Jack Wilshere Is A Disgrace!

As Jack Wilshere was spotted outside a nightclub smoking, Arsene Wenger appeared not to be too happy when this came up at this afternoon’s press conference.

The Arsenal manager mentioned the health and social issues of smoking, and the fact that it may have been acceptable for Johan Cruff to do it 20 years ago, todays athletes should know better.

Personally, I believe that any footballer who can’t refrain from smoking and drinking is a disgrace. Yes, they’re human beings like the rest of us but they are professional sportsmen. You are being paid huge amounts of money for your talent and athletic capabilities. Smoking is just downright stupid.

Personally, I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs. I live a happy enough life and I don’t preach to others about drinking, smoking or doing drugs. It’s a personal choice and I happen to believe that doing those things can have a negative effect on your body. I eat healthy and exercise reguarly. I’m not gloating, that’s the personal choice I’ve made.

But if you’re a highly paid footballer then I don’t think that’s acceptable. I’ve supported Arsenal for over 26 years and the majority of that has been taken up by the Arsene Wenger reign. The words I will always remember when he first came to the club were:

“The body is like a car, if you put in the wrong fuel then you won’t go very far.”

And I completly agree.

You will get people saying “who cares” if Jack is smoking but Arsenal Football Club, thanks to Arsene Wenger, has high standards and expectations. It’s not a good example to set young fans, it’s not good for your health and it’s just stupid to do it outside a nightclub with all the press waiting to take pictures outside.

And the fact that the official website has commented on it with Arsene’s thoughts show that Arsene and Arsenal are dead against it.

If this was any other player at any other Premier League club, I would be branding them a disgrace as well.

Jack has the ability to be a great player for Arsenal but he’s a long way off being that yet and needs to get his act together and not waste his potential.


15 thoughts on “Jack Wilshere Is A Disgrace!

  1. you are a Jumping the gun to pass judgement so quick. Lets just say it was poor judgement on Wilshire’s part to partake in a dare.

  2. Chill out. Because you have an strong predisposition against cigarette smoking, does not make you correct.

    If people encountered cigarettes like they did beer, it would be a different story. Sure you shouldn’t drink every day – but, one or two on a Friday after a long work week isn’t so bad for you.

  3. Since when has smoking been illegal, You don’t like to criticise so why the headline then? Just for the record I have been a gooner for 57 years

  4. Gawd, not only is this blog a pathetic grotty little knee jerky weak willed baog of shite, but the aithor sounds as boring as the effin Pope.

    Explains alot. You need to get out more, go clubbin, do sum Es and get a life.

  5. Oh and the hit seeking sensationalist headline is sooooo mature too.

    Last time on click on this sorry site never mind actually post anything.

    Its a disgrace I tells ya!!! 🙂

  6. your a disgrace for writing this shite!!!its not illegal,im sure hes not walkin round smokin 40fags a day,he had a fag outside a nightclub…and morons like you call him a disgrace.what about angel jimenez walkin round playin a game of golf smoking the biggest cigar this side of cuba?is that a disgrace?your the disgrace for writing that shite about 1 of our most gifted footballers and jumping on the bandwagon wit the papers!there is no medical evidence to say havin 1 fag with a drink is bad for your health.i think you should take up knitting or sumtin to keep yourself occupied because if your worrying about jack havin a fag……u really need to get a life

  7. Jack should know better…the article caption is damn right!!,he is a disgrace!…jack is a respectable & dedicated gunner,a role model for kids & upcomin’ stars..his behaviour is utterly disgraceful….i hope he dosen’t ruin his promisin’ career with bad behaviour,addition to drinkin’ & smokin’ is not good for any player…take a look at paul (Gazza) & see what booze has done to his career….i think wenger has a point health wise is bad,but if you insist be privy about it.

  8. Alright guys ! The blog is simply his point of view ! He has said he doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs , but he won’t preach to others who do . His point is that he’s silly to do such things considering his profession . Similar to an accountant slowly removing all the buttons from all his calculators . Or Lewis Hamilton slowly dismantling his car between races . At the end of it all , it won’t be worth whatever thrill you got from it

  9. Why say Jack is a Disgrace? That’s plain stupidity. Because you against smoking doesn’t mean u should show so much hate. Hiding behind you have been a gooner for 26years. Who cares pls?. You are the disgrace for writing shit like this.


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