Why Arsenal Should Try To Buy Luis Suarez!

Almost a year ago, I wrote a piece which was possibly the most “controversial” of all the posts I’ve ever published on this blog. I said I didn’t want Luis Suarez at Arsenal as he was vastly overrated. Cue a lot of angry Liverpool fans telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about (which is half true I suppose) and a lot of abuse on Twitter. Now though, I’ve gone full circle and would like him at Arsenal.

And here’s why. Since I wrote that he had a phenomenal season, and was deservedly player of the season. He scored goals from every possible angle, and single-handedly propelled Liverpool to where they ended up – almost winning the Premier League.

In the article I wrote last year the main reason I didn’t want him was because he was a complete disgrace. He had been banned twice for biting opponents, been banned for being racist and dives around like erโ€ฆ Tom Daly (apologies, my diving knowledge is limited, but you get my point).

And now he’s done it again. He’s been widely condemned for his actions but I for one don’t care. So what? It’s all becoming a joke now. Some Liverpool fans are defending him, while others are saying he should be booted out of the club. Funnily enough, the same Liverpool fans who are now condemning Suarez are those who were defending him last season – how fickle football fans are hey? If he did it in a Liverpool shirt it would all be so different.

While his actions are stupid, ridiculous and have no place in the game, the most sensible viewpoint is the one Liverpool took last summer. If Liverpool obeyed his contract, he’d be an Arsenal player – but they stood strong and denied his move away from the club, despite the fact Suarez did all he could to engineer a move.

He stayed at Liverpool, scored goals for fun and almost fired them to the Premier League title. Let’s be honest here, most football fans think of their hearts and not their heads.

His footballing talent outweighs any stupidity he might do on the pitch. Liverpool’s hierarchy realised that and reaped the benefits last season and it almost rewarded them with the ultimate prize.

Look, it’s not as if I have no morals. I know what Suarez did was stupid and unforgivable, but football these days is a very superficial and shallow sport. Joey Barton can still have a career after pretty much assaulting people when in real life he’d be in prison, footballers can perform Nazi salutes and get off with a slap on the wrist – it’s all a ridiculous environment. Players can shag other players wives, shag their own brothers wives – morals in football died a hell of a long time ago.

Football has turned into a world where players can hold football clubs to random (look at Wayne Rooney and his regular pay rises), moan about a football club that pays them stupid wages because they didn’t get a handshake on their birthday – football does not play by normal rules.

The bottom line is Luis Suarez, for all his failings, is one of the best players in the world.

And if Liverpool are looking to sell him, then he is someone that should be on our radar.


59 thoughts on “Why Arsenal Should Try To Buy Luis Suarez!

  1. Anyone who wants a racist, cheating scumbag like Suarez who repeatedly likes to bite other players must be an idiot!!!

    • Those idiots would probably want John Terry as well who is also a racist, cheating scumbag. Some people are just unbelievable!

  2. Our you stupid or do I have too spell it out again ” LIVERPOOL WILL NEVER SELL TO arsenal ” EVER PERIOD…And as a Scouser I guess we our stuck with Suarez ๐Ÿ˜‰ But he’ll be twice the player next season NOW,due too ex-players / other clubs fans who want him out of the Premier League,because with Suarez we will be fighting for the title again ๐Ÿ˜‰ And he will enjoy scoring hat-trick after hat-trick just too prove his point ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love listening to Ex-players like ginger minger scholes saying he should get a lifetime ban lol He wasn’t saying that after cantona’s karate-kick was he,he just wants united back in the top 4 BADLY I guess ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. At least you established early on that you write shit to suck in outraged readers.

    But you’re still a tosser.

  4. If I was Arsene Wenger I would make a 90 million pound bid for Suarez, If liverpool don’t accept it then fine but I would make a big bid for him.

  5. ‘If liverpool honoured Suarez contract he’d be an arsenal player’ if you belive that your dumber than your article, as if Suarez ever had any intention of joining a small time club like u scum bags, he used your attention to try and get Madrid involved, it didn’t happen so he stayed at liverpool, arsenal are a small club with little history compared to us! Keep dreaming u southern tw*t

    • Haha, The Arsenal are a small club compared to you lot are they? Here`s a little reminder of what your most honoured player of all time has to say about that. “Liverpool may have had more success but compared to The Arsenal they are a pork pie and pop club” Those are the words of Ray Kennedy my little mickey friend. You lot will never have our tradition and class, in fact, you lot will never have the tradition and class of your nearest rivals either. Anyway mickey, who you lot blaming for Suarez`s antics this time? It will be interesting to hear your feeble excuses because we all know that its never your fault. Fucken horrible filthy mob of shit. As for the opinion of the author that The Arsenal should try to sign Suarez, are you having a laugh mate. I dont want a man who has developed a taste for human flesh playing for my club.

      • Mickey? My names dean u think fucker, using quotes from past players to sum up a whole football club? U fucking restart, and as for class ‘Fucken horrible filthy mob of shit’ very classy, and as for tradition Liverpool Football Club have more tradition in their canteen than your entire club had u half Witt cunt, Tottenham are twice the club u are atleast they show ambition, arsenal are just a small selling club from London, and giroud again elbowing people the dirty horrible twat….defend that u scummy little hypocritical rent boys

        • Your name might be Beano but your still a daft mickey. That quote from your most honoured player hurt, did it? As for class, I aint got too much of it but my club is steeped in it. Tottingham twice the club of The Arsenal? haha, dear oh dear. Defend Giroud? Unlike you lot, you wont hear us blame the FA, or the old bill, or a crumbling stadium, or the press, or the Italians, or Sheffield Wednesday or Mckenzie and the Sun newspaper or Chellini or Ivanovic or every other excuse under the sun that tries to gloss over the deeds of your “Fucken horrible filthy mob of shit”.

        • Bring innocent people who died in a disaster that was no fault of their own(fact) into an argument you shitty little faggot, ur a fuckin shitbag I’d love to know where u lived, you wouldn’t be saying stuff like that anymore

      • Hahahaaaa hit a nerve have I u dopey little cunt, big man because ur sat behind a keyboard I’d snap your neck!

      • Suarez worth less than 20 mill??? Haha and ur calling me stupid u thick twat he’s still worth the same as before the incident only now hopefully Madrid won’t want him

  6. Liverpool fans hanging onto the past calling Arsenal a small club. So you punched above your weight and finished 2nd. It was fantastic watching you spectacularly messing it up and not winning anything last season. Liverpool players are doing a fine job of ruining this world cup… Suarez, Gerrard, Sakho just elbowed. Disgraceful but not as embarrassing as their fans who are on the phone-ins every other week moaning about how bad they are and then telling everyone how amazing they are. Most Liverpool fans would have sacked Rogers after one season.

      • Looked to me like Giroud was just trying to free himself from an over-friendly columbian. Typical ignorant scouser, too stupid to form a coherent sentence so just gets nasty.

        • Hypocritical southern fairy! Looked to me like Suarez was getting elbowed so tried to get chiellini off by using his teeth, u can dress it up how u like the fact is he elbowed 2 defenders on purpose! That’s the facts you thick bastard

          • And as for moaning about our manager….are you really bringin that subject up when you lot have treated ur most successful manager disgracefully…the majority of liverpool fans have been behind Rodgers all the way, the majority of arse-enal fans want we get out!

          • So why did suarez lean into chiellini. Trying to get him off by using his teeth. Laughable and even funnier that you call this the facts. Pointless discussing with a retard like you

          • Gooner303 where did I state that Suarez leaning into chiellini was a fact? Think before you write u moron

  7. Deanolfc, you really are a sad little scouser who’s team couldn’t even win the league when you had the best bitter I means striker in the premier league had it put on a plate for you on bottle, yourba dick who supports a has been club who lives in the past …….. Prick

    • I’m not ur mate u little faggot, godod to know u can get internet access in shared accommodation u scruffy twat

      • Bit someone? Bit at least three people. Not sure about you feral scousers but that’s not exactly right everywhere else. If you had a job and did that you’d lose it. If you did it three times you’d be in jail with the rest of your family.

        • Did I say it wasn’t wrong? No u southern faggot I said it doesn’t certify you insane, I’m guessing you think it does in which case your more insane than Suarez…either that it just thick!

          • If I’m more insane than Suarez then you’re admitting he is insane. Good, we agree on something then

          • I didn’t say Suarez was insane, by saying your more insane than him doesn’t mean he’s insane! Don’t u southerners go to school, spend all day leading Cockney rhyming slang which is usefull for…….fukall

  8. You are quite correct repeatedly biting different people is definitely the actions of a sane man – you are clearly absolutely mental. Still, you are doing a tremendous job hitting the computer keys wearing that strait jacket.

        • I haven’t bit anyone u soft twat I’m saying it doesn’t make you insane if u have, ur family are probably locked in a cell somewhere that’s y ur fascinated with with jail u littler freak

          • Noone is saying you bit anyone. We are talking about Suarez you fucking retard

          • hatโ€™s y ur fascinated with with jail u littler freak. what? in english you dirty little cunt

          • U said it makes me an animal u daft twat so u was talking about me u retard

  9. I would buy him… 40 mmmmmmm pound and 50pence. They might even give me change for an ice pole or a packet of meanies!!!

  10. Sorry… You mistook the 40 mmmmmmm as meaning million. .. Yeah that van has just pulled up outside the McDonald’s you are sitting in using the free wifi as all scousers do. You realise now I meant 40 quid. Anyway thanks for making me laugh with your outbursts.

      • I don’t know where you cone from. Maybe an ice cream cone in conesville.. You can’t slag anyone off!! You need to go back to your romper school and repeat your English spelling. . Obviously you’re crap at it!

        • Go get an education you inbred!! The statements you came out with have to be that of a mentally unstable individual! Anyone who is a fully grown adult and bites people when most of the world’s population is focused on them and they already have a history of doing it in the past has a mental issue and needs to see a shrink or needs caged or more still should have those Nashers removed and replaced with rubber teeth to go along with his rubber room! What planet are you from defending a person who any sane person on this planet would call insane… But look at it this way it is a blessing for you scousers that no club will buy him now only days after knocking the crap out of England and then added another 10 million onto his valuation only for him to again mess up a move to Spain! So goodluck with the cannibal after his lengthy ban which if fifa have any balls should be a year or two ban.. Good luck wiyh yhat wage bill every week! I reckon they will make kit’s with shoulder padding now too stop the spread of rabies… Thanks for the new trend Suarez.

          • I’m not defending him u soft bastards where have I once said it’s ok to bite people? Where have u said he’s not in the wrong? Nowhere! I agree it’s unacceptable and he should get a long ban, but it doesn’t make him insane, to me an insane person is a killer, rapist, paedophile, someone who doesn’t no rite from wrong, insane is a string work for someone who got caught up in a situation of high emotion and acted in a disgusting way…horrible, dirty, terrible….he’s those things but insane? If he was then he wouldn’t be playing football for a living, cantona kicking a fan is far worse than what Suarez has done

  11. I just want to say this…. I am interested in starting relief fund programme named Feed The Suarez. All donations welcome. He obviously doesn’t get fed!! Either that or he is a real life vampire. . He is a big film fan apparently. . Twilight and Lost Boys are amongst hos favourites lol.


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