BT Sport Curse, Poor Preparation, Not Enough Sleep & All Night Fifa Tournaments?

In the wake of another disastrous result in the Premier League against another title rival which all but effectively ends our Premier League title challenge, I have a few questions that I hope Arsenal fans can answer:

1. Why play so openly against another top side?

I am not the only Arsenal fan I suspect that noticed the run of humiliating results against Manchester City, Liverpool and Manchester United away already this season (I include Old Trafford because we lost to the worse Manchester United side in the last 20 years).

It was kamikaze football. I struggle to understand the logic in playing this way. It try so hard to think of any possible reason that my head literally hurts.

2. Why don’t our players turn up to big games?

It’s one thing to blame the managers approach but once the players cross the white line they should be fighting for Arsenal and what the shirt represents. But against Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United and now Chelsea, the players have been pedestrian.

There’s no fight, there’s no passion and where is the belief? Where is the motivation? If you can’t get motivated and excited about a massive game then there’s something really wrong with you as a professional player.

3. Should we refuse to be shown on BT Sport?

In the three most humiliating results this season we’ve been shown on a Saturday lunchtime on BT Sport. Are we cursed because Arsene decided to have Virgin installed at home instead of BT?

4. Are the players staying up too late? 

And those horrendous performances and results have also been on Saturday lunchtimes. Are the players getting enough sleep the night before? Is Olivier Giroud organising all night sex sessions? Or is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain setting up late night Fifa Tournaments which go on into the early hours?

5. Do we even prepare for the big games?

It literally seems like we don’t even prepare for the big games and Arsene seems to think the prospect of playing in a massive game is enough for the players to go out and give a performance. I say this because in those three matches the players have look lost and seem like they have no idea what they’re doing. Do we just bottle it because we’re not good enough? Does the kit man give the players underwear which is too tight? I honestly have no idea why the hell we play so badly against the better teams.


3 thoughts on “BT Sport Curse, Poor Preparation, Not Enough Sleep & All Night Fifa Tournaments?

  1. Arsene wenger has a phobia for big games & he transmit it to his player,he dosen’t motivate then enough…jose,fergie,guardiola they fire their players on,put them in the mood of total war…AFC has problem with nerves against in big games,that’s why when they concede first,they look perplex & panic.

  2. Listen,havnt you been watching for the last 17 years.Wenger only ever do one stick and it is this kamikaze shit and he does it whenever,wherever and against every side,he detests tactics and tactical preparation.A man that has created one of the most breathtaking sides in world football lines up with Arteta in midfield with one of the slowest players i have ever seen in an Arsenal jersey against a wall of blue Gladiators.

  3. If Wenger is kept on as Arsenal manager we will suffer the same faith over and over again no matter how much maoney he spunks on new players.


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