How Do You Think Arsenal Will Do In The Champions League This Season?

So we’re in Group F with Marseille, Borussia Dortmund and Napoli.

The first thing people will talk about his yet another visit from “the man that nearly was” Gonzalo Higuain. It seems he just can’t keep away from The Emirates.

Apart from that, in the end it is a tough group.

But I’m staying positive. Arsenal have been in the Champions League for 16 seasons in a row now and most of our players are hugely experienced in Europe – and if anything we play our best football in the Champions League. Players and fans get excited and it seems to bring out the stronger performances from us.

Borussia Dortmund are probably the strongest team, with them reaching the Champions League final last season. And they still have Robert Lewandowski who is a massive player for them.

We all know Napoli lost Edinson Cavani this summer but replaced him with Gonzalo Higuain. I don’t know a huge amount about them to be honest but they did finish second in Serie A last season and only reached the first knockout stage of the Europa League.

Marseille also finished second in their domestic league and did poorly in the Europa League, failing to get out of the group stages.

So we’re in a group where the teams finished second in their domestic leagues, and we finished fourth, qualifying through a play off against Fenerbahce.

So how do you think we’ll do? Are we far too weak to get out of the group? Or will Arsene work his magic once again and we’ll managed to qualify for the knockout stages?

Personally, I love playing against the best teams and they are the games which prove to be more exciting. We strive to be the best and playing the top teams around Europe is a massive challenge.

These are the games we live for and if anything these huge European nights will give us some highlights in our season. Of course, they could be disastrous nights also but in Europe I believe we can beat anyone on our night.


21 thoughts on “How Do You Think Arsenal Will Do In The Champions League This Season?

  1. I love this draw! All 3 of these teams are enjoyable to watch and will provide the group with much excitement. I like our chances of getting out of the group and feel we can win it. I know that Dortmond are quality but we do well in Germany and these are the same players who won in Munich not so long a go.


  2. No need to worry about CL after Christmas! Arsenal aren’t ready for the start of the season, let alone this draw. With the lack of numbers and depth in the squad, we are going to be in real trouble this season.

  3. As an arsenal fan i can tell you that i was happy with our group, if you want to win the UCL you must be prepared to beat the very best so its no problem starting from the group stage and this would also test our squad and i also pray it sparks wenger into signing top top players because this time there is no hiding place for wenger, he cant just say i qualified from the group stages for the 16th year in a row this time the quality of our squad will do the talking so its up to him to sign the required players. One thing i can proudly say is that we are more than capable of beating anybody in our group

    • Win the Champions League ? With this squad of players ? I admire your optimism but we have no chance of winning this at all. I just want to say well done to Wenger who has weakened the squad every year and for this he gets £7.5 million a year and the backing of everyone. What a complete joke. Arsenal are a complete and utter JOKE

    • Can he still get the top top players that will help to navigate us through in just 4 days?…..i don’t think he has such plans,lets hope our current core of players will be fired up to the big european nights.

  4. This will certainly prove Arsenal’s ability to play against top European teams. Arsenal for sure will finish 2nd in the group with Napoli 1st, Borussia Duntmond 3rd and Olympic Marseille 4th. This is my verdict, and it always comes to reality!

  5. 16 years now in the champion league and I’m not scared of this group because football does play on its day plus four more days before the window shuts so arsenal can buy players to strengthen its team

  6. That was what many of you said before we played Fenerbache. You were surprised when we beat them home and away. We need reinforcememts but don’t always be prophets of doom. Stay always with your team.

  7. This group seeems to be group of death, arsenal should just add more quality players to avoid world shame and keep their champions league legacy.

  8. Arsenal are gonna top the group. I believe arsenal will surprise the whole nation this year in the premier league also. I’ve already put a bet down for arsenal to win the title. I can feel the football fate. It’s arsenals year.

  9. This is the group,a tough one indeed.champions league is all about teams with character & strong mentality…..i think arsenal does well in difficult circumstances…..we have done it against real madrid (galaticos) when nobody gave it to us,Ac milian,bayern munich,barcelona..but wenger should get the players in,it won’t be easy by any standard….

  10. yeah i would love to have seen us avoid an all round tricky group but i was hoping for one tough team and my ideal group was to get PSG alongside 2 teams comfortable to beat. The teams grouped with Arsenal will be looking at this group wishing they avoided arsenal moreso than from our standpoint. Arsenal on their day can beat anyone and with their attacking play, it all depends on how well they do in the home fixtures. With the current squad we have i would say we will likely finish 2nd, but with a couple of good deadline day purchases we will top the group. Playing stronger teams will only help us improve our level for this season and showcase some exciting matches for us to watch.

  11. i am very happy with group, may be manager might and BOD might realise when then they will be eluminated on group stage together with marseile

  12. Previco, Rowland and Leon thanks so much 4 your mesages. It shows we have matured fans on this site. We should just stay focused and remain optimistic. We pray God will enter Kroenke heart and buy players.

  13. Napoli unfortunately didn’t care about the Europa League, the team put out was a strong one, as the depth they had was pathetic, but the performance showed a lot about how Italy see the Europa League, a waste of time. It’s pathetic as a Napoli fan to admit, but it is. They’ve added depth and came 2nd in a harder group 2 seasons ago for their first try in a while. They’ve gotten a lot better in terms of depth, Zapata, Callejon, Mertens, Albiol, Reina, a much better manager now and they’re still looking to buy a few. Higuain was alright in his first game for Napoli, though not great, had a goal ruled out for offside but he’s going to obviously need the time to gel, however your biggest worry should be Hamsik. Amazing, amazing player if he keeps consistent, will open up Arsenal’s midfield.

  14. I love this club with everything I’ve got, but the needle already seems to be nearing empty and we are running on heart and blood and guts. It’s (technically) still only August but it already seems like we are driving on fumes.


    We are out of players after only 2 league matches and our signings so far (Sanogo and Flamini) are the stuff of standup comedy.

    I am carrying on because I’m a Gooner – what other choice is there? – but I’m doing so with both hands covering my eyes for the potential road accident just ahead.

  15. After all the noise, all that Wenger cld do is to bring back Flamini simply b/c he is a free agent .pls wenger come to Nigeria we hav enough players who are free waitin for you.This season, your stingyness is sure to backfire unless you act fast and wisely. STOP waitin for other clubs to decide your fate.Take the initiative,Star players are available but not on the cheap. CAST the dreams of luck and ease away and wake up to the realities of the moment

  16. Hey andrew… Have u heard of ramsey a.k.a Rambo…? What of wilshere? Den carzola..? Mehn! u re outgunned… They will carve out ur name 4rm napoli’s defence.. Yeah.. Gunners r weak… Bt a determined arsenal team… Cum any day… Can move mountains… Respect.. !


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