Thanks For Everything Arsene, But It’s Time For You To Leave

I wrote only yesterday that Arsene Wenger needed to learn his lesson from the other away games against the big sides. We were humiliated against Manchester City, annihilated at Anfield and lost at Manchester United. The result at Old Trafford was only 1-0, but this was against the worst Manchester United side in the last 20 years.

I also said that a draw would keep us in the race, a win would give us the belief we can win the Premier League and a defeat would mean we’re out of the running.

As it turned out, Arsene got his approach against a big team completely wrong again, and just like at Anfield, the game was effectively over as a contest after 17 minutes.

Regular readers will know that I have a hatred for Olivier Giroud. He is a second rate striker and concentrates more on his “poses” after missing a goalscoring opportunity. But the biggest reason I can’t stand him is because he is not good enough for Arsenal. And once again, he contributed to our downfall.

After only 4 minutes into the game, Giroud was beautifully put through by Tomas Rosicky but somehow managed to execute another lame shot which was easily saved by Cech. About 30 seconds late, Chelsea attacked and Samuel Eto’o scored a goal which Giroud could only dream of. Even though Eto’o is now 33 years old, the fact was he used to be a world class striker – and the chances he and Giroud had showed. Eto’o was composed, clinical and deadly when his chance came while Giroud, well know all about him and his poor finishing.

Against Manchester City, Liverpool and Manchester United away we were in a healthy position in the league. So why not play for a draw? Or at least setup so you’re difficult to beat. We’ve show we can do it against Borussia Dortmund so why the f*ck can’t we do it against Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United or Chelsea?

If I can f*cking see it, then why can’t Arsene Wenger?

He’s just had a new contract worth £7.5 million a year and why the hell can’t he see that he plays far too open against the top sides?

Honestly, can someone answer that question?

We were 5 points clear at the top of the table in November and now we sit 7 points off the top. We haven’t dropped points against the “lesser sides” but we’ve literally thrown away points, and in dramatic fashion, against the top clubs.

We know today was Arsene Wenger’s 1,000th game for the club and we all know he has been amazing for the club but today was an utter shambles. It was a disgraceful, pathetic performance with no tactical intelligence.

Is Arsene hell bent on giving the other title challengers massive confidence boosts? 6-3 at City, 5-1 at Liverpool and then this joke at Chelsea. I cannot understand for the life of me why Arsene plays such an open game. You could forgive him if he made this mistake once, but he’s done it 4 times now.

This season we have done amazingly well but unfortunately, Arsene has shown he has take the club as far as he can. If you collapse so badly against your main title rivals, then you have no chance.


15 thoughts on “Thanks For Everything Arsene, But It’s Time For You To Leave

  1. You should hold your head in shame,blaming Wenger for your performances against the top sides !!!
    Your manager has only been behind ferguson Paisley and Fagan for god sake ;-( Arsenal now have an unbelievable infrastructure in place to kick on,get behind your manager and club man…

  2. Today we as Arsenal supporters as well as the entire footballing community witnessed Arsene Wenger’s Quality and team Commitment in action. Same old story, just a different season to the previous NINE seasons. Was Mourhino really so wrong in his ” specialist in failure” quip?

    • agreed, he is an absolute embarrassment — blogging out there in the wake of a big loss without composure or considering the full analysis of all his statements. Definitely a devastating loss for the Arsenal and a depressing start to the weekend for all Gooners. But, keep your head man.

  3. Yes mourhino was right by saying, Arsene wenger is a specialist in failure. Stupid oldman.
    Please, Fuck your self out of Arsenal.
    Let’s someone else take over please.
    You are not capable for the job…………………………………………………
    We need someone who can end this trash for us.

  4. Pls can someone tell me why we cant win the big rivals?…utterly disgrace,can we tallk where the likes of chelksi,city,man u are talkin’…AFC should be sold,these days if u want to be a top club spend big..AFC not a top club without trophies.

  5. Wenger be proud and take a f… walk you are disgrace to arsenal by rsfusing to invest in the team the money doesn’t belong to your mom you the board and that american who entertain your ideas must must walk away in shame you are sabotaging arsenal

  6. Idealism and lack of pragmatism, or rather delusion. Wenger thinks his players are better than they actually are and insists on playing an open game, convinced that they will outplay anyone. Well, if you fail to do that for nine seasons you should learn a lesson. But he doesn’t and remains delusional. Then come tactics. Arsenal will not beat any big team if Wenger insists on playing Arteta as a holding midfielder. He is slow and gone past his best. The tall German defender has got good positioning but he is too slow to play at this level, especially when the defensive midfielder who should protect him is slow as well. Sagna does not offer anything going forward and keeps passing the ball back, compare him with the Everton right-back (Coleman) and you’ll see what we need. Girou should never play when we need to get behind the opposition, especially when Walcott is not in the team. Sanogo would have done a better job keeping the Chelsea back-four busy as he’s got power and pace. The likes of Cazorla are not made to play against big and powerful teams such as Chelsea. Gnabry would have been a better bet. Title challenge is over now unless the other mess up big time. Let’s hope we can perform and win the FA cup. Try and enjoy the weekend gooners. We are used to disappointments by now.

  7. first off, the author of this article and most of the commenters that i’ve seen here are beyond abysmal. your lack of appreciation for the big picture is why you speak in haste without cooling off after such a painful loss. shame on you all. on wenger’s 1000th match, to say the least. no matter how bad of a loss. just shameful. i will agree with the author in that the game vs. dortmund was a great example of how we should have played these games. but there is one good reason we only suffered one bad loss in the first half of the season to city (6-3), beat pool (2-0), and tied chelsea (0-0) and united the same. that good reason is named aaoron ramsey. he was the burst of energy that allowed us to beat dortmund and find himself in the right place at the right time as he did so many times in the first half. clearly, arsenal need more high quality players. but, that wasn’t going to happen in one or two windows. we have just freed ourselves financially and you’re already impatient for more. arsenal is young and good, and they’ve only got room for improvement. sad as today’s game was, we are never without hope. we do all know that we need to bring in a striker who can ALWAYS finish and self-create for Giroud to complement. and it looks like we’ll need a RB too. but we also need another up and coming defensive midfielder. let’s collect this year’s FA Cup, finish out as strong as possible, and now look to the city game as our last chance to have a game like we did against Bayern last season. but, while we’re all disappointed, don’t fool yourselves into believing that if arsene hadn’t resigned, while refusing a 1M pound raise, that there is someone else that would come in and improved us. we WOULD be worse next season and that is a fact. so, support the man and the Arsenal. COYG!

  8. Completely agree with you here. I shared the same argument with mates before the ball was even kicked. I had thrown in 5-1 in favour of chelate at the bookies. Strange for an arsenal supporter but the writing has always been on the wall. We need new ideas at arsenal

  9. I just don’t understand why we’ve adopted Chelsea’s defensive one up front formation for the last 8-9 years when we try to play total football, it doesn’t suit us and we haven’t won anything with it. I support Arsène Wenger and the team fully but it’s tactically naive to think and focus on just our game and not shut up shop away from home against the big teams and try to get a counter attack goal like Chelsea tried against us at the Emirates this season. We had committed so many men up front for their first 2 goals which effectively killed the game off. There’s no need to sack Wenger after a disappointment AS LONG AS HE LEARNS FROM THESE MISTAKES, which you’d have to agree isn’t happening, even with defensive minded assistant manager Boult next to you. It’s one thing to get thrashed once.. maybe twice in a season but not to have learned from the first two away trashing against top 4 teams is pathetic and that word doesn’t even convey how I’m feeling. If he can’t win the FA Cup with only Wigan and Hull to best then he should definitely walk especially after losing to Blackburn and Birmingham in recent years. You don’t see any other top teams getting dominated like this and it’s not good enough for us either regardless of whether you live Wenger or not – and I’m not a glory supporter but I won’t accept getting humiliated 3 times in ONE season. Giroud isn’t good enough period, I like him but as a 3rd striker, he’s no Wright, Bergkamp or Henry and certainly won’t bag 30 goals a season so why are we putting up with it as fans when we have the highest ticket prices? Show us that we know how to not bottle it in the FA Cup and you have my full support.

  10. Ya its the time to laeve this club i dont undestand who was de owner dis club its wenger? So why dont u bring us world class striker for the failure of dis club arsene wenger de owner are responsible cs all are hate supporters so wat are de problem with dem?


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