So Is Arsene Wenger Leaving At The End Of The Season?

The Twittersphere (or is it Twittisphere?) is going crazy with rumours that Arsene Wenger is leaving at the end of the season. Reliable Arsenal source Arsenal Action has been tweeting the following tonight:

So what do you think? Is Arsene leaving at the end of the season? Or is he staying on?

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14 thoughts on “So Is Arsene Wenger Leaving At The End Of The Season?

  1. He must leave with Giroud,cazorola, podolski, arteta,felamini
    And replaced withartinz the everton’s coach with energetic players
    Like costa, song, dragzlerand so on

  2. No way, wenger wouldn’t tell the players his leaving.
    Most of them have renewed their contracts,
    On the grounds that wenger is renewing his.
    So I doubt very much this is true,
    Maybe this story got twisted along the lines of…
    Wenger gave the players a bollocking and told them,
    If you play for me like that again,
    in the remaining game’s of the season,
    I will f##k off.
    That sounds about right, what do you reckon?

  3. If Wenger has any respect himself or this great club he must retire. Enough is enough. Any fans who still want Wenger to remain are just afraid of change, and/or content with not competing for top honors. Fact!

  4. If he’s really leaving,it’ great news. I can’t stand this guy whose ideas have
    found not to be good enough. Yet he has still persisted. It’s like a prospector
    panning for gold. After so many dawns he shd have noted them and made the necessary
    changes .The problem is he is to arrogant to say his football philosphy is a failure.
    He better leave before he drags Arsenal down to being another mid table team.

  5. Have you all thought of who we would replace him with?..I’d love if he left anyway..Would Matinez leave everton?.I don’t think so.

  6. Wenger says he doesn’t understand why the gunners lost so badly. If a manager doesn’t know
    why his team has lost he shd quit. It had been happening all the time except the losses were by1/2/3 goal margin.Take the epl and cl games against MU and Chelsea.Th gunners were hit by sucker punches
    when they leave yawning gaps at the back. No wonder Rooney/Ronaldo/Drogba could score so easily.
    I have to add they were aided by a dodgy gk.
    The same with the Chelsea game. When Chelsea scored the first two goals,both scorers were isolated and
    had time and space to shoot. With the gunners,it’s a different story. The gunners were unable to shoot because Chelsea had at least players marking each gunner. Until this changes Wenger will have aproblem
    scoring and winning.
    BTw,Swansea will have taken note of how C helsea destroyed the gunners.

  7. Arsenal aren’t short of options when it comes to replacements. Jurgen Klopp, Roberto Martinez, the list goes on.

  8. No. It’s a stupid rumor from gormless people who don’t appreciate the quality of the coach we have, a coach who other fans would give their eyeteeth to have at their club. Klopp? Martinez?

    Arsenal have been in the running all year and still are, even with the heavy defeat. Chelsea and City have dropped points against lower opposition on the road, something Arsenal has mostly avoided. Yet no one questions their nerve or calls them naive.

    If Wenger leaves it should be on his terms. Take it from an American who saw a legendary coach leave his favorite college basketball program under the same kind of senseless pressure. The result? A decade of mediocrity – all because of fickle fans and directors. Fortunately, the Arsenal Board have more sense than these “fans.”


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