Olivier Giroud Is A Disgrace

I wrote last week that we should get rid of Olivier Giroud, because he’s just not good enough. Now, he’s managed to be an even bigger twat than I thought he could.

Less than 2 hours before the big FA Cup tie against Liverpool, he tweeted the following:

There are several things wrong with all this.

The first is the timing of it all. Why post this moments before the big game? It’s a vital game for our season and it’s a game we need to get a decent result from, to give us momentum for the rest of the season.

The second is apologising on Twitter. He’s only done this because he’s been caught out and it’s been splashed all over the newspapers. So well done Giroud, you’ve apologised only once you got caught with literally, your pants down.

The final problem I have with it all is posting it in the first place. Surely this is an issue you should sort out privately with your wife and child? The only reason I can see for him to post it on such a public forum is because his wife hasn’t forgiven him and he’s trying one last ditch attempt to save his marriage.

Now some of you will read this and think it’s all tosh. But I’d like to think Arsenal are a club with morals. I’d be a hypocrite if I slated Ryan Giggs and John Terry but then supported Giroud – I’d be as bad as Manchester United and Chelsea supporters.

What he did for me, is a disgrace and people who do things like that show what kind of people they are. I can’t believe some of the Arsenal fans on Twitter who are actually trying to either justify or accept his behaviour. Whichever way you look at it, it’s pathetic.


8 thoughts on “Olivier Giroud Is A Disgrace

  1. And he was getting criticized for not scoring enough when clearly he has been.
    This would explain his sluggishness on the pitch . And people blamed it on fixture congestion 🙂

  2. Please! Give the man a break. He is going thru hell already. He made a mistake and raised his arm. He will be better for it when he comes out of this. It will get him to put his head down and focus. Good thing for Arsenal. Yep. Criticise him but hey don’t hang him on a pole.

  3. I don’t like Giroud’s football at all, but frankly could care less about his personal life decisions. I doubt many EPL players are paragons of virtue, right folks?. His antics are all a little bit pathetic when all is said and done, but that’s about it.

  4. i ‘may’ agree with u Giroud might not be good enough for a top club like Arsenal. However,to call him twat and question the things he did just before a big match is being sophomoric on your part. Different individual has different ways to look at this. He did what he thought would have help him prep up for a match like that. I would have honestly thought he went thru a lot judging by his tweets. Of course,you are entitle to your opinion but branding Giroud a disgrace is a no go! cheers mate!

  5. Who does not want to screw Celia Kay??
    This is G-rude’s personal life and we just can’t judge him. In the end he is the one to deal with the consequence.
    He should be benched not because of his personal issue, but football reason. Taking a lady (not your wife) to your room at 3:00am (and Celia said they did not have sex, you believe that?) before game day was just inappropriate and irresponsible to the team, to his manager, and to his players.
    Yesterday Podolski scored another goal by just taking 2 shots (and a stupid foul that get Liverpool back into the game) in 69 minutes of play. Unlike G-rude, almost 690 minutes ago to score his last goal. He is just not good enough.
    Probably Wenger wants to get some hot ladies like Celia by G-rude?? Only God knows why the old man put our team’s fate on this bad striker. Wenger is the only manager in the world to pick the starting striker by his holdup/linkup and defensive headers but not his scoring ability. Only one.


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