Has Anyone Else Has Had Enough Of All This Sh*t?

If you’re an Arsenal fan, you know exactly what this is all about.

There are 3 days left in the transfer window and this summer has been hugely depressing. The frustration and disappointment has turned into pure anger. Maybe I’m on my period, who knows, but I am so sick and tired of all this shit, I really am.

It has been 8 years without a trophy now. And I’ve said many times we don’t want the club to put our future in danger by recklessly spending money we don’t have. I don’t think any Arsenal supporter out there wants that. What we do want however, and I don’t think it’s too much to ask, is for a squad that can truly compete. And that means Arsene Wenger assembling a squad that can challenge for trophies.

On the 29th July, which was exactly a month ago today, I wrote about how Arsenal have conned the supporters. I received a lot of abuse about how I was wrong about Arsenal not making any purchases and how it was all a PR stunt and we wouldn’t be strengthening the team.

And now we are 3 days away from the transfer window closing. It’s amazing that after 8 seasons of the same old shit, some Arsenal fans can’t see the wood from the trees.

Look, I am a realist (you have to be when you support Arsenal) and I obviously understand the financial fire power of Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City. But spending £100 million in the transfer window is not what I’m asking. All I want is a squad with enough numbers to compete, and with enough quality.

Our first eleven is okay. Let’s now delude ourselves in thinking it is the best in the league, because it isn’t. The starting elevens of Tottenham, Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea are all superior (and that has been proven with our abysmal record against the Top 6 in the last 2/3 seasons). All I want is Arsene to bring in some players to help the squad when we do have injuries – which we are experiencing already.

We don’t even need to spend £15 million plus on a player. What is wrong with our scouting system? Swansea bought Michu for £2 million. Benteke joined Aston Villa for £7 million. Clint Dempsey has moved to Fulham and Tottenham for £3 million and £6 million respectively. You may be thinking I’ve lost the plot and pointed out average players – but that’s exactly me point. We are so threadbare we need to make up the numbers with not world class players, but players who are very good and would do a job for us.

The problem is threefold. Arsene Wenger has far too much power. This means he’s a jack of all trades and a master of none, which is clearly evident when it comes to our lack of guile in the transfer market. It is unreasonable to expect one man to do everything and Arsene has enough on his plate than to identify players who will improve the squad.

Then we have our “negotiating team”. I put that in quotations because I’m not sure we have one. Dick Law, the mysterious man who can’t complete a deal is apparently well off the pace. ANR heard a rumour that when negotiating with Phil Gartside of Bolton, they valued Gary Cahill at £12 million and Dick Law offered £4 million. And you’ll remember that’s when Phil Gartside went mental in the press, slagging off Arsenal to anyone who would listen. Cahill then moved to Chelsea. Now you can say that that’s complete bullshit but it makes a lot of sense even if it’s not true. We don’t have the personnel to make deals happen, or we consistently under-value players and therefore won’t offer enough to buy them.

And finally, we have the board. “Silent” Stan Kroenke really is something. Although he hasn’t said anything (he could be a mute) this piece from Arseblog is a great insight into what his plans and intentions are. He’s there for the long term as it is a long term investment to him which will make him money. He won’t pump money into the club and as long as Arsenal is a profitable business, Arsene Wenger will have a free ride and complete control over the club. And then there are the board members, who can only be described as dinosaurs when it comes to footballing affairs.

This all means Arsene Wenger can do what he likes. So we’re in a vicious circle where nothing will ever change. Even the threat of losing out on 4th place in the league and possible Champions League qualification means little now as we are making enough money from the supporters and sponsorship deals. And that means Arsene Wenger will pretty much be here forever.

So I’d make yourself comfortable because things aren’t going to change in a hurry.


22 thoughts on “Has Anyone Else Has Had Enough Of All This Sh*t?

  1. Where do you think we can get 4 decent players in 3 days no f—– chance, will not be the pride of N London , I won’t waste my money on paying my TV membership in Aussie land .we will be lucky to make top 6 and no trophies unless something drastic happens.I cannot see that .Just read the poor results in the paper with less frustration.Spuds will piss on us Sunday.

  2. Di maria and Richards from mancity we really need............wasting wages on flamini while he sold us out after we grummed him almost into a star is bullshit on said:

    I’m fed up

  3. Wenger stop thinking people are stupid . you been lying to fans

    Who will really sell his player the last minute, ? those clubs you need to buy there players need also to replace the player

    and now here you lying to everybody , specials players , stop taking players are childish, we have great players but all you have done is nothing

    why can’t you just tell fans the truth ,we are not able to buy players because of this and that. fans will understand the problem

    Lying to Million Fans , please change

  4. Why wait, for trf deadline while fucken madrid is desperate for cash to
    bring in Bale, capitalize now, now, now if all this shit was happen here in
    africa things fan whod have gone crazy and on protest for wenger to step down………….so guy only you in the UK and closer can make the difference

  5. I know wenger dose want to buy players but with no back up from the board @the spuds boas identifies and levy gets them , we used to have one of the best in dein, but now southampton and swansea are better in the transfer market , it’s since the tight fisted yank raped our club

  6. “The Arsenal manager has hit out at the press, claiming it is responsible for making Gunners supporters feel there is a transfer crisis where there is not”
    can you fucken believe that skiny french sad that (we the fans have been brainwashed) idiod skiny french………..just because we in africa or we are not stu………………..pd

  7. Stop kiding fans wenger, i wonder in this world where u can get tolerant fans like we. Time 2 play hid nd sik game is over, dont spoil arsenal 2 arsh b4 u quite.

  8. If we “fans” must tackle this matter, first things first, let’s stop ticket incomes to the club, that means fans should shun matches, we all have TVs let’s stay in our homes and watch.

  9. The problem used to be the fact that we don’t buy players because wenger didn’t want to spend money. Now the problem is the fact that players don’t wanna come to arsenal so we don’t have the option to buy. Rather then keeping keeping players like van persie and building a team around them we sold and bought mediocre players. This is when we finally pay for wengers stubborn stupidity and paradoxically were gonna lose money because of it. The fact that there are still wenger supporters out there is incomprehensible. He’s gonna put us in the same hole that liver pool is in and even if a new manager (which isnt mentally insane) comes in it’s gonna be another 3 years until we get out. !!!!!!!!Wenger out!!!!!!!!! Please everyone don’t let him sign another contract this year…boo on everyone occasion he needs to go.

  10. I always know wenger is not trusthworthy…i knew right from the onset he will not be strengthenin’ unless injury crisis rocks his squad,especially comin’ off the back of a successful pre-season….i tell you, all the talk of recruitin’ special players is a mirage…wenger has no plan A or Plan B…he is tryin’ to buy 2 or 3 because of injuries…..i disagree that spurs has a better squad than us but they have strengthened well & can match us,because we are still short…wenger should know he has to accept reality inflated market reality,he has no choice but to flow with the tide in the right way.Criticism of the market will not change anythin’ because he is a lone voice….wenger should start spendin’,we already have a strong team but lack depth which is key to winnin’ trophies,it is a long campaign….but will he change it remains to be seen,wenger is such a stubborn man, but a top top coach,infact i won’t be surprise if he beat spurs to top 4 again,but top 4 is not enough for a club as staggerin’ as arsenal,it will definitely not help…trophies & a more lucrative wage structure will help the club more….fans should accept the fact that wenger is not doin’ enough in this window after all the Gazidis promises,even wenger once said that arsenal can buy cavani,that we have the money in the bank……you don’t expect arsenal fans to be happy after 8 trophy-seasons,after all we trusted the coach (IN WENGER WE TRUST) & little or nothin’ is done to strengthen a decimated squad while their rivals strengthens,fans deserves better than annoyin’ excuse fron a seasoned coach like le prof.

  11. come sunday and we do not win the derby than, all the fans need to protest
    the next game……………enough is enough from wenger to wenker

  12. It is definitly nt his fault instead dat of d fustrated board who beliv dat he is stil d best man for d job. A man(wengaer) is goin crazy nd wnts to drag a whole club to d psychiatry……and hr we are thinkin he is alrite jus bcos he hs nt started pusuein evryone wit matchets an guns…
    imbesile of a manager..

  13. from the 1st july till now nothing worth mentioning player has come .Hence the frustration ! As it stands I agree. Sure I do expect like everyone else for some addition considering the amount of time to add some new faces.

    Having said that still time for signing is there. Once the TW is close your comments may be appropriate. Results dictate. A couple of win kept away criticism. Wenger won as so far as in four games lost only one.

    Is this team capable to run the long course ??
    We all doubt.For some of us is completely unsummortable .Wenger seems to me not preoccupied as such. I am cool headed on this and let’s just wait and see. Is there anything else we can do?

  14. Fans in London I am so angry with you. Your like a puppet. Maybe I have never paid for ticket or membership wchich i would love to but I have paid for TVs, traveled long ways, missed class, missed work, fight with people for the last 10 and more years. I am in Ethiopia and you maybe don’t have a clue but funs here are more frustrated more angry with winger and you funs didn’t do nothing to change that and rescue the club for the past 8 years. I say you are the one to be blamed for the situation we are now. Puppet all you are. Here is what you can do. You know our away form is better than at home so why do you pay for ticket? Why don’t you watch on tv like all funs globally do? What do you think? I think it will give the board and Wenger a wake up call

  15. I don’t think it’s down to Wenger, I think it’s down to the board. Our whole outlook has completely changed since the arrival of Kronke. We have paid a heavy price for building a new stadium in Islington, which caused the departure of Dein and heralded the arrival of Kronke, but it is our spiritual home. At the end of the day the board approve deals, so if they gave 30m for Higuain, 50m for Suarez etc etc we would have these players by now. I think Wenger won’t renew his contract at the end of the year, and we’ll be stuck with Kronke who is asset stripping the club for his own pocket, at which point we might as well say bye bye Arsenal. Why it was ever considered a good idea to sell to Kronke I don’t know. Bracewell-Smirh has intimated this by voicing her regret selling to Kronke on several occasions. At the time I think he was the only option if we were to remain in N5.


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