Why Everton Will Demolish Arsenal Based On This Season Alone

So here we are, another massive game for Arsenal.

As it stands, Arsenal are in 4th position in the Premier League after having played 32 games with 64 points. Everton sit in 5th after 31 games, and have 60 points.

So the situation is clear.

If Arsenal win, they are well on the way to finishing in a Champions League spot come the end of the season. A draw gives us a theoretical 1 point buffer over Everton (if they win their game in hand) and a defeat… Well that’s not worth thinking about.

The problem is that we’ve been in this exact same situation 3 times before this season and every time, spectacularly failed.

Regular readers will know that I have repeatedly made the same old point over and over again. When Arsenal are ahead of a team in the league, and only need a point to keep a nice distance between them, they collapse is unbelievable fashion.

Against Manchester City, we were several points clear and should have kept it tight and played for a draw. What happened? We played an extremely naive and open game and lost 6-3.

Against Manchester United, we were well ahead of them but somehow managed to lose against the worst Manchester United side in the last 20 years. And a Manchester United side with the worst home record over the last 2 decades.

Against Liverpool, we were 7 points ahead of them and what happened? We lost 5-1. Before Anfield we were 7 points ahead and now we are 8 points behind. That is a massive 15 point swing in the matter of less than two months.

And then we have Chelsea. You would think Arsene would have learned his lesson but no. Once again we play a ridiculous system and end up losing 6-0. In a game where a draw would have kept us in the race, we spectacularly lose.

So why is there any hope against Everton?

Every time we’ve faced a top opponent, and every time that has been away, we’ve lost the plot. We’ve collapsed, we’ve capitulated, call it whatever you want. For whatever reason, we haven’t turned up and had a hiding.

Is it because Arsene Wenger has lost the dressing room? Is it because we need Ramsey and Walcott?

Whatever the reason is, Arsene needs to sort it out because once again we face a top Premier League side in their own back yard. And in the 4 times that’s happened already this season, we’ve completely collapsed and given that side a massive boost in the process.


16 thoughts on “Why Everton Will Demolish Arsenal Based On This Season Alone

    • How do you explain the thrashings we’ve got this season then? Just 4 bad days at the office?

      Typically AKB’s.

  1. Hmmm. So, Everton now ranks as a “top premier league side” to be feared. I’d rather look at our record against them and believe we would leave there with our advantage intact.

  2. Gunners dis is nt d ryt tym to blame or say in a negative words to d team,let’s pray for positive result against everton n let see where we gonna at d end of d season.

  3. This has got be the worst article i have read in my lifetime, just wasted 5 mins of my life reading this, the bount of negativity is so awseome, AW has lost the dressing room?? Lol get your bearings right dude.

    • We were 7 points clear and now we’re 8 points off the pace, in the space of a few weeks. Would you be positive about that?

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  5. Great Assessment and spot on too, The race for 4th is on now, Everton have a tougher run in but much better form and Arsenal have Ramsay back so it could be very interesting – COYB !

  6. This disgraceful situation was caused by arrogant pride. AW was too stubborn to do anything at all on the striker front. We needed a lot of help in January and none was forthcoming. Eventual disaster awaited as a consequence and here it is. Fan-bloody-tastic. I’m loving being teased and ridiculed by every other EPL supporter. A huge and disagreeable defensive midfielder + Berbatov (or similar) and one other decent striker (didn’t have to be a superstar) would have been an improvement. One can only wonder at what could have been. Sad, very sad. AW, you have become drunk on your self-delusions.


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