Paul Scholes’ Scathing Assessment Of Arsenal Is Spot On

After the disappointing draw against Swansea, Paul Scholes was on Sky Sports and was asked about his opinion on Arsenal.

He said the games against Chelsea and Swansea were a typical week for Arsenal. They capitulated against Chelsea, and play with midfielders who have no discipline and play nice one-twos all over the place. To Scholes, he said it seems like Arsenal line up with 5 passing midfielders and are just told to go out and do whatever you want to do. The midfielders don’t track back and don’t bother defending. And when Arsenal went 2-0 down against Chelsea, they still tried to play their stupid tiki-taka football.

Another point he made was there are no leaders in the team. No Patrick Vieira’s, no Martin Keown’s, No Tony Adams’ – Arsenal badly need someone who can organise the team. When Arsenal went 2-0 down against Chelsea no-one bothered chasing back to steady the ship. We played the same way and got punished. It’s no co-incidence we’ve been badly beaten because we have no discipline, no leaders and no characters.

He also said in the past when you played Arsenal you were wary of playing against Vieira, Adams, Keown, etc. but now it’s obvious you can just get stuck in and get about them.

Finally, he said that Arsenal might be 3rd or 4th in the league, but for him, they’re a million miles away from winning the Premier League.

And you know what, I can’t disagree with anything he said.


12 thoughts on “Paul Scholes’ Scathing Assessment Of Arsenal Is Spot On

  1. I am an Arsenal supporter and I don’t like Utd but Scholes is correct in his assessment. I don’t know why both Giroud and Chamberlian or Gibbs were included in the side today. As for Giroud he should go back to 2nd division football in France.

  2. He is spot on as you say about everything he has said about Arsenal.Thats my interest,not what he said about utd or Moyes.We have to realise the manager has taken us as far as he can,he has been proven to be tactically inept,The players are sent out and seem to play off the cuff and this does not work when you play a top team that are organised.This has been happening for the last 4/5 seasons and enough is enough.Its time to say thank you and au revoir to the manager.By the way before people start going on about money spent on the team this man is on nearly 8 million a year and the supporters pay the highest ticket prices and also Liverpool are still in with a chance of winning the league so no excuses.Good bye Arsene,heres hoping we hang onto 4th place.

  3. The truth hurts. Don’t think the gunners can get the better of Wigan.
    I think Wenger has lost his touch and if he is honest shd not sign the contract extension.

  4. I agree with scholes we don’t have players in our midfield that like to track back and defend. This wenger’s fault he has ignored the need for top qaulity defensive midfielder for too long. In the past we had Vieira, Petit, Edu and Gilberto silva all them where fighters and didn’t mind tracking back to protect the back four. It’s seems Wenger’s idea to make Arsenal like Barcelona is clearly not working. Don’t get me wrong we still play attractive football but we need to mix it up strong solid defensive displays. This can only happen one Arsenal bring a few players of personality, sature and defend really well when don’t have the ball. Also Giroud was never going to be good enough to be Arsenal main striker, it’s vital to bring in World class centre forward.

  5. Scholes is godamn right. We have soft midfielders who are only good when in possesion,but good for nothing defensively.
    It comes to three things I hate about My Gunners
    1. How many opportunities does Wenger want to present Giroud to ascertain him a failure he already is.
    2. Lukas Podoski,the hated one. Mr Wenger…
    3. Arsenal board do you know morden player bidding has nothing to do with your 19th Century beliefs.
    May Wenger be at Barcelona before he dies of dipression. I feel it every tick

  6. Wenger’s yearly script is well known to almost everyone. It goes something like this:-

    May/June – We will buy a player only if he is absolute quality.

    July/August – We still have not found the player of absolute quality (or we are not willing to pay that high price for such a player, whichever you interprets)

    September – He is exactly the player that fits into our system (or we had to buy this so called quality player to appease the fans, nevermind if Arsenal already has half a dozen midfield players).

    October/November – This team can win the league.

    December – We can still win the league.

    January/February – Bring on Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barcelona, or PSG. We can win the champions

    March – We are out of the race.

    April/May – I still believe in this team (hence, no need to kick out the mediocre players).

  7. sopt on ! Paul Scholse. I admit and every bit you said is true! Evn a commoner like me knows where the team is getting wrong and they keep on repeating it! it is one dimensional play from Arsenal and even the weakest of teams can sit back and relax knowing we haven’t a clue. It was evident yesterday! It is so frustrating to watch. Arsene Wenger has done it before, he has created teams of envy and he knows! But why are our players so clueless about this?????

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