainly that’s due to him giving players a chance. After all, who else would have given a young kid by the name of Cesc Fabregas such a big role in Arsenal’s first team all those years ago? And you could say that about Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere and Patrick Vieira when he joined.

But with the number of injuries we’re suffering at the moment we go into tomorrow’s game with Aston Villa with a threadbare squad, no new signings and a lot of frustrated Arsenal fans.

But if you think about it, this is what Arsene Wenger wants.

He is an extremely clever man and knows that if we start the season with doom and gloom then he is in a position to become the saviour of Arsenal Football Club. Remember two seasons ago when we got absolutely thrashed by Manchester United 8-2? That was rock bottom but what happened? We made some signings, turned our season around and ended up finishing 3rd. And that 3rd spot was vital that season as Tottenham Hotspur finished 4th but missed out on the Champions League thanks to Didier Drogba and Chelsea.

So it’s happening all over again. Most Arsenal fans are frustrated, down and nervous about the new season. But don’t threat, Arsene Wenger will turn this all around in his favour, make some big signings before the transfer window closes on September 2nd and suddenly he will be the greatest manager who has ever lived!

Why make all of his signings early in the transfer window? That would raise expectation levels and put even more pressure on him and the players? By waiting, he has lowered expectation levels and given Arsenal a great platform to have a great season.


168 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger Is AN ABSOLUTE GENIUS

  1. What a load of shit – the men is a kintergarten fundy! He makes footballers out of kids. Make him kintergarten principal – but get a man in to take arsenal back to the top.
    He always sucks the hind tit when dealing with the big boys – he simply is not capable.
    lower top ten finish this season – if that!

    • Sean your a stupid person, I am disappointed with the lack of transfers but your idiotic comment about finishing “Lower top ten Finnish ” Is the type of negactivity, Arsenal ssupporters like you project .

      • And it’s idiots like you, Anonymous, that have blind, uneducated faith in this arrogant fool who is past he’s sell by date, that have put our club where it is today. Happy with 4th and making money, well guess what, it’s 6th or 7th this year, guaranteed so, why don’t you go to PSG with the French twat next year and leave the real fans to support Arsenal F.C and not Financial F.C. WENGER OUT!!!! For the 5th season in a row.

        • ahh yes, Matt, someone who clearly doesn’t remember, or more likely isn’t old enough to remember that Arsenal have had periods where they were mid-table as often as the times when they were top. As for uneducated, you clearly haven’t grasped the idea of perfect competition within a market place – its essentially the idea that if huge clubs with sugar daddies such as city and chel$ki can pay obscene amounts for any player, what a player is “worth” no longer corresponds to

          • how effective the player is. In reality, Arsenal will be stronger in the long run in comparison to the clubs who rely on their owner’s oil wealth. In 10 years, so long as the next in line to Wenger is not influenced by cunts like you, we will be in a stable and better position that city and united. Fuck of you reactionary booze ridden twats. You are not wanted here or at the Emirates.

    • Im sick and tired of you guys and you comments arsene is past his sell by date? we need signings i have two names for you higuain, jovetic 2 players ment to join didnt join played against us played so poor and lost….. arsene is not stupid and will not spend money willy nilly to get a player like pascal cygan or bendtner lke benteke £20m if we made that deal would be a disgrace i am a real arsenal fan not like you ho just want glory now and forget the rest. It is ramsey’s time to step and i promise he will also with ryo staying this season on the wings ox will get to play the central role enger wants to turn him into my opinion dont buy suarez because he is not arsenal material like anelka cant control himself benteke over priced not bad player rooney for the money he is too old personally we should buy riviere or benzema players along this line not too old but quality as for olivier well i think we ill kno hat we need to kno by the end of the season so real arsenal fans be patient we have been just a bit more if we buy a defensive mf and a cb and a proven shot stopper we wont need any more players if you watched the pre season you will kno the likes of ollsson and zalelem ryo akpom

  2. Yep genius.
    Only a top manager would do last minute transfers so they don’t have a chance to settle in before the start of the season and risk failing to qualify for Europe.

  3. I think you are the genius for your theory. One slight problem here. Our stats with Arteta playing show us with a 65% win rate and only a 20% rate when he is out. We could be out of The Champions League by Thursday next week and which BIG players will come to the Emirates?

  4. All cats eventually use up their nine lives. I agree Wenger is a very lucky manager, we have for a number of years been very fortunate to finish in the top 4, let’s not forget “lasagne gate” and Marten Fulop’s performance on the last day 2 years ago. One year his luck is going to run out, I think it will be this year which will be his last. To go into the start of the season without reinforcing the squad with his bumper transfer pot is reckless. If we get beaten well in Turkey it will get even harder to attract top players who hardly seem keen to join us, despite our magnificent stadium and training facilities.
    Wenger might be a genius that is open to debate, the point that he is no longer a winner, is fact.

    • Arsenal have been lucky to Finnish in the top four . In a league campaign of 38 games, you finnish where your supposed to finnish in. Don’t get drawn into the pathetic negative bullshit written and spoken about Arsenal, by the spiteful malicious hateful media.

  5. You have hit the nail on the head. Wenger knows that with the arsenal fans being starved for so long, a few signings early on would make everyone wet their pants and declare we should go the season unbeaten again. Now, when everyone would take 4th spot, if he can get in for example fellaini, suarez/rooney/falcao and a right back, the expectation still wont be as high as they have to ‘gel’ etc. Fans will say next season we will be challenging and Wenger will have a great squad and a new contract to wage war on the scums from Manchester and the chavs from London.

    Wenger has always been a step ahead and now is the time to relax and let him do what he does best……. Fool everyone from the press, other managers and most of all his own fans!!! He will have the last laugh, that I am 100% sure about !!

    • At 7.5 million I too would be having the last laugh . And why would the fans take the fourth place, when all three clubs above us changed managers. Surely if consistency is so important as we’ve been told over and over, there must be some drawback of changing a regime. The travesty of this transfer window isn’t that Wenger hasn’t bought enough to secure nex year’s CL, but rather that he wasted a golden – once in a live time opportunity to get a jump on all three title contenders.

  6. Whoa!!! Hold your horses, it’s a bit early to start hanging the genius tag around Arsene Wengers neck, the season hasn’t even started yet. As mentioned in an earlier post what is so genius about last minute signings!. When you manage a club such as Arsenal, high expectations from the fans is par for the course. If you can’t handle that then you should manage a team lower down in the league. After all that is why he is earning a reportedly £7.5M salary. Let’s wait till the end of the season to find out which manager if any is deserving of such a title.

    • Why dont you apply to coach Arsenal of you are so competent? It is a pity that the social media fora are allowing mediocres to pose as competent and credible people when in the true sense of things they are intellectually bankrupt.

  7. The case about Wenger is to bring in quality. You had all blamed him for bringing in lots of players that you called deadwoods, when in reality it was a case of not having enough of football intelligence to play the Arsenal way and some of them had gone elsewhere to click better. So Wenger is looking for quality as he does not want to be accused of bringing in bad players . To be honest I can’t see any of the players brought in by Tothenham , City and Liverpool as being of better quality that an Arsenal player playing in similar position. This is the basic truth. Most of those players cannot play the highly technical and mobile Arsenal pattern.

    • Arsenal came 4th last year, says much about the squad which is now weaker than last year (17 gone, 1 in). Wenger has £70m+ to spend and hasn’t spent it, if he fails to qualify for the CL having not used the transfer pot, his position is untenable and he should be sacked on the spot. If he doesn’t spend all the money before the window closes he must win either the CL or Premier League (the only 2 he is bothered about!) or he should be replaced. No excuses any more. Other clubs may have more money, but you must use the resources available.

      • there is no winning with some of you…

        so the 17 players out are the players that were holding the team in 4th place and will be so missed now they are away? those you guys declared as deadwood?

        Arshavin, charmack, djourou, played how many matches? Denilson has ]been away for 2 seasons, Gervinho is prob the highest played that has left

        • Don’t be silly. The cleansing of the squad was supposed to make room for new players to come in, not happened! Is it wise to send Ignasi Miquel on loan to Leicester when you have only 2 fit central defenders left, after today, perhaps not.
          Arsenal have not invested in the team, but they have put my ticket price up, for heavens sake, the cost of a match programme has gone up 50p!

  8. its obvious he will make quality signings u cant off load that many players and not bring no one in we dont need suarez rooney too much baggage we will hav a good squad come the end of transfer window

  9. It beggars belief that he hasn’t bought a player yet. How that is ingenuity beats my imagination. Aren’t these the same people that said we can afford Rooney and the likes.
    They take us fans for FOOLS.
    Lying to our faces point blank.
    His colleagues are busy shopping around and buying players early on as it would enable the lads to get to know each others better, but no, not Wenger. Your theory of his cleverness is severely flawed. I fear this season is where he runs out of luck.

  10. This is what Wenger wants! We the Gooners want silverware! Get David Dien back so we can finalize deals! Clubs that spend money in the past 5 years, Get trophies! Just look at the top Three teams last season!

  11. so, u r suporti socall Wenger shld wait 4 10 zero b4 buy players arsenal squad is now 19 all while man united is almost 40 in there curect squad i ate Wenger.

  12. so, u r suporti socall Wenger shld wait 4 10 zero b4 buy players arsenal squad is now 19 all while man united is almost 40 in there curect squad i ate Wenger.

  13. Are you smoking fucking crack you prat we will be lucky to even finish in the top ten this season as wenger as lost the fucking plot. GET WENGER OUT!!!

  14. Not even funny, wtf are u talking about, unbelievable. You must be in a minority of one. More like JUDAS than a Saviour!! This is a behavior but all at the club is a blatant piss take and We need to communicate this at the game tomorrow regardless of the result! We may win tomorrow but that’s about it.. Why start the season on the backfoot?

  15. genius ??????????????? when are you lot going to stop and think . eight years no trophy maybe 9 or 10 ,or for making himself and the board very rich . but come on stop falling for the lame get outs year after year .

  16. I am not convinced by Arsene’s poor performances in the transfer market.

    Hoping the team he puts out week by week, is not as dull and lacking in inspiration as is his dealings.

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  18. Most of these comments make me laugh… Its very easy to buy a polished diamond at top price. The art is to buy something that can be great.
    Sometimes the man gets it wrong.. we’re all human. Those looking for big signings that will drive their season ticket prices up should look where Walcott, The Ox, Wilshire, Sagna, Gnarby, Eisfeld, Ramsay, Song, Fabregas and all the others came from….
    It is not an accident that Arsenal are a top 4 side and still the most financially sound…
    Enjoy Arsenal beating Villa on Saturday, watch the club bring in some new talent, watch the existing talent mature.
    BTW… Who has knocked Arsenal out of the CL the last few seasons?? Oh yes… only the eventual winners.. Have heart and have faith my friends.

    • Best comment on here so far, most of you Arsenal fans act like children who only pay attention to what the media tell you about football rather than what actually happens on the pitch and in real life.
      As the op stated everyone makes a mistakes and when we get knocked out of competitions its usually always by the eventually winners. We went to the winners of the cpl last year and beat them on their own turf to salvage a great deal of pride, we went unbeaten for 10 games to close a massive gap between us and spurs to get a cpl chance, we took the most points out of all the prem clubs from jan 2013 onwards and have built a fantastic team spirit in he doing so of all these things. I cannot deny that getting players in early is better but the targets we went in for all had legitimate reasons for falling through. Why be a club that gets extorted for players who are clearly not worth the transfer fee and wages?
      Would we not then be in a similar mold to Chelsea or Manchester City who seem to make agents out of bloggers and sports media reporters. Stop being so impatient and you will see that we are in a much better position than a lot of you seem to think

    • Fuck off you board member! Have faith in what exactly? 4th? 5th? 6th? Our season will be over by October, as per usual. Keep faith, what a fucking twat!

      • Matt honestly save your energy, just don’t waste your time with these SHEEPS! They don’t know what it is like to be spending almost 2 grand on a season ticket and seeing the same old rookie mistakes that never get amended week in week out! This is why we cannot get our club back because we have SHEEPS being led by dictators! Any other top manager would’ve seen the massive opportunity this season to add quality to this already gelled team and capitalise on the change that will take a while for the top three teams in the league to adjust. I use to love Wenger, I now hate him with a passion. A French money haggling baguette with the word DI*KHEAD written on his forehead!

    • 4:0 to Milan away two years ago ,and out of the competition- Milan not the eventual winners. Surely you aren’t suggesting that if we had only beaten Bayern we would’ve won it all ,are you? If my memory serves me correctly , last time we played Barca we didn’t manage a single shot on goal. How about losing to eventual League Cup winners – Bradford City, and eventual FA cup winners- Blackburn Rovers. Oh wait , they didn’t win those cups either. But I will watch Arsenal beat Villa on Saturday , then I will watch them beat Fenerbahce and progress to group stages of CL proper. Then I will watch Wenger bring in some more talent( he simply has to if only to make up the numbers), and then unfortunately I will watch players like Cazorla leave for titles and more money to another club.

    • If it’s that easy to buy a polished diamond at top price then how come Wenger has failed to buy anyone this time??? I just wish people would see through his bull and lies to realise that he once again had no intention of buying big this summer and that all of the speculation and talk was just more crap to get us to renew our season tickets! At best there may be a panic buy of more mediocrity in the remaining time before the window closes, but nothing that will improve the ordinary bunch we have at the club!

    • Definitely agree, I thought it was April 1st at first reading it. The author of this blog is Wenger’s tissue paper for his a**!!!

  19. If i were d resident of LONDON,Wenger must attack and killed b4 our match against ASTON VILLA 2moro bcos he made me feel sorrowful always i remember ARSENAL of d past.UP GUNNER!

  20. You negative bunch of Know nothing, so called supporters are like spoiled brats !!!!!
    Rome wasn’t built in a day….We stuffed man city’s £450 million team 3-1 last week,
    Why aren’t you ever satisfied ?…and don’t come back with ” …oh, it was only a pre- season friendly” …”it didn’t mean anything”….Bollocks !….Both teams wanted to win, but we did….Handsomely !!
    Are any of you negative lot professional football people ? …do you understand basic business economics ?….I think not !
    “we wan’t a trophy” you all whine !!!
    Supporters support, Tossers criticize !

      • Yep. I guess the A.K.B.’s won’t be happy being left out in the cold though, will they ?

        ” In Arsene we rust.”

    • Here’s you’re answer Grizz (what kind of a fucking name is that any?) some of us are not only professional football people currently working in the championship but, we also have two degrees in sports psychology and economics, by chance and I’m telling you, Wenger and the board are taking the supporters for a ride. Rome wasn’t built in a day? It didn’t take eight years either did it boy?

    • You lose your class when you start bidding for players who racially abuse others, cheat, and bite! Your argument loses weight because we have bought players in the past and Wenger has stated his intention to do so in the future. We have been trying to build a team to win trophies for the last 8 years, it ain’t working, Lately we have become a feeder club for the last 2 Premier League winners.
      How many points did we get for beating Man City last week? Pre season friendlies don’t mean squat. Are you suggesting that that 3-1 win is the highlight of our season?
      Oh, and by the way I do understand basic business economics. The model Arsenal are using is the one where the shareholders get rich based on the loyalty of true fans who despite being lied to and soaked for cash still keep coming back to support their team, because they, like myself have been around since well before Wenger and Kroenke and will be still there after they have gone.

    • Shut up u deserve players after we ve been promised them the prices they charge for tickets its the least they should do.weve been gettin milked for years whilst our teams mediocur at best

    • @Griz. Hey genius, only Wilshere is an Arsenal academy player in our first eleven. So it would appear we do buy our team after all. We just buy it cheaper than most.

    • I can’t wait until we play the top three, especially Chelsea and City. They’re going to run rings around us and you SHEEPS here licking Wenger and the boards bum will be the first to brag about they spent millions on their team. Bloody idiotic fans!

  21. Too be honest I no longer have any idea what the hell is going on anymore. You would of thought with 70m burning his back pocket that we would have bought someone by now.

    But who knows Wenger can be very astute – Carloza, or bonkers – Santos. My concern is that if we don’t sign a minimum of 2/3 “quality” players and we have a similar season to the last one (or 8), then next summer we could well see some of our top players decide they have had enough and move on, Carzola, Kos, Walcott and god forbid, Jack.

  22. This is a poverty struck article by a deluded mind. What are you taking I’d like some for the V festival? It’s like calling a serial killer a hero. Wenger has screwed up. Wake up and smell the coffee. Heh get into reality man.

  23. Well you can say whatever you want but at the end of the day we need atheist one or big names and atleast 1 defender to fill the gap at the back. Stop playing smart with the fans.

  24. Mario Gomez , tevez, gustavo, capoue, 4 players he could easily afford and top quality how are chamak gervinio bednter even close to those yet he bought them santos squillaci senderos cygan stepanovs Denilson park arsharvin djourou are they quality because apparently he only wants quality it’s now a joke and he is definately taking all arsenal fans for mugs he is making arsenal a laughing stock how are Wolfsburg a bigger club and better club yet they buy gustavo bring in diaby oh I forgot he’s never gonna be fit yet let’s pay him 50-60 grand a week or what ever he’s paid get rid of 3rd and 4th place for champs league and then and only then will he have to compete but I think this is the year we finally run out of luck and end up like looserpool

  25. Why can’t you all stop whining and make some positive noise.

    Truth is if you believe all the horse shit in the tabloid press which clearly has a down on our beloved Gunners then there is always scope to be disappointed.

    Patience is a virtue!

  26. Why do all these people say patience how about the arsenal board be patient and wait for 60 thousand season tickets oh no they make sure they get there cash 8 years is very very patient is it really asking too much for even the glimmer of light that we are actually going to win something come on Wigan won the FA cup we lost to Bradford and blackburn is it really too much I mean Wigan !!! It’s ridiculas to ask for patience and call anyone slagging off Wenger a tosser or some sort of judas I think it’s a form of treachery to fans who travel all over Europe spending very hard earned cash to fob them off with porridge while charging for steak

  27. I remember all you people who say that we will end up 10th in the league at the beginning of the season last year and the year before. I dont remember anyone of you apologising after we ended the season 3rd and 4th

    • And I didn’t hear Wenger apologising for stating that this was his ” best ever squad ” before last season, and subsequently finishing it a massive 16 points behind United. Nor did I hear him apologise for selling Van Persie to them – which made it all the easier !

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

  28. This is very wrong idea. Delaying transfer to a late time resulted the signing of Squillaci and his kind. If you do late when that club will replace the sold player? Only if he is warming bench or outcast! I predict riot at Arsenal, Wenger should be careful.

  29. what i dont understand is why in the last 5 seasons we have not spent this apparent £70 m on keeping our best players by offering them contracts to keep them at the club i think every arsenal fan would agree that if we had fabregas van persie nasri song heading into this new season with the players we have we would be looking strong now we are boasting that we can buy rooney and pay him 200k a week why didnt we do that with van persie and fabregas at the time now we might not have a £70m transfer kitty but we would have a top class midfielder and striker now im pretty sure we are finding it impossible to sign players with clubs and agents knowing we have money im sure 10m is getting added onto every player we go for we need dean back to do our deals wenger has an attraction to young players to help them develop but as regards top players we dont have the appeal any more

  30. What be grateful for 3rd and 4th !! This is the problem I want 1st so you are happy with 4th do you get a dividen ! The squad is short why let coquillan go he can play r/b d/m c/b !! A good squad player, why are we idiots and fools because we want a trophy and Wenger isn’t delivering them I mean how did we not beet Birmingham . Because of the wrong mentality who’s fault is that oh yes the fans who have a go a Wenger .

    • Do you believe the team does not want first? only you the fans? really? you think if real had not arbitrarily increased higuain’s price we wont have him by now? or is 40m too cheap for suarez? if Liverpool had accepted the bid would he not be here by now? when the chips are down, there are 3 parties to making a purchase since the players are living and not just something to be picked off a shelf, Gustavo wanted to stay back in Germany, maybe something to do with playing more regularly in wolfsburg than in arsenal where he will have stronger competition, we are heading into a world cup year… Things should be put in perspective. Did you note that Jovetic went to man city? are u deluded enough to think you can compete with them for wages?

  31. I’m just gonna sit here and be calm until the transfer window shuts. There are still quality players out there available i.e César, De Rossi, Fellani, Yilmaz and maybe even Suarez (because I see Willian as a replacement).

    Liverpool just wanted Suarez to apologize, so when they do sell him this summer they can tell the public/media/fans that he was sold on their terms.

    Our first 11 is good, we just need 3 or 2 signings to add some depth, I sure Wenger knows this, so until the transfer window shuts we should just chill out and have a beer.

  32. Arsenal have only got 11 first team players available for tomorrows game! 17 players out and only 1 in! And guess what he is injured! Tough matches early in the season and nothing done to address glaring weaknesses in the team. Arsene Wenger’s record of never finishing below 4th spot in the league is admirable, but the lack of foresight in adding quality to a team who finished strongly last term is bordering on negligent! It places extra pressure on the players that are available and overuse results in more injuries.
    The fans feel rightly or wrongly lied to by the club that ultimately they finance.
    I for one would not be offering Arsene Wenger a new contract until he has addressed the obvious problem areas in the team, namely a GK, DM, CB and ST at the minimum. That would still mean we only had a squad of 16 players not counting the untried youths who may be available. Is my position unreasonable?
    I am a long time Gooner and I am hoping Arsene can turn things around before his legacy at our great club is tarnished beyond repair!
    Anyway I will be hoping for the best from the team as always. COYG

  33. Yeah but we need a striker!! Since when has a team won the premier league with one striker?!!! And our goal keepers!! Don’t get me started on those useless Polish idiots!!

  34. Arsenal was spoilt in the early wenger years and I and thousands of other supporters got to enjoy the good times when trophies was won often …but like everything nothing lasts forever..and when dein went it was a job to big for wenger on his own…….we all want big names at the club and to win trophys but what team dont…we will have our time again….come on the arsenal…..

    • Sure we may have our time again, but hang on didn’t Liverpool supporters think that in 1991,2,3, err 2013 (23 years and counting). It’s a thing that every year everyone thinks well things must change for the better, but it never comes and then with us 9 years have gone by since we won the Championship. As you say nothing lasts forever and sincerely Wenger has bs his way through the past 8 years with lies and his old chesnut sayings of we will be better for the experience next year, and Diaby coming back will be like a new signing, or you show me a better player than we have in our squad and I will buy him etc etc. The only way to break a cycle is to change things at the top, but Arsenals board and owner are either too comfortable with the financial windfall each year or are too scared to change in case it goes wrong! Wenger does not inspire confidence, does not give an air of a man who is determined to want to dominate football and top players along with fans want to hear this. He has become a media joke with his comments and his transfers (1 player in and he was another free young French player. Sorry but the promised land is still a 1000 miles away guys, even the League cup is beyond us!

  35. When Wenger took over he inherited Adams Dixon winterburn keown and bould all great sides are built like all great things on a solid foundation he never really understood this because if he did why buy cygan stepanovs senderos santos djourou squillaci fergie realised this mouriniho always does this his inter team with lucio was immense although not very exciting but I remember 1:0 to the Arsenal and highbury was a fortress why have steve bould and not let him Marshall the defence lets drop zonal marking let the biggest man mark the biggest attacker it’s a no brainer that prick alladyce sust us out years ago and we still struggle come on its ridiculas

  36. Let us stop all this illusion and for once let us be realistic… Arsenal since they move to Emirates stadium from the most memorable highbury/everest stadium they lose their focus frm the team that gave Fergie a nightmare every season to a team that surrender and submit to Ferguson dominance to an extend of almost losing every game against Man U. Since the board decided to sell Viera offload Wiltord,Edu and Kanu Arsenal started to become less and less ambitious to win or fight for glory and depend on lady luck but the last nail on our coffin was sealed after we sold our legend king Henry that’s when i realized how greedy Arsenal are and they value profits than any trophy. So let us accept that our beloved club are here to satisfy a few individuals and not millions of supporters out there.

  37. Let us stop all this illusion and for once let us be realistic… Arsenal since they move to Emirates stadium from the most memorable highbury/everest stadium they lose their focus frm the team that gave Fergie a nightmare every season to a team that surrender and submit to Ferguson dominance to an extend of almost losing every game against Man U. Since the board decided to sell Viera offload Wiltord,Edu and Kanu Arsenal started to become less and less ambitious to win or fight for glory and depend on lady luck but the last nail on our coffin was sealed after we sold our legend king Henry that’s when i realized how greedy Arsenal are and they value profits than any trophy. So let us accept that our beloved club are here to satisfy a few individuals and not millions of supporters out there. Accept and move on.

  38. Wenger is nw a deluded man n all his empty-headed, feeble-minded, supporters who lack winnin mentality like him. Its a shame 2 use 4th positn 2 judge success by some sick-headed stingy misers fans lik their demonic heartless mentor of theirs. Imagin wenger n his lads openly celebratin 4th positn lik winnin d champions league trophy. Shame 2 u wenger. U av lost all u av achieved. U will surely leave in shame.

  39. You are all fake supporters !! Obviously you all don’t know how lucky we are to have a manager like wenger!! The problem is our clubs system, the past 9 years we haven’t spent due to all the money owed on the emirates stadium, that’s why they became a money pot club, most clubs do when in debt, arsene wenger had to find a way to deal with what he had and keep them in the top flight! He’s a genius web it comes to football, the way arsenal play was his creation that many teams find hard to deal with all over the world.. I’m very excited for this season, signings or none, now we have money to spend and I don’t agree they all have to be marquee! Just metiocre to fill the space as back up or 1 key midfielder, be proud of our first team who finished te season tremendously. Have faith!!! Remeber team chemistry is what’s our advantage this season , everyone else has rearranged there whole team!! We got this

    • Have faith in a liar and con man, bullshit he has fed us with crap for 9 years since we last won the league, same lies, same crap and to say that this bunch of mediocre misfits will do anything because of “team chemistry” is a joke. Your the one who should be labelled as a fake because you just lay down and take your medicine fed from Wengers spoon of bull season after season and the sad thing is it sounds as if you believe it!!

  40. Arsene is playing a very dangerous game of Russian Roulette If he is waiting to do his transfer buisness between now and the end of the transfer window, after having all of the summer to get players in. He has let Higuain slip through his fingers when he was practically an Arsenal player. And for what reason. OH YEAH, to chase after Suarez. Was that all just a smoke screen, knowing that the scousers would never let him go. Why else make an embarasing bid of 40 million plus one pound.
    Not activating Fellani’s buy out clause because he doesn’t think that he represents value for money. WHAT!!!!!!!??????? Well I suppose keeping those seventeen players that he has just let go that were all getting good wages but very little playing time was though. Not to mention the fact that we are still lumbered with Bentner..
    We have let Manone go but failed to get Cesar because of his wage demands. That’s ok though cos we have FlapyHandski waiting in the wings.
    We havn’t even shored up a defence that was dodgy to say the least last season and now Vermalen is out injured and for my money Mertesaker is and always has been a sack of shit, but guess what? He’s now our captain for our opening game.
    We are fast becoming a joke. We have not spent a penny of our so called war chest and have only brought in one player on a free transfer. Well done with that!!!
    Man City on the other hand have gone about their business and brought in some very good players (including players that were suposedly on our list of targets), They have done this all in good time before the start of the season despite having a new manager coming in and already having a squad with in depth quality.
    Have we not learned anything over the last few seasons? I GUESS NOT!!!!!

  41. How come if we moan we are fake supporters I’m 44 I’m from islington westbourne estate I went to canonbury junior school I then went to highbury grove before my parents moved to muswell hill I’ve been to nearly every ground in the country I’ve followed my club onto European soil I now try and go to as many games possible I’m not a season ticket holder so I pay through the nose to a tout I’ve watched many a reserve game at under hill so can you please tell me how the fuck I’m a fake fan ! I will support my team long after Wenger has gone as I supported them through Don Howe so please I know when something is wrong and there is something wrong at the Arsenal surely all the pundits including ex Arsenal players and ex managers and pros from all over europe talk about it are they all blind deaf idiots but unfortunately it counts for shit as Wenger is the 3 wise monkeys rolled into 1 he’s from Alsace not north London so don’t tell me the Arsenal is in his heart only his pocket say what you want about fergie at least he changed things every year and listened to the people that paid the wages unlike the PROF!!!lol

  42. Wengers earnt £60 million since he last won a trophy…
    What other club would let someone not succeed but get paid that much for that long…??? We’re a JOKE
    Every person on here defending wenger your an absolute mug. You’ll be saying the same shit next year after another mediocre season. #brainwashed

  43. Arsene Wenger is an idiot and the biggest fool of all time toiling with our emotions every season telling us the same story i wish he could just die of heart attack since the board has refused to send him packing and get another manager who is eager to listen to the cry of the heart broken fans . the likes of Manchester United and other top teams fans now makes Jake of Arsenal fans all over the world all because of Wenger inability to do us proud he should go or die before he kills us with heart break every season ..

  44. So many fools called themselves Arsenal fans. What kind of rubbish is this? What is the meaning of this shit. You are talking about 3rd or 4th position? Are you sure you are a true fan of Arsenal? How long have you been supporting this club? Look at the defence and tell me if we need to sign quickly or no. Arsene please go we don’t need you again. I’m wondering why fans are disturbing themselves over buying players. We all know very well that Arsene will not buy players. Latter you will be shouting ”in Arsene we trust”. Idiots, fools and rascals. I’m feeling headache at home and you are writing shit for me. Arsenal fc will be turn to something else in the next 2 years if Arsene remains, lets bet it.

    • Don’t mind the pretending Wenger supporters, they are only fooling themselves. Until Wenger leaves, Arsenal will not make any more progress.The mans is not trustworthy.

  45. Has wenger returned the dog muzzle he had bought for Suarez To prevent him from biting our players incase he signed? And am i the only one who though Gustavo looked like them terrorist? Signing or no signing am a gunner for life….

  46. The major cause of concern rest in the “false” promises management keep making during the transfer seasons. It is better they remain silent instead of providing false hope and making low bids on players and waiting for other clubs to come in and out bid us. When the truth is, the club had no interests in signing any of those players. This is fast becoming the commom practice of Arsenal FC. This is been going on for several seasons and this is the root of the Arsenal problems with its fans.

    This childish game is what leads to fans frustrations.

  47. Please excuse my poor spelling!

    BiG Congratulations to a true World Class Champion and Arsenal supporter.

    Mighty Mo Forah.

  48. Wenger is a genuine failure, 8yrs without trophy? Other big club would have kicked him out. He is a miser, a demented old man that isout of tune with modern football.A manager that fools the fans every season in the name of looking for top
    top top quality that abound every where, Wenger is not near a GENIUS.

  49. Look, we are all frustrated but we shouldn’t let that get in the way of common sense.
    I agree most of these players are overpriced. The sums being demanded are ludicrous. Saying that it does not detract from the fact we need a few more to strengthen the squad. The reason nobody has come in isn’t a cunning plan by Wenger to set expectations, that would be foolish, it’s just a simple matter of getting the right player at the right price including fees, wages, agents etc and not at any price. Simple.
    One thread of hope, remember the great Manchester United team of Scholes, Beckham, Giggs, the Neville’s, etc.? Well, what was said of their chances by the so called experts? Having let a lot of players go, We now have a group of you g players with real potential, some of whom are just about ready to breakthrough and collectively could be special. Arsene knows this and also knows he has to give them their chance. That chance might come this season, and I for one agree with his approach.
    Don’t let the irresponsible spending of some clubs who have skewered the market be a yardstick. Have faith and do things the right way and we will be the ones laughing in the long run.
    Up Arsenal!!

  50. I always laugh at the people that want Wenger out because of a lack of glory/trophies/ambition. The thing that makes me laugh is no one ever has a recommendation as who to replace him with. I posed this point on another forum, and was answered by one such fan/supporter
    “it’s not my job!”
    Which begs the question. If that’s not your job then how is sacking the most successful manager we ever had….just saying!

    • Shut up you muppet, countless of managers would embarrass Wenger if they had this team! Klopp, Laudrup, Heynecks, Van Gaal, Lowe! Just to name some! You Arsene Wenger following slave!

    • topboy – …..”no one ever has a recommendation as who to replace him with”.
      That’s as absurd as Wenger saying there are no better players out there that could improve us / are better than what we have e.t.c. Your problem is that you’re so brainwashed by the cult of Wenger that you’ve lost all sense of perspective. Listen to yourself ; do you REALLY BELIEVE what you’re saying ?

      There are loads of managers out there who can do a far better job than Wenger. And incidentally – for a lot less than 7.5 million a year.
      You want names ? Klopp, Guardiola, Ancellotti, Di Matteo, e.t. c. e.t.c. e.t.c. These are men we should have gone for when they were still available. Now it’s too late because our gutless, complacent board wimped out by sticking with the deadbeat we have. What’s worse is that we’re seriously considering extending his contract !!!

      The lunatics truly are in charge of the asylum called Arsenal.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

  51. So we start off rubbish. The ?genius males some late panic buys and we finish 4th and that’s a great season orchestrated by a genius?

    Complete idiot.

  52. The dark clouds and ‘gloom’ hanging over Arsenal FC at the start of the 2013/2014 season illustrates again how Arsene Wenger has completed his ‘mutation’ from a soccer Manager to a clueless Big Penis! In Ivan CEO Ivan Gazidis, Big Penis (Arsene Wenger) has found a Big Vagina to that will always ‘accommodate’ him. These two will ‘fuck’ each other and Arsenal fans (ever filling the Emirates Stadium) for eternity!!

  53. Enough enough how much longer we got to put up with this bull?hít it’s the same old story every season were looking for certain players to add quality to our team you telling me Mr Wenger out off all the teams in the world you can’t find anyone better than what we got ha ha you make me laugh what we got ain’t good enough that’s why we never win anything for a intelligent man you seem to be missing the point we need better players so just spend some poxý money will you because other title winning mangers seem to be able to find this players just want the arsenal back where we belong

  54. Wenger is living on a reputation from 2005. He clearly ran out of ideas years ago. The same tired, predictable tactics as when he first came to Arsenal and the only thing he is doing differently is he is not buying players like Henry, Vieira, Pires or Overmars. There is nothing to look forward to for Arsenal supporters anymore just the fight for fourth and thats because of the financial benefits of champions league. If that didn’t exist then we wouldn’t even fight for that. There is no ambition at Arsenal other than to milk the fans for every penny. I hope that attendances start to fall and Kroenke and that cancerous parasite Gazidis start to realise that their investment isn’t the cash cow they thought it was. Get Usmanov in and Wenger, Kroenke and Gazidis out as soon as possible…

    • I feel your pain, and i am a LFC fan….that said hear me out!

      you guys i for a long time admired, you bought young brought them through and produced GREAT players and then either you sold them or hung onto them until “your” wage structure couldnt cope. Arsenal are a club that i as a LFC fan do NOT want “us” to become, your (and as i said, i respect alot) team have 0 standing 0, ambition 0, forward drive and sad to say 0 determination. Sooner you get rid of the old guard the better and this is an LFC fan looking in. Your on a decline and its not a steady one! A LFC fan looking in your going to be lucky to finish 6th and thats a me looking in!

      • Thanks for your concern Stevie G. Much appreciated. Unfortunately your insight is wasted on the A.K.B.’s. They’re rehearsing for the next series of ” The Walking Dead. ” The show’s producers are looking for extras who can play the part of brainless zombies as realistically as possible. I heard they’ve been overwhelmed with applications.

        ” In Arsene we rust.”

  55. Too all you ignorant so called Arsenal fans that want Wenger out, who would you rather have manage us? Who is out there? Who can take us to the title? Is it Arsene not trying buy players or is it a tough market with players going for money and glory rather than a project at Arsenal and cliubs overcharging for good not world class players? Wenger brought us glory and beautiful football from boring Arsenal and mid table finishes! He’s got us this transfer kitty after moving us to the Emirates! Most clubs struggle after a stadium move! I know he ‘ll get us back to the top and all you silly motherfuckers will call him a genius again! Arsenal till I die!!!

    • s.s. – Oh it’s such a ” tough market ” out there, isn’t it ? Poor Arsene is really struggling to firstly find ANYONE who he ( in his infinite wisdom ) deems to be good enough to play for us, and secondly ( if ever he eventually does find that elusive specimen ) to actually get them to sign on that dotted line. What rotten bad luck he continually has.

      Funny how other teams don’t have this insurmountable problem isn’t it ? That’s because they know who they want long before the season starts, have alternatives lined up in case the first choice falls through, and are prepared to offer the going market price for the player, not what Wenger himself estimates he is worth. And if necessary, to go the extra mile to secure that player, even if it means paying more to do so. Not quibbling over an extra couple of million when we have 70 – 100 million sitting in the bank account. It’s called forward planning. It’s how the modern day transfer market works, whether Wenger accepts that reality or not.

      ” He’s got us this transfer kitty after moving us to the Emirates” ? So why hasn’t he spent it, after presumably trying so hard to achieve it ? For the reasons I alluded to above.

      As with all A.K.B.’s, you only talk of what Wenger HAS done. Because you have nothing to defend him with CURRENTLY. He ain’t doing it now, and hasn’t been for eight long years and counting. How many more years will you give him before he “gets us back to the top” ? The man has clearly lost it, and you’re still living in the past. No surprise there.

      And what will you do if Wenger falls under a bus tomorrow ? According to you, we might as well close the club down, as there isn’t any manager out there who is better than Wenger, and who could win us a league championship, is there ? What utter garbage you talk.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

    • IN ARSENE WE TRUST – reality check YIDS (in disguise) you nothing but 6th at best, you have signed 0 youre going NOWHERE…………..YNWA

  56. Wenger is a genius – I agree with the person who wrote this article. What he has done by losing so miserably against Aston Villa and losing our only remaining left back, our first choice right back and our first choice centre back is lull the rest of the teams into a false sense of security. We make them think we are shit then BAM by November our Premiership campaign will be over and by January our season will be over – oh sorry, that is what everyone knows what will happen !

    Wenger is useless, incompetent, has been what ever you want to say he has to go – be it resignation, sacking or death he has got to go…

  57. Oh and one more thing to illustrate Wenger’s genius – we had SEVENTEEN recognised first team players – two were injured before this game and we have lost THREE more today. That means TWELVE first players for the next game. This is WENGER’S fault. He MUST be fired for this…

      • Shut up you scouse twat, one game and you are going to win the league, at least most of these Arsenal fans are honest in their appraisal of there teams performance. You lot are a bunch of deluded cunts with short memories, Hoh dopey cunts still sing Benitez ‘name, and he left you in the position you are still in, so shut your dirty bindipper gob, go spunk your giro is some shithole named after one of the Beatles and get a reality check. You fucking northern monkey twat !!!

        • Maybe they still sing Benitez’s name because he won Liverpool a European Championship trophy a few years back. Something Wenger’s NEVER done.

          Who has the “short memories” again ?

          ” In Arsene we rust.”

    • ME – Don’t worry – we’ve got our new ( free, of course ) signing Yaya Sanogo, who can come on to fill the gaps. Oops ! Now HE’S injured as well ! Who would have thought ? Obviously not Wenger. Sanogo has a bad injury record, and if Wenger had done his due diligence, he would have KNOWN this, and not gambled on him being regularly available to play. This is the ( unnecessary ) risk you take in signing injury prone crocks. Another genius decision from “The Professor”.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

  58. I think Wenger was an absolute genius for arranging for today’s match to be lost so that expectations for arsenal’s season would be really low…it all makes sense now, why have the additional pressure that comes with being a top team when you can just hide frailties within you team behind poor results. Proper genius

  59. U r saying its good to sign last minutes of transfer window. Good opinion. By that time arsenal will be outside of top 10 as arsenal already lost their first match to astonvilla for 3-1

  60. I am an Arsenal supporter I be supporter about 45 years I con’t see in this years like him first want to know win a game and scond want to now what thay want the team because to day show he did not know about this. Please leave .

  61. I am staggered as to how blind some people are. Arsene Wenger Is AN ABSOLUTE GENIUS?????? Are you kidding me?!!! The man sat on £70m for two months while the rest of the league strengthened and then saw his mediocre young side handed their arses on a plate by an Aston Villa side which only just avoided relegation last season.

    Arsene Wenger Is AN ABSOLUTE GENIUS? I still can’t believe the title of this piece. Some people are just so biased that they can’t see the wood for the trees.

  62. “jump” said arsene, “kiss my but” said arsene, “we finished 4th, so what if spuds finished 3rd” said arsene … (eg poss 2013/14) and on and on … you are what is wrong with many ‘arsenal supporters’. enough is enough! he has failed for 8 years! no other club would stand for it and still employ the same manager – get real, wake up!!!!!!!

  63. 3 things first he can,t pay the transfers second he can,t pay the wages and third he plays in a fast physical competition and he has copied Barca that plays in a slow paced no tacking league and a semi slow almost no tackling CL Wenger had early success 4 2 reasons he inherited the best back 4 to ever play and second he was the first to have a world wide scouting network Fab was player of under 17 world cup and gold boot and the youngest in the side but at the time only Wenger was watching now every side is watching so now its all money no way to beat the system


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