Technological Era Responsible For Arsenal’s Poor Results

In the three biggest defeats this season, there is a running theme; lunchtime Saturday kick offs and coverage on BT Sport. The channel we’re shown on is most likely a co-incidence (unless Arsene pissed off BT because he used Virgin for his broadband connection) so the other main factor is the early kick off.

And in all those games the players look tired and lethargic. So the big question is, are they getting enough sleep before the game?

The players are all in the hotel before the game and what do they have to keep them occupied? They’re away from their families and only have themselves to keep company (unless you’re Olivier Giroud, obviously) so what do they do? They bring their PlayStations along and play Fifa, mess around on their phones and go on their laptops. All those things can get addictive and we’ve all been with mates when a Fifa session has gone into the early morning. And I’m sure we’ve all played on our phones or laptops looking at po… Facebook and before you know it it’s about 2am.

So are the Arsenal players victims of this? There has to be a reason to why they aren’t performing at the early kick offs.

When Sky Sports show the players getting off the coach when they arrive at the ground, how many of them have a pair of Dr Dre Beats on or around their heads? That’s what footballers do these days, they’re wired into their technology and are addicted to their iPhones, iPods or IWhatever.

So there you have it. Arsenal are woeful at games with a lunchtime kick off because players like Santi Cazorla and Olivier Giroud are obsessed with listening to the complete Enya 3 Disc Album until the early hours and Lukas Podolski is looking up The Battle of the Little Bighorn on Wikipedia.


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