Liverpool Are Top Of The League Because Of Arsenal

As Liverpool destroyed Tottenham Hotspur and end the weekend top of the Premier League, you can’t help but think back to Saturday 8th February – the day Arsenal collapsed in dramatic fashion and lost 5-1 at Anfield.

Before that game, Arsenal were top of the league on 55 points. In fact, the top 5 looked like this after 24 games:

1. Arsenal – 55 points
2. Manchester City – 53 points
3. Chelsea – 53 points
4. Liverpool – 47 points
5. Everton – 45 points

So we were 2 points clear of Chelsea and Manchester City, and 8 ahead of Liverpool.

But now look at the Premier League table, only 8 games on:

1. Liverpool – 71 points
2. Chelsea – 69 points
3. Manchester City – 67 points
4. Arsenal – 64 points
5. Everton – 60 points

So before the the 5-1 drubbing at the hands of Liverpool, Arsenal have managed to get a pathetic 9 points from 8 games, while Liverpool have won 8 games from 8.

An 8 point lead over Liverpool has turned into a 7 point deficit. Let that sink in for a minute.

And why have Liverpool done so well over the last 8 games? Their form is that of Champions – they are determined, full of fight and give every since game everything they have. Arsenal on the other hand have been limp, lethargic and devoid of any motivation which ultimately comes from the manager. The 15 point swing from Arsenal to Liverpool is frankly unbelievable.

While Liverpool have been sensational, the catalyst was the shambolic performance at Anfield. Liverpool were 8 points behind Arsenal before the game kicked off and their aspirations were to finish in the Top 4 ahead of Everton.

So if you wanted to give a chasing team the belief they can win the league, then losing 5-1 in dramatic fashion is the perfect way to do it.

If Arsenal weren’t so naive and even managed to get a draw at Anfield that day, do you think Liverpool would be top today? No chance. That game gave them the belief they could do something special. After all, how often do you smash a top side 5-1?

And Arsenal have gone in the exact opposite direction. We have collapsed. There are no other words for it. As you watch Liverpool celebrate after beating Tottenham 4-0, you can’t help but think that should be us. We were 8 points clear of Liverpool in February and look where the red side of Merseyside are now.

Credit to Liverpool, they have done phenomenally well to be where they are now. They have what we don’t in abundance – belief, fight, passion and the will to win.

If a single game could dramatically change the fortunes of two top sides, then it was the 5-1 at Anfield.


9 thoughts on “Liverpool Are Top Of The League Because Of Arsenal

  1. There lies your problem, Arsenal are NOT a top side. Only Arsenal fans think they are actually better than they are. When you were top you were in such a false position due to the fact who you played. Your SHIT, get used to it.

  2. Well reading that is depressing…

    Liverpool gained 15 points on us? Shocking from Arsenal, Wenger out!

  3. Arsenal problem is his ditherin’ in buyin’ players,he finds it difficult to spend,even when he knew his team is always blighted by injuries….he dithered when he had the chance to buy higuain,wasted time on suarez,failed to strengthen on jan even when walcott & ramsey had injuries,was adamant on buyin’ a striker despite his paper thin squad..wenger is an excuse expert,you always hear these borin’ words,my team was naive, nervous in the first 20mins,injuries,blah blah…arsenal collapsin’ is now so predictable,rooney said it & others…that’s why the pundit never gave it to us because they knew we can’t win big games.

    • Of course it is, if Arsenal didn’t have so many fixtures, Ramsey, Ozil, Walcott, Koscielny and Wilshere probably wouldn’t be injured at the same time. Losing Ramsey and Ozil has also ruined our season, thats like taking Suarez out of Liverpool and Hazard out of Chelsea.

  4. If you elect to mount a Premiership campaign with Bendtner/Sanogo as your 2nd striker, you clearly do not desire to win it. Injuries are not an excuse. All teams suffer them. Afterall Suarez missed first 10 games on suspension yet Liverpool thrived because they had Sturridge. Arsenal faced Bayern Munich and fielded Sanogo (who has never scored a premiership goal). Even in January, leading the pack by 1 point and with injuries to Ramsey, Walcott and Wilshere, Wenger could have bought but chose to place faith in Giroud and keep his wallet firmly in pocket. same Giroud it turns out expends vital energy in bedmatics as pre-game warmup and oft huffs and puffs with no end product on pitch. Wenger and Arsenal are a JOKE. Its okay to lose or not even win a trophy, but to get thrashed and humiliated as Arsenal has been over the years is hmm. 1000th game Wenger. may you never forget.


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