Why Liverpool Fans Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves

Unless you’re living under a rock, you will have heard by now that FIFA have decided to ban Luis Suarez for all footballing activity for 4 months, and 9 International matches. This means as well as missing the rest of the World Cup, he will miss 9 Premier League games for Liverpool as well as Capital One Cup and Champions League qualifying games. By my estimations it would be around 14 games in total.

However, he has not been banned from moving to another club, and it has been confirmed that he would be allowed to move to another club, with Barcelona and Real Madrid reportedly interested in the player.

But the response I’ve seen from Liverpool fans has been nothing short of disgraceful.

Strangely, after defending Suarez for his bite on Branislav Ivanovic, and his racist abuse towards Patrice Evra, they are now condemning Suarez for his bite on Giorgio Chiellini.

Now I’m not excusing Luis Suarez from the biting and racist abuse by any stretch of the imagination, but if you’re going to defend him for doing those disgusting things then why turn on him now? At least have some consistency.

The other point about all this is because this is the third time this has happened, clearly Luis Suarez needs professional help. It’s not a once in a blue moon occurrence, this is something which repeatedly happens. Liverpool and their fans supported him through the biting incident with Ivanovic and the racism accusations again Evra, so surely they should be supporting him now more than ever?

Henry Winter made the point that Suarez is not the type of person you would expect to be biting people on a regular basis. He says how the staff at Liverpool see him as a humble, family man who puts in so much effort into extra training and is dedicated to his craft. Apparently, when Suarez was told about being nominated for player of the year he went round the Liverpool changing room and thanked every single teammate.

Liverpool fans are talking about taking £80 million and Sanchez and/or Pedro so they can get rid of him. There is no doubt Luis Suarez is a very special footballer and now the punishment has been handed down to him by FIFA, surely Liverpool would be best served to make sure he gets the professional help he needs.


32 thoughts on “Why Liverpool Fans Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves

  1. Embittered jealous Covkey scum who failed to sign Luis Suarez last year and then spunked £42m on Ozil, while charging their fans more to watch matches than any other team in British football have nothing whatsoever to gloat about. Hope Ramsay snaps both of his legs next time.

  2. Nothing like generalising. I guess you’re talking about those who phone up Talksh!te etc. There will be some ‘fans’ that think he should be sold but there are also a huge amount who would love him to stay.

    Its a bit like me saying that arsenal fans want wenger out.

  3. This is rediculous Aresnal bid for him but that was ok because at that stage he had only bit 2 people and found guilty of using racist language against Evra !! – hypocrisy at its best

  4. Remember that we were more than happy to drop £40m on him AFTER his previous bans, so let’s not claim the moral high-ground just yet. Thankfully, with hindsight, it’s looking more like a dodged bullet than a missed opportunity.

    Classy responses from some classy LFC fans though. Go figure.

  5. I think you’re wrong suggesting Liverpool fans defended Suarez after biting Branislav Ivanovic, they condemned him too, but he reformed last season and his behaviour showed a vast improvement, this is what the fans liked and why he was welcomed back, but now that he’s done it again means he’s regressed and should be punished.
    We accept that.
    Not sure why Liverpool should be punished too but that’s another issue.

    As for the Evra incident, there was no evidence of racism, this the FA admitted, no one heard the alleged comments, no the ref, or players.
    The FA decided he ‘probably’ said something and give him an 8 game ban.
    John Terry however was convicted of making a racist remark (not probably) and given a 4 game ban.

    This is an example of the FA’s racism surely.

    Suarez may be guilty of the Evra claim, but no one actually knows, therefore he is innocent. That’s a fact

  6. Love how these scouse scum bring up ozil, yes he faded, but didnt a certain suarez go 15 games without a goal a couple of seasons back?

    Before you pool fans criticise us, your board is using the same model we used to be self sufficient. Think twice.

    Liverpool are always the victim just like stevie mee’s screw up against chelsea and what was hilarious

    Liverpool actually thinking they won the league last season. You guys are fast becoming a joke like spurs.

    • Don’t mind them, because those who say Ozil fade or a bad buy is just either football-illiterate, or stupid or even perhaps being just simply jealous.

      I had watch football for decades and Ozil is the most “shadow type player” I had ever seen, so I don’t blame them if they could only see the obvious.

    • Exactly, people who think Özil was a bad buy are retarded. Özil works best when he has a speed demon (i.e. Ronaldo) to feed his through balls too. That man at Arsenal was Theo but he was injured. Next season however, it will be a different story.

    • Spot on ‘a’. The ‘BIN DIPPERS’ think they’re the be all and end all of the footballing world….typical northern scum.

  7. Don’t follow your logic. ‘pool fans supported him and hoped he had learned his lesson. He demonstrated that belief was misplaced by re-offending and getting himself banned again. Once unfortunate, twice careless, three times is taking the p1ss. Fans justifiably irate.

  8. Hi Mike, it should be the other way around, I am a Gooner and I see there is nothing wrong for Liv fans to not back him up for the sake of consistency, rightful things trump the act for consistency, which also mean that in the past Liv those who say that he does not being racist or does not do bad things by biting other player are in the wrong, but for those Liv fans that would admit that it a bad things that a player could do and at the same time hope for Suarez would learn his lesson then there is nothing wrongful with that.

    but you got it right that Liv fans eyes had been suave away by the 80m notes. 🙂

  9. Who writes this crap? It is an administrative ban as well that means no transfer. Is this written by a non fact checking child?

    • You didn’t read the BBC source did you, so you’re the fucking idiot aren’t you?

      He’s free to sign for another club if Liverpool allow.

    • You are a complete TWAT. It’s always a good idea to check your facts before opening your BIG SCOUSE GOBS yet again. As North Bank Gooner says….check the BBC website! There again, you lot are a bunch of single cell omoeba, who’s only aim in life is to rob post offices. Two more brain cells and you could have been a CABBAGE!!!

  10. Not the article I was expecting from the title and as a Liverpool fan I’m happy with what you wrote. Saying that I always feel that gooners are fair and have good football knowledge (apart from ‘a on’ above) I haven’t seen our fans turning on Suarez, though I’m not in England ATM so haven’t really read that much, but I’d be surprised if ‘true’ fans did!

  11. Dont worry mate, it wont be long before FIFA are copping the blame from the Mickeys. They cant help themselves, they just love playing the victim that lot.

  12. The two previous times he’s done this has been to engineer a move away from his club. Liverpool played hard-ball with him last time, made him stay (reneging on a clause in his contract to do so), and now he’s done it again, whilst batting his eyelids at Barcelona this time. It’s clear why Liverpool fans back him…he’s the best Liverpool player of all time, and they know they won’t get any equally big name to replace him. Ever 😉 I’d probably back him too, especially if he had a nibble at Mike Dean.

  13. yeah we did not suceed in getting the canibal. so we are very sad and that is why the pools are still miles behind gooners
    cos they got suarez

    • Wanders: let me get this straight, you tried to buy Suarez and couldn’t, so you’re “sad”, …but we still have the player you wanted, so we’re “miles behind” (yet finished above you in the league).

      Some of the comments on this site are written by people who clearly weren’t listening at, or attending school.

      Try to write coherent sentences and to formulate your thoughts and opinions so others might see alternate views on the subject.
      If you can’t, then apply for adult further education classes and turn up this time, otherwise just shut up.

  14. This couldn’t have happened to a worthier set of scummy, smelly, arrogant bunch of drug dealing, post office robbing, old lady beating set of fans. Nobody likes you, you leave your foul stench every where you touch down, and i sincerely hope your shit club suffers for what the Suarez situation is obviously going to put you through in both a sporting situation and a financial one, as it’s going to be made very clear now, that Real and Barca will want him, but at a massively reduced rate….i can’t stop laughing. LMFAO.

    • North London being totally crime free then?

      There are bad and good in every walk of life and no set of fans are ‘better’ than any other.

      Ridicules rant from a clown

  15. Suares to me is once an asset but now a liability, who is going bail him out of his psycological problem? His market value will drop because the would buyer will like to take him to a mental for medical check-up towards his behavoral organs, the adage that says once beaten, twice shy is a lesson he must learn. l pray for him that a spell is not cast on him.

  16. I see no sense in this baseless arguments… Arsenal fans should go sack their coach if the want to. Luis suarez messed up… Simple… I see no reasons where that has anything to do with liverpool fans…. He was an inspirational player all season… Got the votes across england to win the pfa player of the year… So, I’d say all of england accepted him. All of england should be ashamed of hating a single player so much… Just because he single-handedly dismissed england’s hopes of qualifying pass the group stage.

  17. Already scousers bleating with Aldridge on Sky Sports News saying unfair to ban him for Liverpool as when Ivanovic incident occurred & he was banned, Suarez was able to play for Uruguay.
    So thick as that incident was under our FA jurisdiction & if Liverpool had been in Champs/Europa Lges he could have played.
    Latest incident was under FIFA jurisdiction which encompasses Worldwide game.
    Liverpool should fine him 4 months wages as he’s let them down & won’t be available to play for them but no doubt that as usual they will revel in playing the victim!


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