Has Arsene Wenger Actually Lost The Dressing Room?

I asked the same question last week and got loads of abuse.

My point was that we travelled to Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and now Everton – all massive games in our season, and all season-defining games – yet we failed every single one spectacularly.

Against City, United, Liverpool and Chelsea we were “fighting” to cement our title challenge but failed, and today against Everton we were “fighting” to cement 4th place and yet again, failed.

Failed is in quotation marks because there was, ironically, none in those games.

So why the hell do we fail each test we’ve been given?

Those are exactly the games the players should be thriving to play in, the games big time players live for. Unfortunately apart from Ramsey, we have no big time players.

You can point to injuries to Mesut Özil, Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Theo Walcott, Kieran Gibbs and Laurent Koscielny during different times of the season, but there is still no excuse for getting thrashed time and time again.

Arsene Wenger is responsible for choosing the formation, setting the game plan and picking the eleven players that step onto the pitch and wear the Arsenal shirt. So if we are light in certain departments, in certain areas of the pitch, then he is the one responsible for setting the team up to get the best possible result.

Surely if we have some injuries then we don’t play a completely open game and play conservatively? The approach we’ve had in the big away games has been completely idiotic. The ironic thing is that if we drew all of these games (and didn’t get absolutely humiliated) then we’d still be right in the title race now.

A major complaint from Arsenal fans is that in those big games, the players haven’t turned up. So surely that comes from the manager? If we get thrashed once, then you can put it down to a bad day – but if it happens time and time again, and in exactly the same manner then it’s obvious that Arsene Wenger can’t get the players motivated and that comes from the dressing room before the game.

Has Arsene Wenger lost the dressing room? Well it doesn’t seem as if the players are playing for him does it?


16 thoughts on “Has Arsene Wenger Actually Lost The Dressing Room?

  1. had exact the same feelings during the City game. Wenger cant motivate them anymore. He has to go. Win the FA cup and go on a high.

  2. Wenger may even lose the FA Cup, Everyone can see that Arsenal is very fragile and they are beatable, and easily so!

  3. Arsene wenger has got to go its obvious he is past his best what else is left to prove,is it until he takes us down the tuñnel of relegation bèfore we relieve of his age long mistakes?

  4. If wenger can’t win the big games, he has no business being an arsenal coach.AFC is a big club…why can’t we nger boys beat their rivals?….is a shame…is only in Arsenal you get this.WENGER OUT!!.

  5. Every boss of a major company knows it is vital to add quality staff to enhance the team. Mr. Wenger’s weakness is that he still feel I can do it all alone. Poor management.

  6. Wenger is going,
    The players knew this,
    But most of them renewed their contracts,
    on the grounds that Wenger was going to renew as well.

    These players feel disheartened,
    So how can a leaving manager motivate these players?
    Evidence from the last 8 weeks, shows that he can’t.

    wenger’s biography comes out soon,
    which is a tip in it’s self that’s his leaving!

  7. He is the worst manager in our history. He can shove all his fa cups and invincibles up his ass. I want him out, for Christ sake he never learns, even the person with the lowest IQ knows we needed a world class striker to challenge this season but it seems Mr Wenger is mentally deranged, I think he should see a psychiatrist after his sacking. Enough is enough!

  8. How can a manager that refuse to sign his contract continue to motivate his players?the player ain’t responding to him and plus his got the wrong types of player, And a defender that has a few months left before moving on, these are two key reasons why arsenal is falling apart right now

  9. Jes fucking pissed up with dis fucking wenger hun….I just wish I can turn to a merlin and travel all de way from nigeria to emirate to blow off his silly head… I hate wenger. It looks so ridicule dis dayz dat I can’t even boost of been an arsenal fan wia chelsea,man city, everton and lots are…

  10. I’m questioning players mental strength, none of them are fighter. We have see Arsenal playing against big club and get trash-out, Arsenal players lack of confident, fighting sprit or wining mentality. If we buy a good a players too doesn’t mean we can be number one in premium league, if we fix players wining mentality and strong mental strength, if we have that Arsenal will dominate European Football.


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