Why The F*ck Aren’t Arsenal Signing Cesc Fabregas?!

It’s been confirmed that Arsene Wenger and Arsenal have opted out of a clause which would give them first refusal on Cesc Fabregas.

How do you feel about this?

Because I’m absolutely livid!

Cesc is a world class player, and we struggled last season when Aaron Ramsey got injured last season. He’s a proven talent in the Premier League, into his peak years and would make any of the top teams even better.

So why don’t we want him?

Honestly, I have no f*cking idea. Maybe Arsenal have limited resources and Arsene is determined to strengthen in other areas.

But we all know that by the end of the summer, we’ve end up with a few signings off being true Premier League contenders. It’s been the same old story for the last 9 seasons, when it comes to the league at least.

I’ve said all along we should get Cescy back. It makes so much sense on so many levels – he would give the players, club and fans a huge boost, and he scores goals. His assist record is fantastic as well and we have a ready made replacement captain for Thomas Vermaelen. So what’s the deal?

Arsene Wenger must believe on some level that Cesc is not the player he once was. In typical Arsene fashion, he will believe that Cesc being at Arsenal would hinder the progress of the other players – but we know that’s ridiculous. Cesc was brought up in a team with midfielders like Pires, Vieira, Gilberto, Parlour, Freddie, Reyes and Edu. With that midfield, we went a whole season unbeaten.

What’s our current midfield? We have Ramsey who is our best player but his injury record is patchy. Jack Wilshere has his injury problems, as does Tomas Rosicky (plus the Czech is over 30 now). Mikel Arteta is getting on, and Flamini tends to pick up a lot of yellow cards.

Seriously, I have no idea why we’re not signing him!


49 thoughts on “Why The F*ck Aren’t Arsenal Signing Cesc Fabregas?!

  1. its a fucking joke mate….. to say we dont need him is a disgrace…. he would be involved in more goals/assists than the rest of our current midfield.. more lies ,few weeks back when our director said we could buy anyone and compete with the rest of the big boys was once again a scam to sell season tickets,,,
    i personally think its time for IVAN to go….. dein back because im sick of this rubbish.. year after year

  2. Its madness, how many injuries did we have in mdfield last season, we need a squad to compete with Chelski, not give them ammunition, Wenger – get your cheque book out and bring him home!!!

    • I don’t want to see CESC going to any premier league club… especially to Chelsea. Remember Arsene what The di*khead Mourinho said about you…(LOOSER)!!!!!! No way let him win over you.

  3. cesc would be a step back before we played everything through cesc and struggled when he left and i for one remember his assist for barca when playing for Arsenal

    • That’s exactly what I said..for / some reason when I think of cesc the first memory that comes up is that assist he did for barca while playing for us I honestly believe it was deliberate. And he’s a traitor and liar if he joins Chelsea. We don’t need him. Cazorla and Ramsey are just as good I’d not beter

  4. Look am telling u this joke must be over…is either wenger leaves the club or Gazidis or the 2 at once or whatever wake up fans am tired why will say cesc is not in your plan when u said to us that if there’s opportunity to sign big player u will now no need for cesc u said maybe is a game…this people are enjoying the toking they are getting from cesc i guess…we have no cover up for all this players that’s why mourinho always called us kids…before we always beat mancity with cesc now we can’t no comfidence…is it ox,wilshere or kallstrom..look Arsene and Arsenal have to be serious…give us cescy

  5. Please sign our Fab Mr Wenger. He will strengthen the team because you know very well that we will get injuries and we need a very strong squad. You cannot fight on all fronts on a strong first XI alone. Cesc is class and wants to come back to us.

  6. Sometimes wenger always act like person dat don’t ve brain
    Loosing fabregas to Chelsea is like given dem our gun
    Power…he can provide assist and can also score
    He can move tru players… I don’t knw wat dis man and d foolish board is
    Thinking…for God sake.

  7. Re-signin’ cesc will improve the team further…we need depth,we always claim that we have depth in mid-field while most of them are injury prone.

  8. It seems to me it is a not so clear cut. Yes i would love him back and my heart says buy him if only to stop him going to Chelsea which is going to be painful to watch. But we need a new goalkeeper and right back just to stand still. Everyone knows we could do with a 20 goal a season striker. We also need a high quality defensive midfielder and a real winger. £30 million on a position where we have a lot of cover (Ozil, Carzola, Ramset, Wilshire, Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky) does seem extravagant. The wiseness of the decision will become clear when we see who he buys. If he spends £70 million and gets 5 good players then it might be work it. Wait and see.

  9. We love cecs t0 see arsenal tshrt plz we need we have survice alot of injury last plz buy for u cesc stll we love him t0 bck at emirate bcoz is our former cpt we need him

  10. I’m fed up with afc transfers.Wenger over plans,at the end of the day they end up panic buying mediocre players at the last hour..Only Ozil can compete with cescy in terms of world class status.our midfield is packed with injury prone players,for cryin’ out loud we need depth..Ivan & wenger are one of a kind ‘Dribblers’.

  11. Allowing Cesc to go anywhere else for £30 mill is criminal.
    I don’t understand why ppl seem to think we need to rashon our rescources?
    We’ve got £120mill in the bank and an additional £320million worth of surplus revenue over the next 4 seasons and that’s before accounting in any player sales

  12. Cazorla, Ramsey , Wilshere , Ozil, Walcott,Ox , rosicky, diaby, zelalem, Walcott
    Diaby, gnabry, arteta, flamini, not sure we need any more midfielders! Right back
    Striker, keeper and if he sells bendtner, park, and some others a top class CDM
    Granted fabregas is world class but we her has faith in Ramsey and the like.
    Who you gonna drop? If he comes ?

    • Cazorla, Ramsey , Wilshere , Ozil,,Ox ,,, zelalem, Walcott, gnabry,,,

      Out of these I would let diaby, arteta, and rosicky find new clubs. Flamini is getting on so he would be great back up and especially for Champions League games where clubs tend to play more defensively. I don’t think zelalem is ready yet, he should go out on loan. This leaves (from your list) Cazorla, Ramsay, Wilshere, Ozil, Ox, Theo and Serge. I would say only ramsay and wilshere are proper centre mids, the rest all float around/wide/forward. What arsenal need is a proper defensive mid such as Lars Bender, an attacking centre mid such as Marco Reus, and/or someone that can do a Vieira role such as Paul Pogba. Plus two strikers out of Bony/Balotelli/Lukaku – powerful, skilful and fast!

      Therefore, Cesc would be good, but I don’t think he is essential

    • Some people say we have too many midfield players, where were they when all these players got injured. Ozil is struggling at the moment, Ox is injured already,Walcott will have to play quite a few matches to get his fitness back after his recovery(although been a winger), Diaby injury prone, Wilshere now trying to get back to full fitness. That leaves the workload to Cazorla, Ramsey, Rosicky. For once we have the opportunity to provide the team with quality depth, now AFC wants to give the opportunity to Chelsea who already have started strengtening with Costa.Its a joke!!!!!!

      • You can’t plan for injuries we were unlucky
        Last year to have so many players out you
        Take 5 top players out of any team and
        They would struggle. Ideally you have two
        Right backs, left backs four centre backs,
        Six centre midfielders 5 wingers and three
        Strikers oh and 3 keepers guess what that
        Makes 25 a squad, you need a mix of youth
        And experience

  13. Jjj…how many of those players you’ve enumerated are of the same class with cesc?..apart from ozil cesc is far better,he has more experience & has played in barca arguably the best in the world…wilshere & the rest are not players for big games,cesc is a versatile big game player can score goals..wenger & gazdis should stop been stingy if they want to win the Epl title or champions league because chelsea & man city will continue to dominate,liverpool may not have the financial muscle in suarez & sturrige the have world class shooters.

  14. I would rather spend the £30 million on a Midfield destroyer like a Mascherano or Bender. We need a proven winger like Di Maria or Draxler. Fabregas needs leaving in the past because we now have a better player of his type in Ozil who produces more for the team. Fabregas hasn’t developed at Barca and if Chelsea get him to play one of deep lying roles then good luck because he can’t defend. This is why we changed our formation from a 4-4-2 to 4-3-3 to get the best out of him. Cesc going to Chelsea is strange one due to the fact Jose loves all his players to be all rounders who can defend and attack. He kicked out Mata who is a similar player to Fabregas and criticized Hazard and Joe Cole who both have similarities to Cesc. Apart of me thinks that Barca are struggling for a buyer due him wanting to move back to London and Arsenal refusing to re-sign him. So they have leaked that Chelsea are in for him to tempt us to sign him. When it came to crunch Cesc hasn’t got it but Wilshere, Chamberlain, Ramsey, Ozil, Cazola and Rosicky have produced a trophy and the team is improving. It’s time for us to back this team and bring in players who can produce more magical moments like Ramsey did at Wembley. Cesc is in our past let’s leave him their. We need a left sided flying winger, striker and midfield destroyer (including defender, right back and back up Goalkeeper). It would have been a waste of money to re-sign Cesc.

    • ozil better player than fab????? get real man… cesc play out of his skin from the age of 16… ozil had more bad game this season than cesc in 7 seasons……

      im not against ozil and reckon he will just get better… but cesc can carry a team when needed andf when ozil had his lull and rambo and wilshire got injured we could have won the league if we still cesc threading wonderful passes splitting defenses…

      and then u say he will get grief off maureen like hazzard did and he is similar to hazzard?? (what u smoking? can ive some?) he is not the same player as hazard and always tracks back… he will bring ch€l$ki forward so much

      sick with the thought of it

      • funny how some people quickly forget how they came to split up with their bird as soon as she flutters her eyelids and wants to come back. it doesnt seem to matter that the cnut she left them for has shagged her silly and is now bored and wants to get rid. she was a cnut when she fcuked off, so whats changed. plenty of birds out there and the one that are still here are just turning into swans!!

        cesc was not the same player for th last 2 years and faked an injury in his last year as part of his strategy to force a move to his boyhood club. he even gave up his loyalty bonus to go. (must hurt then to be rejected – but he was well warned)

        he was our leader FFS! and i for one am still very bitter about the way he left. my head says we shouldnt overlook any player of his calibre for £30m, even though we have other priorities, but my heart says fcuk him the cnut. let him go to chelski.

        i’d only be happy to have him back if the club were unable to get in some propper reinforcements in areas of priorioty need (gk, rb, dm, lw & cf)

        • @ dogbreath stop making cesc out to be a cunt man..

          cesc gave the club 100% every time he played for us….
          did u hear jenkinson lately about having to be dragged out of the club before he would ever leave????? maybe the pull of cesc home town club gave him the same strong feeling that jenko has about arsenal… that doesnt mean cesc screwed us over… its wasnt about money as he took a pay cut…

          this same boy gave us the same service as henry and sagna (free to another club)

          oh u say he faked injury… i remember him scoring against barca with a broken leg… that shows the boy he is

          • he did fake a hamstring injury in the second half of his last season thats for sure. as for the pull of his bothood club, he was clearly misguided if you look at how he’s been treated there.

            cant you you remember the desparate vstate he left us in despite all our please to stay. he chose to go and we’ve moved on. let him stay gone. i do agree he’s the calibre of player needed at arsenal but he would be no returning hero as far as I’M concerned cos he shat on us and need more respect than that. fcuk him

  15. I’m. Sick of this shit from Wenger and Gazidas. Cesc would bring.in quality and wants to come back to us. We always buy cheap to save a few bob or bid to short and lose a top player to another club like Chelski, if he goes to them he’. Strengthening a rival and if a vote was done with Arsenal supporters then itwould be very high % that wants him.back..Arteta us getting on.and not as good as Fab. If Fan. Goes to a rival club Wenger and Gazidas must go and we must get David Dein back. Wake up Wenger and bring back Cesc tomorrow.

  16. John,how many of those midfielders you’ve mentioned can score & assist like Fab?…Ozil is not better than Fab,cesc is better in the final third,he is more direct than ozil,can play false nine because he can score…carzola,wilshere,et al,are not as dangerous as fab….Ramsey can partner well with fab.

  17. I can’t understand why Wenger would let Mourinho (the thorn in his side) strengthen a team that finished above Arsenal in the league with one of the best players to ever wear the Gunners uniform. With Arteta and Flamini struggling to find real form Fabregas would fit in beautifully in that roll. I don’t know why they are holding on to Diaby anyway…I’d be greatly disappointed to see Cesc in a rival uniform.

  18. Please! Please!! And please Wenger Get Fab for us. I am already hurting hearing that he could be going to Chelsea while we all kn very well that he want a return home. One thing for sure is that he will help us challenge for the title so plz Don’ t do this to us….

  19. Arsene wenger is a joke, just when you thought we had turned a corner with the fa cup win he then does this and allows cesc to go to a direct rival who he will quite obviously strengthen. For me signing cesc should have been done regardless if the club thought they had enough in they area, because it would have made such a statement to the fans and other clubs that we have tuned a corner, the ozil signing wasn’t a panic buy and we can attract this quality of player every season without selling key players, minus Sagna lol but oh well. Looks like another season of unknown Ligue 2 free transfers and a couple 4/5 million players who he hopes turns into bargains

  20. To all those who say get rid of gazidis and wenger,
    Wenger has looked after arsenal ever since arriving and gazidis is doing a great job
    Preventing us ending up like Portsmouth or other clubs that live outside their
    Means!!! I hate the thought of fabregas going to Chelsea or anyone else for that
    Matter but how much do you think it’s going to cost to buy the 5 players we actually
    need. (G, RB, DM, LW and CF) I would say its going to cost us at least 100M if not more
    If you include wages and the fact we want quality!!
    I think you need to remember that one player is never bigger than the club
    And I for one would rather see them run the club how they are because
    It actually shows they care about the club rather than a few people who want
    Instant success without thinking about the consciences!!
    I hope we can afford to buy cesc aswell but if we can’t then I still
    Think we’ll have a great shot at winning the league because I believe
    We have the money to bring in sefficient quality in those 5 positions.

  21. i thint mourinho is somehow justified to call wenger ‘a specialist in failure’ if not, how would an ambitious coach says he doesnt need great fab? how will he delay his signings till after wc when quality player would have been signed by more serious teams. oh! i pity arsenal fans that they should prepared for another frustrations next season.

  22. Arsenal is always prone with injuries.look now before the season start chamberlain is off or 3weeks.
    I think it will 6-8before start a game.so we need a large squad,does not matter if someone has to be on the bench ,at lease we will have players to cover in the middle of the season.last season we got trapped with no good players available. He Bould have bought FABREGAS to prepare for any injuries. WILSHERE is not fully fit. But Arsen is stubborn ,he will not listen until he is kick out.

  23. I disagree , our priority is a striker and a strong DM. Wilsher, Ozil, Carzola, Ramsey are all midfielders , they are not wingers. Honestly , if I had to pick , I would sell Ozil and bring back Fabregas because he bleeds Arsenal.
    Let’s be Frank , we did not need Ozil last year , he was a panic buy after our embarrassing loss against Aston Villa.
    Let’s stop wasting energy on Fab. Wenger , should start signing real players already!
    We have to endure another 3 years of this nonsense from Wenger.

  24. I agree with you guys, last season all the pundits where talking about how the ozil signing had a positive effect on the mentality of the fans and players. The cesc transfer will have a negative effect on next season. To see one of the greatest players in his position in the world in a blue shirt will kill me. Personaly. I think the fans should have the opportunity to speak and be heard. This is our club a lot of our blood sweat and tears go into the work we do to get our season ticket. We have been patient as fans. Gazidis out he couldn’t arrange a piss up in a brewery. My confidence hits rock bottom every time I see his name in a headline. You know it’s going to be bad news. Kronke can go aswell all he wants is profit. Usmanov in.

    • fellas. we got over van pussy and na$ri and we’ll get over franny. with them we won sweet fa in their last 7/8 years respectively. we need to move on.

      my big worry is that the club might not bring in at least a world class striker and dn, rb ang backup gk. i am a big time wengerite but i’ll go right the other way if it doesnt happen but i think it will. at least 1 big name is coming for sure

  25. If Wenger announce that we will sign another AM (without you knowing that Cesc is available), I bet you will say that Wenger is stupid. We need a CF, a RB, a DM, a CD, and a GK, not an AM. etc…

    Don’t get me wrong. I love Cesc. And I’d love to see him back home instead to that blue dress team lead by that c*nt Maureen. But TBH, we really don’t need Cesc service.

    There are other positions that REALLY need to be strengthened. And it will need a lot of money. Considering we only have 100 million in our budget, I just don’t see how we can afford to buy Cesc and buy a proper CF, a RB, a DM, a CD, and a GK.

    Use your head, not your heart.

  26. I am getting increasingly infuriated with reading about Wenger going for free transfers. He and the board have already squeezed enough extra money out of us for funding Cesc’s return, yet all I read about is him going for free transfers. If the media reports all turn out to be true there will be serious protests, as I think most people have had enough of this. People say we’ve no place for cesc but we could’ve done with him amidst all our injuries and Tomas Rosicky won’t go on for ever.

  27. Cant Cesc be turned into a slightly more defensive midfielder. Imagine him teaming up with Ramsey and Ozil in front of them. Even Giroud would be getting so many passes that he would be forced to start converting some of them. And if money is what is stopping them from getting Cesc, I would rather they get him & sacrifice getting a big striker. Instead get Carlos Vela & Joel Campbell + with Giroud & Sanogo, I believe we should be able to manage.

  28. I can’t believe some of these comments. Most of you sound like winging little 3 yr olds who are rolling on the supermarket floor screaming at their mother for not buying them any lollies…I mean seriously do we really think spending 30 mil on a player when we already have 4 in that pos. I love fab as much as everyone else but buying him won’t be smart business and let’s not become a man city or Chelsea club and blow money on stupid things when that money could be well spent were we really need to strengthen. We may be doing well financially but we still have a budget to follow.

  29. We need a gk id like begovic
    a new defender we should sign that aurier hes desperate to play for us so he will work his socks off for us
    a new midfielder easy decision get fabregas he can play any where in midfield cause next season were going to be 2 midfielders short cause of rosicky an arteta getting on so we need to think ahead & striker i like mandzukic make it happen Wenger we will win the league if we get these players

  30. Look you have yo be real about things:

    1. I would like to say I love Cesc and would love to see him back at the club


    2. He turned his back on us when we needed him most which led to other players also leaving us like Nasri and RVP. Then made media comments in Spain stating he would return to arsenal but as a coach after his playing days were over. All of a sudden he wants us again, when he’s being forced out of his so called beloved club who he left us for.

    3. With Wilshere, Ozil, The Ox and Cazorla then players like Zelalem and Crowley coming through it would be a waste of money we should be spending on a Goalkeeper, Center Back, Right Back, Def Midfielder, Winger and Striker that would genually make us stronger.

    Then ……….

    Finally. ************************RAMSEY**************************
    Statiscally last season one of the best midfielders in the world his talents and skills eclips anything Cesc did for us in the past. Ramsey is the the perfect midfielder only to be matched by Yaya Toure in my opinion. He is better than Cesc ever was, stronger, faster, fitter, more direct, more clinical, more skilfull, scores more goals, can tackle and superb reader of the game and never ever gives throws the towel in or stop running. Cesc was a good playmaker but that’s about it he never tracked back was like a spoiled brat when things went wrong ala Nasri and was slow. We’re better off without him and using our money to strengthen or cause if we were to wasted money on another player like Ramsey we should have signed Rakatic or Erikson.

    Be real get over Cesc he has now realised like Hleb, Song and so on the gras isn’t always greener


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