My Sincerest Apologies to Arsene Wenger

When Arsenal lost to Aston Villa on the opening day of the season, every Arsenal fan was angry and upset. We had one of the most frustrating summer transfer windows to date, bringing in only Yaya Sanogo and Mathieu Flamini on a free, had spent absolutely nothing of our massive “transfer war chest” and just been humiliated at home to a side that struggled to stay in the Premier League last season.

We made the same old defensive mistakes, performed poorly and clearly needed new players to revitalise the club. In terms of winning trophies, we were miles off.

But yet again Arsene Wenger, not for the first time in his 17 year reign as Arsenal manager, didn’t panic and got on with his job. He endured abuse from the fans and questions from the press – Arsenal were in crisis. But 6 weeks on we are top of the Premier League by 2 points and 8 points clear of the reigning Premier League champions, top of our Champions League group (labelled the “group of death”) and have only lost 1 of our last 22 games.

Unbelievable eh?

We brought in Mesut Ozil, who is truly a world class player and we are playing some of the best football we have seen in a good few years. Our confidence is sky high, we are getting players back from injury and the whole squad seems to be flying at the moment.

The performance against Napoli last night, especially for the first half an hour, was immense. I was privileged to have witnessed such wonderful football – it was ridiculously good.

So I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to Arsene Wenger. I will admit that after the opening day of the season I lost my rag. Even though now after taking some perspective and realising things weren’t as bad as we all thought, Arsene knows.

The results, performances and position we find ourselves in at this moment in time is just a dream. If you said we’d be top of the league, be on a huge winning streak, performing with massive confidence and playing the football we have been on the 17th August I would have told you that you were crazy.

In Arsene we trust indeed.


67 thoughts on “My Sincerest Apologies to Arsene Wenger

  1. Apology accepted on behalf of AW and all the other “In Arsene We Trust” brigade.Now let us hear the same respect from all the muppets who vilified AW. The man is a genius and we are so lucky to have him.

    • For all u know, if its not for the pressure and hostility that the fans gave after aston villa defeat, wenger might not have sign ozil. I dun think any apologies is needed. In fact, its good that wenger now knows its not all his call, the fans have a say. Without the pressure, we might not even see ozil and we might be in a position worse off than manu.

      Lets enjoy this wonderful run and hail wenger when he finally wins a trophy. Signing ozil wont help a thing if we go on another 8 yrs without trophy.

      • Wenger has been brilliant for Arsenal over his 17 years. I hope he stays for another 4 years to show all the plastic fans how little they know about football.

      • I think you’re over estimating the fan pressure point and vastly underestimating the quality of the squad, even before the addition of MO11 – world class player that he undoubtedly is.

        Some seem to be forgetting the way we played & the results we were getting from Christmas time last year – before we signed Ozil.

        Part of this fantastic run we’re on is a follow on from last years’ post Christmas form.

        Anyone thinking that AW signed Ozil as a reaction to the Villa defeat or even that the player would sign for a club who were “in crisis” knows very little about football and had clearly failed to analyse the actual facts.

        Villa was a blip, largely helped by the incompetent display by the match officials on the day.

        Fact is we have a brilliant manager and the team had finally begun to realise and believe in its own potential. This materialised as results on the pitch 2nd half of last season and the start of this season is a continuation of that form – long may it last too.

        I’ve never had any time for either the black scarf cobblers or the Wenger Out brigade and thankfully they seem to laying very low at present & I hope results continue to keep them where they are.

        I would dearly love us to win something this season but even if we do it won’t just be because AW broke our transfer fee record.

        • Really? And the panic buys after the 8 – 2 spanking where not made under pressure? One has been written off on the books and another had to be shipped back to SA.

          Please take off the blinkers. Ozil was a last minute buy because he only became awailable in the last few weeks of the window. There was no master plan there at all.

          • Of course one or two buys have turned out to b duds. Arsene may buy out of necessity to fill a short term gap. I believe all purchases are well considered taking into account the price and the current needs of the club. Such purchases should not be equated with the blind, panic and desperate buys you seem to suggest Arsene is guilty off after the 8-2 debacle. Arsene never panics. The day he starts to panic, he will quit Arsenal and football management.

  2. That is very nice.the teams will find it difficult challenge arsenal will now use this golden moment to say IN wenger I trust.

    • Guys I have always had faith in Wenger. Arsene loves Arsenal. He sees the team more often than you and I. I have always been patient with things.

  3. I have never doubted Arsene Wenger. The man is pure class and has turned Arsenal from a boring long ball, defensive team in to one of the best footballing teams in Europe. The Emirates Stadium is his legacy to Arsenal FC. With all due respect to the top top managers we have had in the past would we be in this position if any of them had stayed on? I doubt it and I was a big fan of George Graham in his prime. All we need now to make this a great start to the season is for Arsene to commit to the club for another 5 years 🙂

  4. Jeeez, it was a great win, its a great period for us but jeeeeez, maintain some perspective. Who knows what is in store for us, if it goes wrong, you will be calling for his head again.

    I hope he turns it around, I sincerely do, but there is a long way to go to win a trophy which is when the apologies should be made.

    • Naz….Why not hail ur team since they are doin’ well & let tomorrow take care of it self,trophy will come when it will come….now we are fantastic that’s all that matters,we take the game as it comes,even barca is not perfect but they are great.

      • Dont get it twisted, I hailed my team, I absolutely loved it. My problem is not the team, its the fickle fans. Its like marmite with most of these fans, its always extreme opposites its never balanced. This is our first steps on our road to recovery but ultimately and I am utterly happy about it. Im not offering any apologies just yet because yesterday was a result of a solid defence and a good holding midfielder, which allowed our front players to play. Im not apologising because Arsene has finally done what we were all crying out for.

        Its funny because, I wasnt too concerned after the loss to Villa. People can mark this down but I have been supporting the club for 20 years.

        All I ask is for long term perspective. Things are won in May.

        • Only 20 I go back to 1967…. a seven year old, the renaissance in the clubs last 17 has been the most meteoric …. yes there has not been a Berkamp, pires, lundberg, henry, vieira now for some time but they are big boots to fill real big……..

          • I stated how long I have supported to show you that I am not a johnny come lately who only supported the Arsene era. Anyways, I want better, I want trophies, I want more and if Arsene isnt the man, I will wish him a respectful farewell. If he can turn it around I will support him fully, but I wont apologise for questioning him in the effort for the betterment of the club.

          • God you plastic fans. You have had it lucky since AW came. I started in 1960 and have seen real bad times when we hadn’t won anything for 16-17 years. Its been 8 years but we have a wonderful stadium. The future is bright and never never ever boo our boys. If you want to protest, dont attend. we don’t need fans like you anyway!!!

  5. It’s as well to note that this present run didn’t start after the Villa defeat – it’s roots go back to the beginning of the year. The new recruits are performing in what was already a winning team on a good run. It’s also worth remembering that the club didn’t start spending in the last transfer window. In fact we’d spent less than in the previous two seasons. Since Kroenke took full control we’ve spent more on transfers than in the previous 8 seasons combined. This is no sudden change. The rebuilding process has been under way for more than 2 years.

  6. It was indeed a privilege to have been there; not been a 30 minute performance like that since Barca did it to us on our patch – and they ended up losing. I also apologise to AW but hold in reserve the right to still be constructively critical where warranted. For me the frustration at season’s start was induced by the raised level of expectation following the end of last season and created at board level downwards over the spending to be done in the transfer window, only to see supposed target after target fail to happen or materialise to another club’s benefit. The preseason was not a resounding success although there were glimpses of what we see now in beating ManCity in the final preseason game. So when we came to AVilla, the nature of the defeat against that back drop was extremely frustrating and hostile reaction to Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger and their policies was always going to the response from fans.
    Then we bought Ozil – and not looked back. 🙂
    Being a Gooner is fun again.
    Thank you AW……

  7. The Abuse that Man got I wouldn’t even wish to my enemies … for 8 years the press, the “fans” are all over him oh and of top this stupid AST which is probably run by other clubs which bought a stake. Shame on all of them …. Respect to AW , i can’t blame him if he leaves.

    • Well said,the English press is a load of shxt,including socal fans,they only look on trophy,trophy ,trophy..everything takes time,Wenger have committed evryting to us as fans,and all we do is abuse the best managee of the sport,i lift my hat everyting to Wenger.

  8. Thank you, you have the grace to say sorry. It is really appreciated Far too many of our so called fans don`t have a clue just what Wenger has done for the club. Alan Sugars ex Spurs Chairman is quoted as saying Wenger is the best manager in the premiership, that was before last night.
    Thankfully, Wenger hasn`t got the”hump” and left
    Even Fergie said of Arsenal fans, be careful what you wish for.
    Whilst I hate to mention that name on an Arsenal site, the “morons” still didn`t understand
    You just watch, something will go wrong, if we don`t win all champinships and the weirdos will be back again
    I don`t include this blog site in that comment, but I have given up reading most blogs as they are so negative
    All TRUE Arsenal fans owe Wenger a debt of gratitude far beyond the average fans ability to understand

    • “All TRUE Arsenal fans owe Wenger a debt of gratitude far beyond the average fans ability to understand”

      Those are some of the truest words I’ve ever read…. really !

  9. what is there to apologize. the only reason the team is doing well is because of Ozil. Wenger was screwing up every transfer window till this one. He bought a marquee signing and which has given the whole team a lift which was exactly what his critics were telling him to do…have some perspective AKB clowns

    • We’ve only been doin well since Ozil got here? Really?! So winning 15 and drawing 2 out of the 18 games before he arrived isn’t good enough for you is it. Moron.

    • you stupid sonofabitch, put mesut alone out there anf let him play against any other team and c wat would happen, while i wekcome mesut ( he has made a great contribution to the team) one player doesn’t make a team.

    • TBH it’s you that should have some perspective! were you even born when he started as manager for Arsenal? do you know that we played on a stadium almost half the size not that long ago? do you understand what it costs to build a new one? Did you not notice that our debt of that just recently got paid of wich prevented us from spendig this big (and also our sponsorship deals have risen sky high the last year?)

      Tell me 1 manager that would have managed to do what AW has done for us during those 17 years… and to be brutaly fucking honest most of you Critics still wasn’t possitive when he signed Özil! cause he wasn’t what we needed, we needed a DM a Striker and some Defenders!… so fucking stupid i wish the whole lot of you go support Mancherster City, Chelsea or some other shit club that is run with fantasy player salaries etc..

  10. I dont the fans who expressed unhappiness with the team and AW after the Aston Villa match need to apologize. If not giving AW and co a piece of our mind, they may still be in comfort zone.

    Once in a while it’s good to give them a kick up their ……

    • Of course. Who else but the Wenger Out brigade should be praised for this happy turn of events.
      Certainly can’t give Le Prof credit. Any 2 year old can fit 5 CMs on the team and do a demolition job on the CL/Europa winning Spanish waiter.
      Just spend 42M. Easy, spending 42M is easy. Look at Spurs, they spent 100M, that is ambition.

  11. Delighted hearing fans say Wenger Knows, we just need every fan to get back on board so to add some electricity/adrenaline throughout the ground[s].
    Loving it…COYG

  12. Only fools don’t apologize when they are wrong. I saw even the president of Rwanda His excellency Paul Kagame apologizing yesterday having bayed for Wenger’s head in January. The Emirates Stadium is a gift to Arsenal from Wenger. No other coach I know would have sacrificed his name, working with young unknown players so that we repay the stadium. He has carried the crucifixion cross for the sake of Arsenal. He has endured insults but kept his head level and even took us to champions league year in year out. And now he has little resources to bring some experience and quality. Arsenal will if not this year, soon win trophies again. Just think for a moment if he got his way with Suarez!!!! Suarez, ozil, santi, Ramsey ,,,, my friends Wenger is on the verge of delivering another invincible team.

    • Exactly right bud. AW has built a dynasty in much the same way Fergie has at Utd, only Wenger did it in more difficult circumstances what with the money of Chelsea and City to compete with. He deserves huge credit for the job he’s done and when he leaves all the Wenger Out brigade will finalise realise just how good he was (take a look at what’s happening at Utd).

    • Kagame did not apologise, did not say he was wrong for earlier calling for AW’s head. He simply commended Arsene and the team for a good performance against Napoli and for a good run of results.

  13. All arsenal fans let’s thank God and again AW + GAZIDIS and others for their great step on arsenal team because it has been a good start. I am always a true fan who love every step AW take because he is the best coach i ever see. Knows how to manage everything about arsenal. When he bought O. GIROUD they criticize him but now they can see the french man performance with the combination of Ozil. All the same In Wenger i trust.

    • Wenger is a genius but still not sure about Gazidis I’d have David dein back. If we didn’t get Ozil he would look like a prat. He is only lucky Real Madrid messed up big time. The higuain and suarez situation was a joke which I personally hold gazidiz responsible for.

  14. Sometimes you have to take a step back to go forward.The ground is nearly paid for so for the sake of some barren years you must admit that the future is going to be bright.I think its called the big picture.

  15. After Villa
    I said wenger for life”
    To show love and support…
    I’m the 1 with WENGER NOT WONGA
    Banner against Fenerbahce…
    Somebody who writes under spectrum
    COMMING FOR ME”…and finished off with
    In Wenger we rust….where are you spectrum??
    They must of turned up at your house..
    The whole world wants this man
    But no!!…not good enough for plastic
    Islington GOONER!!

  16. I’m no “Wenger out” or “AKB” follower but i don’t think its compulsory to apologise to wenger, i think it has to do with your concience if you think you’ve abused him so badly that he now deserves an apology is of your own choice, if you also think the level of criticism you showered on him equates the level of poor performances he had then i don’t think there is ant need for an apology.. Or we rather go into a reciprocal method of apology, that is.. Wenger apologises when his team performes badly and we the fans apologise when he turns things around

  17. Seriously now…I never had no doubt in AW,he is more than a special one,am a gunne fir atleast 12 years,i take no bullshut from no one when it comes the gunners,we have had some tough times,we all are a bit impatient at time,but trust and respect your managee and team,chin up Real Gunner fans,we are on a high,who give a shit about tommorow if we drop form on not,tommorow will take care of itseelf the team is playing good,the unity is there,one or two more team players adding to the team in aJanuary,keep fighting,Gunnersauruses now,tommorrow,and forevermore…bullit!!!!

  18. i have to admit i did start to dislike wenger at one stage. i guess he was too loyal to the board / wise to out the reason behind our transfer policies previously as to let everyone know why they were not spending would have led to even more upset fans who probably wont have been bothered to turn up to games when they are guaranteed to not buy any new players to bolster the team. Wenger bided his time till arsenal were in a good position to buy and really turned a team which probably would have scraped top 4 to something really amazing. we are starting to play the ultimate football. some of the best i have seen! if we keep this form up i will definitely say that wenger is the best manager in the world.
    now if i was the manager who would i stick on in midfield… too much class to choose from!! 😀

  19. It is he who should apologize to us for the last 3 seasons he has had that type of money to buy the one player that takes us from good to great and he refused trusting the likes of bendtner Deniilson squillaci to come good. This has proved that if we had made the move 2-3 years ago we would have had the team we wanted and have now. He was wrong HE should say sorry.

  20. I have been an Arsenal supporter for 60 years, I live in the Isle of Man, and went to see my first Arsenal game with my dad and uncle who lived in London, I supported Arsenal because of two brothers who played, Dennis and Leslie Compton. Arsenal are bound to lose a match sometime and then the back stabbers will be at it again.

  21. Well said. The truth of the matter is Wenger is excellent on the job and he know his onions. We also as fans have been very loyal. Loyalty does not mean blind-followership, we were all critical of the club we love. For 8 years we were a laughing stock in our respective continents but today, we can raise our head up and say we are gooners.

  22. You should all go fuck yourselves, you dim witted, narrow minded C*nts!

    Dare call yourselves arsenal fans!!!! I’ve been hounded out of matches bars and forums for supporting wenger and understanding his genius! Now all of a sudden all is forgotton and he’s a legend again. YOU ALMOST PUSHED HIM OUT THE DOOR. I’m ashamed to call myself an arsenal fan as I have been for the past 5 years because most of you are pricks who know nothing about football! Respect to my rose tinted brigade!!!!

    • What genius Knobjockey? 8 years of failure and being the highest paid manager in the world?…. while selling his best players every year to keep the board’s shares sky high? What a tool you are!
      Wenger out!

      • Rubbish comment.

        What Arsene has done over the 8 years of “failure” was genius.

        Players wanted to leave, AW did not want to sell them but he does not keep players who want out. Lest you forget Cesc actually stayed one more year but Arsene convinced him to stay. If your silly little narrative about him wanting to keep the board happy is true, why didn’t he sell Cesc from day one?

        Blasted know it all’s!

      • You clearly know nothing about how to run a football club . I don’t pretend that I could, but I fully understand there is a lot more to running a club then picking 11 players every week. I’m tired of defending the best manager in the world. I shouldn’t even have to. So I’m not going in to that, but respect for at least sticking to your guns. My problem is with the fans who were literally hounding him out, who now love him again and pretend they always supported him and the club.

        If you still want Wenger out, then I don’t have a problem with you. You’re stupidity speaks for itself and you’re not worth taking seriously.

        • “5 years of supporting Arsenal”…. LOL, you’re opinion doesn’t count, either your 8/9 years of age then or one of these jolly come lately which are despised by us true fans!

          • Quit being so dim-witted. He’s obviously talking about 5 years of defending arsenal.

  23. Arsene is the best thing thats ever happened to our club. Ok 2005 till now has been a struggle but hes kept us there. Top 4 that was his target until last season. He did it every year even under the immense pressure of the anti-wenger crew and the media. Lets be honest if he ever had enough and left every team bar united would of tried to snap him up. Even in that time he was building a base of a team that will be challenging if not winning in years to come. With the english base he is moulding slowly slowly..wilshere chamberlain gibbs ramsey jenkinson. Slowly slowly he will do something magical again. No other manager anywere could of kept us in the top 4 with the sqauds he had. He did it on a budget and had to be strict. Now we do have money and we will add even more world class players. Were not city or chelsea psg we are arsenal and we do things right. I do admire tthat about our club. When we do win the title again in the future it will be all the more sweeter. In arsene we trust. Always

  24. I don’t accept your apology. You said what you said and it showed who and what you are. You scorched and abused. You forced me to confront you and your ilk on the terrace when all I wanted was to raise my player’s spirits against your spew. Your apology comes from the same orifice. Wenger’s triumph over you saved us. For Arsenal I can forgive, for me I don’t forget and will meet you when you spew again.

  25. Wenger has been hamstrung for years by the debt the club carried and yet he continued to secure Champions League football year after year. The club is in great shape and better placed than all the other EPL teams.
    We will win silverware this season, secure more quality in the January window and this is a renaissance period we are in and have been in since March. Let’s enjoy it, support our lads and continue to trust in Wenger. We owe him that at least!

  26. Apology Accepted… Wenger is a genius… No one can achieve what he achieved with the squad he has… Now that he has a little more money to spend, you can see the difference. January will come, and he will have a little more to spend, and we will see even more… In Arsene We Trust indeed….

  27. All fans are fickle but if you dont respect what Wenger has don fo fi Arsenal, then u surely aint a gooner fan. Trophy or not, we have played the best football fo da last 17 years, year in and year out. In Wenger we Trust but to Arsenal we will alwayz belong. Come on u Gooners.

  28. We are on a fantastic run at the moment. These are good days and good signs. We all need to stick together right behind the team. Arsene, in my limited opinion, is the best coach in the world. He has sacrificed his top legacy of winning trophies to help in placing Arsenal among it’s piers by producing the magnificent Emirate Stadium. He had to sell players when he needed to buy just to position the club properly. It is true that we, as fans, deserve our bragging right. We are here now. Let us enjoy it while putting our full weight behind the team for continous benefits. We are braking the jinx this year and trophies shall begin to flow again.

  29. Wenger out!! Lol.

    A few years back when we were in 17th position after a few games people were he Bly on Wngers case, demanding his sacking, we ended up in third position that year. If we had sacked him and the new manager had got us to third he would have been hails a genius.

    We’ve lost a huge amount of plastics fans I the last ten years and the replacements at the arms are proper Gooners, witnessed by the increased chanting and volume levels there. Hope they never come back (the glory seeking c@@ts)

    All hail Wenger!

  30. Perspective is indeed called for. We shall lose again, we shall win again. But the sky is light ahead.

    How about some middle ground? How about giving some credit to all Gooners and moving forward? If AW was to blame for our poor showing surely he must be given some credit for our successes? As for how much credit should be given for those who villified and made personal attacks on AW? None, whatsoever. Credit for those who pointed out that our team would benefit from the signing of a world class talent like Ozil? Sure. Credit to those who said we should spend tons of money when we had in fact very little. None. Credit to those who said we didn’t need anybody. None, either.

    In short, none of us are perfect (yes, even AW) and we should recognise our own hubris. Victoria Concordia Crescit


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