Why Jose Mourinho Is The Real “Specialist In Failure”

I came across this tweet tonight and it got me thinking about Jose Mourinho:

Mourinho is a man who divides opinion, you either love him or hate him. He is a hypocrite, outspoken and is an expert at playing the press.

And that is exactly how he likes it.

Every step he takes has been carefully planned, and Liverpool is the perfect example. He started the mind games a week earlier, declaring to the world that he was going to play his reserves in the Premier League game at Anfield. He dismissed the Premier League, saying his priority was Europe. What happens next? A Mourinho masterclass where they go to the home of the league leaders and sweep them aside 2-0.

But tonight, Athletico Madrid were ruthless and ended any hopes of Chelsea and Mourinho lifting the Champions League come May.

And when I saw the Tweet from Olayinka’s godfather (I have no idea what the username means) it made a very good point. He won the Champions League with FC Porto and Inter Milan, and he is renowned for being a “winner”. But what has he won over the last 4 seasons?

This season, barring a massive collapse by Manchester City and Liverpool, he will end up trophy-less. And last season, with an expensive and extremely talented Real Madrid side, he did the same as he did with Chelsea this season – he reached the semi-finals of the Champions League and won nothing domestically.

The season before, he won La Liga in what is/was essentially a two team league. And the season before, he won the Copa del Rey.

So that’s two major trophies in the last 4 seasons. If Arsenal manage to win the FA Cup this May, then Arsene Wenger who was labelled “a specialist in failure” will have won one major honour – only one less than the great Jose Mourinho.

And maybe more importantly, Arsene Wenger hasn’t spent anywhere near the £280 million the “special one” over the last 4 seasons.

So ask yourself this, who is the real “specialist in failure?”.


30 thoughts on “Why Jose Mourinho Is The Real “Specialist In Failure”

  1. well it’s an irony an arse fan wrote this,I don’t get it,if u think 2 throphies in 4 seasons is a failure for you then how do you guys call ur own fucking wenger?succesful one?ofcourse 9years and still counting omg that’s brilliant achievemnt,u guys myst be so proud.shameless.
    anyway I feel guity wasting my time reading this shit hahaha

    • Chav-boy…..if Moaninho had been faced with Wenger’s financial restraints and other circumstances over the same time frame (9 years) and been faced with the same oil-money Clubs monopolizing the EPL he would have done what he usually does….quit after 2 wasted seasons and gone elsewhere, because he doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself. If we actually compare their characters:

      1) Jose is an aggressive twat who hits people when they aren’t looking,
      2) He revels in playing mind games and in counter-psychology,
      3) He moves alot and never shows any true loyalty, other than to himself,
      4) His Football is boring,usually extremely defensive and was truly exposed by Atletico today,
      5) He kisses the presses’ collective asses and demeans himself regularly…he is disliked intensely by most other managers,
      6) Given the plethora of resources he enjoyed at Madrid and now at Cheatski, he should have done much,much better but then, as far as he is concerned his season has been a success….

      Wenger, on the other hand:

      1) Is the epitome of elegance, discretion and savoir-vive…certainly NOT chav-boy characteristics,
      2) Wenger avoids such infantile theatrics and mind-games, preferring frankness and honesty…two traits that Jose desperately needs but lacks,
      3) Wenger is the longest serving one-team manager in the EPL…enough said,
      4) Wenger’s teams have always been known for beautiful, one-touch Football which unfailingly is a joy to watch,
      5) Wenger is always forthright and diplomatic with the press and never responds to other managers unless they attack him, and even then he is very fair-minded,
      6) Wenger NEVER ever came close to having £280 million to spend, nevermind 28 million, until recently.

      Don’t forget that he’s had to deal with missing 7 first team starters almost the entire season…..Jose would have ended up in the relegation zone under the same circumstances.
      Your guilt is misplaced chav-boy….you should feel guilty for writing such offal on this blog since any moron like you can excrete your brand of pathological nonsense.

  2. Add to this, the supposed desire from Abramovich to play attractive football, yet we see the same boring defensive style he always had. Worked against Liverpool but the spanish sides are awake to it. And he sells the best attacking player chelsea had, Juan Mata, to Man U, so there is no intent to change style. Old hat, everyone on to it, I wonder how long before he gets fired again.

  3. When compared to each other, they have about the same record, except that Jose has 2 CL championships to his name. That said, one has to wonder how well Wenger would have done with the resources the Slavic oil baron threw at Cheatski. We will never know as this is not AFC’s policy or style and certainly NOT Wenger’s. we cannot fairly compare or evaluate either manager but we do know that Jose’s ¨style¨ is totally different from Arsene’s, the former being a low-class manipulator and club hopper, the latter being a first class and loyal professional.

  4. Wenger is a massive failure lets not pretend he is not and Mou is a washed up cry baby.The future belongs to coaches like Simeone,Klopp,Rodgers,Pep etc.

    • I see you’re back trolling again DanishGooner with your anti-Wenger bullshit. Go back to your mountain caves in Trondheim and hide from the light. If you could offer one scrap of rational argument for your criticism of Wenger, true Gooners could debate you but since you aren’t into the logical or rational side of things….hasta la vista Troll.

  5. Moyes-charity shield…pellegrini-carling cup…Rodgers-league title….wenger-FA cup…Mourinho-specialist in failure.

  6. No, it is about the money mourinho spend (280 m) within those years. Pardon, and I know even you pardon will agree that if arsene spend this amount within 9 years will not loss a season with out a trophy

  7. Not sure its a master class? Without the Gerrard slip its 0 0. With the money at his disposal playing for and getting a 0 0 is nothing special.

    I cant stand Jose, but what bothers me more is the outragous claim he is the best manager in the league.

    He could not win a title with any club except City or Chelsea. I am confident of that.

  8. U can’t compare a man who has won nothing in seven years with Mou. It just shows that u r ignorant and let me challenge u that your comparison is invalid.

    • I always tell people that Mourinho is not a good coach! Someone that can not put his dressing room in order. Someone that can not integrate youth with experience. Any club he goes there young players lose hope. One that talks like a street boy. Madrid came for wenger before Mou! If Wenger had gone to Madrid he would ve won tittles too even champions league. Mourinho can not achieve half of what wenger has achieved with Arsenal under little or no finance! If Wenger had gone to PSG last season he would ve won some trophies this season. So mourinho should shut up his mouth. If Wenger decides to leave Arsenal today, Chelsea will sack Mourinho and Employ Wenger! Cos under that finance; he will not only win trophies for them but give Abrahimovic what he really want! Win with style, flair and attacking football. In summary, MOURINHO IS A SPECIALIST IN FAILURE.

  9. y’all may talk shit about mou but y’all will still agree he’s way better that Wenger check out both records in d last 9 seasons and see who’s the real specialist on failure that u guys don’t like mou, understandable but fuck it if u don’t like Chelsea or mou no problem, but hiding under the pretense of comparison definitely y’all are retards

  10. y’all may talk shit about mou but y’all will still agree he’s way better that Wenger check out both records in d last 9 seasons and see who’s the real specialist on failure that u guys don’t like mou, understandable but fuck it if u don’t like Chelsea or mou no problem, but hiding under the pretense of comparison definitely y’all are retards

  11. If any team have enough money to throw away pls hire mou as ur mger if not he wil not even work with a consavative bord lik arsal dont blame him he is equating result wit how good u spend let him learn 4rm ATL.M Tropilés 2nd csin runnin afta £280m

  12. Jose mourinho is a big nd super failure. 280m give dat money arsen we will see a better tphy. Stupid Chelsea manager.


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