One Question About The Whole Cesc Fabregas Affair

Most Arsenal fans are furious (myself included) about Arsene Wenger’s decision to “opt out” of re-signing Cesc Fabregas, a player who is world class, would improve ANY team in Europe and also has invaluable Premier League experience.

Not forgetting the fact that new players need time to settle at a new club – and with Cesc there would be no such problems. He could literally walk back into the club and continue where he left off.

You have some Arsenal supporters who are saying not signing Cesc is the right call – and most of these fans seem to be in the Arsene Knows Brigade. For those fans, my simple question is this:

If we didn’t want him back, then why the hell did we have a first refusal clause in the first place?


27 thoughts on “One Question About The Whole Cesc Fabregas Affair

  1. We should leave everthing to Arsene Wenger, he is the only one who can decide. I do not think there is anything to worry about Fabregas, if Barcelon decide to release him, he is coming back to Arsenal there is no doubt about it. Fabregas is a midfielder who can destroy any team, he is a player who can score crucial goals for Arsenal, he is a good provider to other players and he knows when to go into space, he knows what to do when with the ball, he knows when to score and the power to shoot. I want to assure you, if Barcelona decide to release him, he is coming back to Arsenal.

  2. Answer to your question: We had a first refusal because at the time we didn’t have Ozil & Ramsey was not yet the player he is now. Makes sense to me

  3. Not a particularly sensible question. If this had happened last summer we would have taken him. We now have Ozil and a massively improved Ramsey. My heart says re-sign him, if only to stop him going to Chelsea, but my head says we have greater needs elsewhere. Very difficult.

    • Honestly, I would have swapped Ozil for Fabregas. He’s going to be a flop, he can’t back the English game.

  4. Firstly; I would love to see Cesc back at the club. A lot has changed since we sold him, so I can only guess that if we don’t end up re-signing him, it is because the team needs desperate reinforcements in other areas (GK RB CB DM & ST), you simply cannot believe the press when they say we have 100 million to spend (even if we did, that figure is likely to include wages) and even then that would only allow us 20 odd million on each player (needing 5) 20 million doesn’t get you as much these days, so for Arsenal to spend 30mil on a position we already have 5 players covering would not be the best thing for the SQUAD. I repeat I would love to see him back, if we were talking 20 mil, then maybe it would be worth it (rumours are Barca still owe us 10mil for Cesc). Who knows what will happen!!

  5. And my answer to your question is ..Mr.Einstein, who would have thought we will have Ozil in our ranks…? I would have taken Fab back if Ozil was not there… And when you have midfielders like Ramsey, Ozil, Wilshire, Cazorla, Rosicky,(Let’s not count Diaby, and Chambo who is seen as a future midfielder) why would you need Fabregas.. It’s an area where we do not need strengthening esp. when it is coming at a price of 30mn plus.

  6. Maybe, just maybe, in case we urgently required a world class midfielder. But I would suggest that neither AW or the Arsenal Board would have envisaged that Ces Fabregas woudl become available again less than three years after he left Arsenal. In the meantime we have developed (Wilshere, Ramsey) or bought (Cazorla, Ozil, Podolski) top quality, or world class midfielders – so the re-urchase of Cesc Fabregas has become less of a necessity and more of a needless luxury. Available funds must be targeted at buying a top quality CF, a defensive midfielder, a RB, 2nd keper and a CB.

  7. Ozil,Ramsey,Wilshire,Ox, Rosicky,Walcot and Poldi have all had several games or some months out with injury. we could still do with Cesc.

  8. I think everyone is forgetting about the wage he was on at Barca. What footballer do you know these days that is willing to take a significant pay cut to move back to a team, when he will be offered more than he was on at Barca at the likes of Chelsea, Man U, Man city.

    I would love to see the boy take a stand and prove footballers are not fickle little money chasing gremlins, but I lost that hope a while ago.

    If he decided Chelsea is the best option and not keeping his distance from hurting Arsenal, then he’s no longer classed as a Arsenal player. Just another Judas.

  9. he took a pay cut to go to barca so no huge wage there. My thoughts is we dont need him perse BUT could play him as number 10 when Ozil is injured or off form.

    We DO need a right back, a defensive mid and a ‘top top quality’ striker. I do however think its daft to let Chelsea sign Cesc and we should stick to our ‘we can now compete’ and get him anyway to offer huge depth in a quality midfield. Lets face it we fell away this year cos on injuries there by not rotating enough

  10. Like it has been said by many sensible posters here. We need another AM like we need a bullet in the head. I would trade Ozil for Fabregas in a second. I would hate to see him in another team jersey, but we have limited amount of funds and a Di Maria/ Drexler type of player would benefit us more.

  11. What makes me furious is yet another bloke that thinks because he writes a blog that gives him the knowledge, experience, expertise, qualifications and talent to know how to deal with international transfers and run a top football club. I’ll leave footballing decisions to the experts thanks mate.

    Don’t confuse the fact that I’m openly admitting that I don’t have the knowledge and experience to make an informed judgement, that this means I think Arsene knows best. And don’t confuse the idea that because you happen to disagree with AW that makes him wrong…….that’s naivety in the extreme.

    • So 9 seasons without a trophy and being a million miles away from even challenging for the Premier League makes Arsene the right man does it?

      Another typical AKB.

      • I have to say that your view point comes across as somewhat warped?! You say 9 seasons without a trophy and a million miles away from the title, I think you need some perspective!!!! 99% of the clubs in the football leagues have never, and will never win the league, we have had great successes under Wenger; remember Chavskea went 50 odd years without a title (guess work), and Man Shitty similar. We had a bad few weeks, otherwise we may well have won the title this year; that is anything BUT a million miles away. Tottenham are a million miles away, not us!!! PERSPECTIVE!!

        If you don’t have the patience to be a decent, realistic and measured fan, maybe you shouldn’t be spouting your negativity over the web…or maybe you would be more suited at Stamford Bridge.

      • Actually North Bank. If you’d read what I said properly, I wasnt claiming anything about Wenger apart rom the fact that he knows more than a bloke a who writes a blog. You don’y happen to sit behind me do you because there’s some equally idiotic logic in Row 15 of the North Bank?

        I do find this childish idea that if anyone says anything vaguely supportive of the team or AW there are dickheads out there that want to pigeon hole you as an AKB… if that’s a bad thing anyway……..

  12. I strongly belief no matter what Arsenal still need the service of Cesc reason jack is not doin enough to create chance for our strikers reason Oliver look helpless, pls bring back cesc

  13. He’s better than anybody we have, he’s super super quality. He’s the right price, age, and knows the Prem. I’d dump any one or all of Özil, Poldi, Jack, Arteta, Ramsey (maybe), Cazorla and Diaby to accommodate him. He was probably the best player to don a shirt for us and carried the team on his own at a very young age when we were crap

  14. What a joke these AKB’s are.

    It’s as if Arsene Wenger can do no wrong whatsoever.

    So what about when Chelsea, Liverpool and City smashed us last season? How about signing a crocked Kim Kallstrom? How about only have Giroud as a main striker and relying on a raw Sanogo and idiotic Bendtner for backup? What about letting Sagna leave?

    And that was only last season.

    What about failing to address the defence for 7 seasons? Selling our captains year after year? Failing to sign a striker last summer AND in January.

    Some of you Arsenal fans are so far up Arsene’s arse it’s untrue.

    • Seems like Wenger’s back on form taking more money of us, while not signing anyone. He did lose us the premiership as well, by not signing anyone in January

  15. One thing we forget is that our players are not injury free so we can make use of cesc in the team.You guys mention wilshere,ramsey,ozil,cazorla but dont forget they were lacking in big games and we gunners cant even imagine cesc in chelsea shirt….so we need him.

  16. Another 6-0 trashing awaiting us if we hand over cesc to chelsea,i will give up wth arteta, diaby,loan chamberline, gnabry even wilshere is dt can bring back fieldmarshal of football

  17. What a joke these anti-AKB’s are.

    They have no qualifications, experience, knowledge or expertise but think because they’ve watched football they know everything. I wonder if when they go into hospital they tell the surgeon how to do the operation because they saw it on tv once…..YAWN


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