Signing Julian Draxler Makes No Sense

There has been a lot of speculation about Arsenal splashing out somewhere in the region of £37 million on German International Julian Draxler.

Does anyone else see this as pie in the sky?

Why on earth would Arsene Wenger spend that kind of money on a 20 year old attacking midfielder?

We need backup or competition for Giroud, not someone we need to “mould” into a top class striker.

Never mind the fact that he needs time to settle into the Premier League, he is a lot of money (by Arsenal’s standards) and just because we spent £42.3 million on Özil doesn’t mean we’re suddenly going to spend crazy money here, there and everywhere.

Another issue is that we need someone to boost this seasons title challenge, and some reports are suggesting that he is out injured until March with a ruptured tendon.

So signing him, especially for that money, makes no sense whatsoever.

Also, you have the fact that the “expert” where this story originated from was the same person who said Gonzalo Higuain was “definitely” going to Arsenal. Not just a maybe, but 100% signing for Arsenal in the summer. He then promptly signed for Napoli instead.

Whenever the transfer windows open we always get these crazy rumours that have no substance.

I can see Arsenal spending around £12-£15 million on a new addition this January, not something mental like £37 million. We haven’t just turned into Chelsea or Manchester City.


6 thoughts on “Signing Julian Draxler Makes No Sense

  1. Draxler seems like a long term prospect. He is ruled out for an immediate transfer anyway, because of his injury.
    Wenger’s problem is lack of availability of top class strikers at this moment. None of the CL competitors are going to trade their big guns with another rival, and many other stop-gap options like Michu, are injured.
    Hopefully, Bendtner will work harder after his recovery, and will provide an alternative option to Giroud.
    He is big but slighter in build to Giroud and if Wenger can work his magic, Arsenal will add a slightly different dimension to their attack. But it all depends on Bendtner himself whether he wishes to transform his potential to reality. Actually, Arsenal will do better with a DM like Gustavo as Flamini and Arteta are not the answers to midfield enforcers of ManCity, Bayern, Barca, etc.

    • Schalke have denied the reports of a long injury layoff for Draxler, and according to Fjortoft, a reputed journalist operating in Germany, Draxler will be back playing by the time the Bundesliga returns in ten days time.

  2. You may be right because this is your opinion and you are entitled to it. However, you are not Wenger and you’ll never be! When he sold Anelka to Real Madrid and brought in Thierry Henry, many made noise arguing that the manager had not made a like-for-like replacement, as Henry was predominantly a winger. How wrong they were, because whatever Henry turned out to be, I don’t need to remind you!

    I also need to remind you that Wenger is a very cautious manager as far as transfers are concerned. If he has decided to splash on Draxler, it is because he feels that is the best for the club at a moment when the top class strikers we all feel should arrive are not available. Besides, you don’t have the right to question that, because, with all due respect, you are not even fit to lace his shoes in the footballing circles, are you?

    So, my friend, give the man a break, because as usual, ARSENE KNOWS!!!

  3. Patrick ,i disagree with you..wenger dosen’t know everythin’…he makes mistakes.who brought in squillaci,santos,park,gervinho………wenger brought ’em…our priority is a top 9..we struggle to score goals because Giroud is not a prolific scorer.we need another reliable source.

  4. IF all the rumors are true and Wenger does indeed decide to buy him
    then it will done for the long not short term I am sure.

    Mr Wenger may even suspect Draxler will shine so much at the world cup
    that it is best to get now rather than pay more after the event.

    Guess there is general buniness sense at accurately identifying
    midfielders convertable to quality strikers for the sole reason that strikers tend
    to fetch higher prices when sold. £40 million midfielder converted to a £60 million
    striker is good football business.

    Whether there is any truth in those convert to striker rumors I have no idea.
    Seems the sort of comment however Wenger would not be slinging about
    before a price was agreed with Shalke.

    A new RVP or Henry ..He must be worth a few more £k then 🙂

    More so private comment to the player when discussing final terms etc.
    Or agent hype aimed at encouraging further interest for other parties.
    Or just some idiot with a keyboard like myself spouting mad personal guesses
    that others repeat 🙂


  5. kindly cut out the now nauseating AKB rhetoric. Can the same anology be trumpeted for an uninterrupted period of trophyless seasons? Whilst clubs with much lower revenue where capable od restocking the trophy cabinets even on our expense. Ignorance is excusable, outright stupidity isnt. Good riddance!


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