Can Arsenal Overcome High Flying Everton?

When Arsenal lost at Old Trafford only a few weeks ago, it was the start of a Manchester United revival. Van Persie scored the winner, and Manchester United were only 5 points behind us. Fast forward a month, and now the second club in Manchester are 12 points behind?

Bet Van Persie has thought twice about his over the top celebration now.

And speaking about Manchester United, they lost at home to Everton on Wednesday night. The greatest football pundit the world has ever seen, Alan Shearer, said Everton dug in deep and defended for their lives and got a result. I’m not sure what he was watching, but I saw an Everton team full of purpose, some great attacking play and a side that made many chances at Old Trafford.

There’s no doubt that after Moyes’ departure, Roberto Martinez has taken Everton to the next level. I used to hate watching Everton because they were so boring and negative, but now they play with attacking purpose and always look to score goals. They thoroughly deserved their win at Old Trafford.

But that poses problems for us on Sunday. They are a real contender for the Top 4 and they will arrive at The Emirates with no fear. They have players who can really hurt us, such as Lukaku. If you asked any Arsenal fan which striker has caused us the most problems over the last decade, then they would agree it was Didier Drogba. Lukaku is the closest thing we will face to him.

Everton have already beaten Chelsea and Manchester United, drawn against Liverpool and gave Manchester City a scare earlier on in the season, so they won’t be afraid of us.

In a way though, Martinez’s attacking sytle of play could play into our hands, and the more open the game the better.

Sunday’s game has all the ingredients to be a huge occasion, and we have to make sure that we don’t give the rest of the Premier League what they want – an Everton victory.


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