Do Not Believe The Sanchez, Bender & Debuchy Rumours

If you read the newspapers and online reports, it would seem that Arsenal are nailed on to sign Mathieu Debuchy, Lars Bender and Alexis Sanchez.

But the fact is, we’re nowhere near to signing those players.

Arsenal are the only football club where the media have no idea what is going on. Arsene Wenger is probably the only manager who keeps his cards so close to his chest that they’re inside him (sorry, couldn’t come up with a better metaphor). My point is, Arsene and Arsenal are super secretive about transfers.

We heard all the media bullshit about Felliani, Higuain, Suarez and Bender arriving at The Emirates and how many of them joined Arsenal? Exactly.

That’s why the media are so desperate to have an Arsenal scoop. Arsenal need a new right back and midfielder? Then it’s got to be Debuchy and Bender. A forward? Then we’ll link Remy and Sanchez.

Second guessing Arsene usually proves to be futile. Last summer we desperately needed a centre forward, so we signed Mesut Özil. Remember when we signed Andrei Arshavin? We needed a defender in that January transfer window.

The best thing for Arsenal fans is to ignore all the rumours because that’s exactly what they are – rumours.

Every “report” I’ve seen on Arsenal transfers has lacked any quotes, details or information from a reliable source. You might as well pick a random player and he would have more chance at joining Arsenal.

And come to think of it, how many people called the Mesut Özil signing? Exactly.

And even when Gareth Bale finally signing to Real Madrid, most of the media told us it was Di Maria who was joining Arsenal!

Twitter is even worse – every Tom, Dick or Harry can be “In The Know” and make up some shite about Arsenal’s next signing. The problem is, Arsenal fans are so desperate for new arrivals that they will believe almost anything. If I made a list of players who were “definitely” joining Arsenal it would be as long as my arm.

Take my advice, sit back, relax and try and enjoy the summer.


33 thoughts on “Do Not Believe The Sanchez, Bender & Debuchy Rumours

  1. Ospina

    You heard it here first.
    My sources are very very reliable.

  2. I want to believe the positive Sanchez rumors SO badly, but ultimately know better than to get sucked in.

  3. Very good point mate, my problem is I’m so bored without arsenal I’m constantly checking arsenal transfers on news now, foolishly clicking on any link that says arsenal agree fee for *insert player name* or arsenal are close to signing…

    The funny thing is this Sanchez stuff reeks of the higuain deal that almost ruined my summer holiday with the misses! (constantly checking newsnow every 2 hours) Fee agreed, personal terms agreed, agent possibly giving away he’s signing blah blah blah. I agree mate it’s bollocks lets just all enjoy this hot weather and concentrate on the team we have for now, when a new signing has actually signed the most reliable source will inform us and that’s so let’s not believe anything until it’s officially done it’s easy for anyone to link us with players as u said. COYG

  4. Daaaa -boooo-sheeee is nailed on to sign for yous !!!!!!!!! £10 million agreed, bit reckless in the defending stakes and liable to give pens and get sent off, great at going forward and will give 100% all game, not the sort of refined player I expect arsene to sign and not a patch on sagna who I really rate better , gonna be a big miss to us but he wants to progress and who can blame him with no ambition being shown from our club or the hee banga pardiola

  5. Mr ITK, Sanchez valuation has been met, the club can proceed to talk to the player, no idea about personal negotiations, player can still go to Juventus and that is his first preference however they cannot afford the fee, 40 mill Euros.

    Debuchy wants to join Arsenal Newcastle want close to 12 mill GBP and Arsenal are willing to offer nothing over 9 million ( dont ask me why) personal terms are not agreed, just a verbal agreement on salary on offer, same as sanchez.

    i have not heard of any interest in Ospina or Caulker, although Caulker is being offered to the top 5-6 clubs, however its likely he will join QPR, he has an offer on the table and will likely accept if no other club comes forward.

    Bender is Arsenals main target however the fee is significant over 22 mill gbp, and im not sure Arsenal or Arsene will sanction that.

    Khedira is our fallback option with Schneiderlin being our 3rd option.

    Also arsenal do not have a transfer budget, wenger is free to sign the players he wishes to, so the imaginary 100 million does not exisit, it can be more or even less.

  6. I agree that majority of the stories will be based on whims and intelligent guesses. However some of these stories do have something to fuel them.
    Last season a lot of attention was put on Suarez- quite accurate as arsenal did indeed bid for him.
    We were also linked with higuain- there was contact and deal nearly did go through untill a higher offer came through. So these stories do have some basis.
    Take the links with a pinch of salt, but allow yourself some optimism.
    As with debuchy, think that’s already in the bag with the player confirming.

  7. The best blog i’ve ever read concerned arsenal tranfer rumours. They’ve never signe their target for once, we fans surpose to have used to it by now, if you keep your hope on all those player targeted by wenger and his people i think you are waisting youself time, i personal believed that arsenal will not sign right player this summer, other teams make additional, but arsenal make replacement every season. An we expect to lift major truphy, is not possible, because before you become a champion you must lean to beat the best an with incomplete squad we have,we can never beat any big team, with this our current squad.

  8. Every player we did eventually sign was a feature on the bbc website tho and Sanchez as well as Debuchy are on the BBC so maybe it’s a coincidence or maybe we’re signing them.

  9. Just Wait till wenger surprises you all….Do you think that a Man United Fan will love to ear that Alexis Sanchez signs for Arsenal? This publication is Rubish!

  10. This old punk (arsene) is likely to play with fans anciousness. This same thing happen last season about suarez, Higuin, and lot more.

  11. What a toss of an article, and you call yourself and Arsenal fan, we will believe what we want to, it is true we bid for Higuain and Suarez which was made very public, the players/club dint make it happen our way, so are we to blame? Signing a striker Mourinho dint want Ba to go to arsenal on Loan so figures in itself why we dint get the eluded striker, it does have a smell of Higuain but we can all hold our horses till then,

  12. article is abit silly.. your basically saying if you hear about it in the news then its not true, and while i KIND of understand why you’d say that, it seems as though your almost dismissing the fact that debuchy himself said he’s joining? not to mention the fact that it has been confirmed that we did actually bid for higuain and draxler, so its not fair to make out as though the media literally have no idea what theyre talking about

  13. I predict Wenger will be scrambling for transfers on 31st og August after havin made a healthy profit of 30 mil pounds.

  14. I disagree with you, most of these stories where true, the higuen,Suarez,lars, Draxler because most of these players came out and confirm the offers. And moreso, debuchy is confirm, he has passed the medical already. There is always a sense of truth in every rumorn

  15. Agree to an extent with certain targets he’s managed to keep close to his chest. However the media picked up early on targets such as Suarez, higuain and Demba Ba etc. So what makes Sanchez and deduchy any different??

  16. Look I didn’t want wenger to sign a new contract I wanted him out.
    Remember we have just paid off the emirates stadium.
    I think he is going to spend this year he now has the cash, As we are not so
    much in dept, i’m keeping my fingers crossed, I have a feeling this is the year, he will
    splash the cash, if he doesn’t, then I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes stepping out
    at the emirates first home game of the season, not even the fa cup will protect him.
    Linch mob. Im fed up with fourth place lining the directors pockets, from the ch league.
    I am not religious, but I will light a candle in church tomorrow, and ask him up there to
    persuade arsen to spend.

    • Christ you lot don’t know ya born !!!!!!! lynch mob as F.A. cup wont save him, lineing the directors pockets,we’ve had that scenario for over fifty years and now have a owner who treats the club like one of his tat shops and is using it as a free advertisement to build his tatty empire even further !!!!!!!!
      Me wont step inside ST. JAME’S till the fat tw@t has sold up and gone but will support from the away ends only, like many others, will take wenger any day !!!!! in fact swop him for the heed banger anyday then you can whinge for a reason

  17. This is d same ol’ story we hear every tranfers’ that he will sign this sign that till d tranfer window closes

  18. i dont like it but i know for sure that Giroud will be our main striker come next season. i am 100% sure he will be. i am also confident we will finish fourth behind chelski, Man u and Mancity, maybe 5th if liverpool manage to keep Suarez. i am also 100% sure that the best chance we have for a trophy is if fight for the carling cup. i am also very confident that Giroud will miss spectacular chance and one of Manu, chelski, liverpool and mancity will hammer us very well. am also 100% confident that arsenal fans will diss. so it begs the question, should i lie to meself just because i am an arsenal fan. the answer is no. by the way i am never wrong guys

  19. A article based on arsené keeping transfers close to his chest which means the media talk bollocks?! You ever taken into account that there’s people other than wringer involved in transfer dealings? I get your point that the media does talk a lot of shite (linked with 47 players last summer) but every now and again their sources get it right. Dubuchy was rumoured before he confirmed it so where did that news come from? I have no doubt whatsoever that we’ve put in a bid for Sanchez, too much smoke for there to be no fire. The Bender rumour though seems pure speculation, although I’d love to see him playing at the emirates next season.

  20. very simple folks,arsene and arsenal will reveal the bidding for player like suarez or higuen only after they knew that this player will not coming to emirates..bidding revealed is just to please all the gooner fan that they at least try to get this player…again give lukaku a chance at arsenal and he will score the same amount of goal for what suarez has done for liverpool…giroud totally out..he is just a model not footballer..haha..for dm flamini is there…

  21. Arsenal has a power full middlefield that can make chances for the striker and make him able to score goals .
    Also it has a good defense it just lack a forward like saurez , ba ,aguaro…………. if they sign a star likee this they will be able to challenge in champions league.In these days they are trying to sign loic remy and if they sign him they will bolster their attack.


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