I’m So Glad I Got Everton at 10/1 To Finish Fourth This Season

Arsenal have been in free fall ever since the hiding at Anfield in February and as I’ve mentioned numerous times on this blog, the form between Liverpool and Arsenal since then has been polar opposites. Before the Anfield debacle, we were 7 points ahead of them and before this weekend even kicked off, we were 8 behind – in the space of under 2 months we’ve conceded a 15 point swing.

That’s why a few weeks ago I look at the odds for Everton to finish 4th. They were a good few points behind us at that stage (I can’t remember exactly how many it was) and they were 10/1 to finish 4th. Yesterday, before the game the odds were 3/1 and now after the decisive defeat to Everton, they would have surely become even smaller.

And even yesterday, I even predicted that Everton would demolish Arsenal. I got some abuse for writing that, with people calling me a negative twat (amongst other things). I’m not negative, I’m realistic. I watch Arsenal all the time and can see how the players are performing on the pitch.

The problem is (and I’ve received criticism for even suggesting it) is that we no longer have any belief. We don’t have any fight, there’s no desire and we have lost the plot. I suggested that Arsene Wenger had lost the dressing room and is there any evidence to dispute that? The players walk onto the pitch and walk around as if they don’t care.

And again today, as I predicted, we were a shambles. I highly rate Roberto Martinez and his side are hungry, determined and simply wanted it more. At Arsenal, failure is accepted and even rewarded it seems, with new deal after new deal given to players who consistently fail to win any honours.

As it stands, Everton are a single point behind us with a game in hand. With Arsenal unable to turn up to any away game then Everton who are the far more hungrier team, are favourites to get that final Champions League spot.

And I for one won’t be disappointed and will be ready to collect my winnings come the end of the season.


8 thoughts on “I’m So Glad I Got Everton at 10/1 To Finish Fourth This Season

  1. Mourinho was being charitable in saying that Wenger is a specialist in failure. Some people try very hard and just fail to succeed but Wenger, as we saw in the Chelsea and Liverpool games just sat there in acceptance and did nothing – absolutely nothing. No one can actually believe he is the right man for the job and now is the perfect time to replace him. If they award this man with another contract then that’s it for Arsenal they will lose the fans and lose their precious money…

  2. And yet Arsenal should have had a penalty for the foul on Chamberlain and Sanogo had a goal incorrectly ruled out for offside. No, Arsenal didn’t play well, but it’s the whingy Arsenal doom and gloom merchants, so vocal in the media, that give referees the incentive to err on the side of giving decisions against Arsenal. Give a decision against Chelsea or Man City? Uproar. Give a few decisions against Arsenal? Well, the team is rubbish anyway, right?

    • The big problem is supporters who look for excuses when we have been comprehensively outplayed and deservedly beaten. Atkinson was poor today but that’s nothing new and certainly had no affect on the result whatsoever. Everton were playing Ole football against us! That’s just embarrassing!

    • Turner Davis
      You are so high up Wenger’s intestines that you have become just as deluded as that conman masquerading as an Arsenal manager. All problems at Arsenal begin and end with one Arsene Wenger. He has total power.
      And I agree with the blogger on this site. It is obvious that Wenger has lost the dressing room and the players’ confidence. If I were a player at Arsenal, I would just be fed up with constant tippy-tappy going now where slowly.
      Wenger is a tactical idiot and you would do well to find his lost handbrakes, you mug!

  3. Unless you are winning trophies a manager gets sacked – unless he is manager of Arsenal. Getting into the CL has become Arsenal’s objective every season. They have decided that they cannot compete with the sugar Daddy teams so they will just take the money and keep the club profitable. There is no other plan. Not long ago there were lots of excellent youngsters – now there are very few and the first eleven is full of oldish players who are either not good enough, not bothered or both. (The U18s are awful.) The fans love Koscielney, for example. How many awful mistakes do you have to make; how many penalties do you have to give away before Wenger realise that you cannot challenge with players like him in the side. Giroud is shot away after his affair; Podolski couldn’t care less; Sagna is toting himself around for a bigger contract; none of the keepers are good enough; Arteta plays well at home against awful team etc. etc. Ending 4th in a poor league is pretty easy, but it is now the highest Arsenal can end. This year Man U are garbage, but unfortunately the Merseyside clubs have suddenly got vibrant young managers, while Arsenal have a manager who makes the team a little worse every year and the bank balance better. What actually happens is the club pay him an enormous salary to make the club profitable and not complain; he takes the enormous salary gets CL and says it’s impossible to compete with the rich(er) clubs – i.e. he has an excuse. The club make money; the board make money; Wenger makes money and the fans pay a fortune for the inevitable and it goes on and on. Arsenal will win the FA Cup and scrape 4th and everyone will forget, but sooner or later Arsenal will end 7th.

  4. Wenger continually hails this teams mental strength but i think the opposite is true. When this team is under pressure, technically gifted players can’t even seem to pass the ball 5 yards, lose their technique, fail to even control the ball. Mentally i would say they are shot to pieces. the work ethic is also a disgrace. We are constantly being out battled by teams who are prepared to work hard and harass and force mistakes while we seem to stroll around. The team is gutless, spineless and tactically bereft of ideas thanks to a tactically inept manager who has been left behind by modern methods. How any sane person can pick Arteta week after week is beyond and to keep going in to games with all your pace on the bench just hands the initiative to the opposing team. Playing 2 supposed defensive midfielders just lets teams push on to us because we are short in the attacking third. Wenger has fallen into the trap of trying not lose games instead of going out and winning them. Teams are not in the slightest worried by us anymore. Too much sideways passing and giving back to the goalkeeper to kick it long. It would be nice to just see Wenger at least try something new. How would the opposition cope if we reverted to 4:4;2 for once? How about making changes at half time occasionally to give players more time to change the game? I fear we will never know. something is wrong at the heart of this club and it would seem that a few extra players will not be enough to change that fact. The problems lie deeper than that and the time for change at managerial and coaching levels are long overdue.

  5. I’m fed up with this cycle,every season the same old sh**t…injuries,no will to fight,top 4 battle,thin squad,lack of world class players,referee bias,media bias…wenger out!


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