Podolski Out? Cavani In? Falcao To City? What Are Your Transfer Window Predictions?

It’s pretty clear what type of player Arsenal fans want to arrive at Arsenal, but what are your Transfer Deadline Day predictions?

On the final day of the summer transfer window, Arsenal pulled off a massive transfer coup and brought in World Cup winner and Real Madrid playmaker Mesut Özil for £42.3 million, although the summer before that we had no excitement as no-one arrived at the end of the window.

The summer before however, after the 8-2 massacre at Old Trafford, we did have some transfer deadline day excitement as Andre Santos, Per Mertesacker and Mikel Arteta all joined Arsenal. And of course, who could forget the signing of Park Chu-Young, probably the greatest Arsenal player of all time.

But what about this years transfer deadline day comings and going?

For me, after what happened at Leicester City and how Lukas Podolski was only given 14 minutes of normal time to help win a game where we needed his introduction a lot earlier, shows the bubbly German is on his way out. I wouldn’t be surprised if we managed to secure a last minute signing in the striker department and let Poldi go. Arsene clearly doesn’t have any faith in him (although I’m not sure why) and he should be free to leave.

But who are we going to sign? Falcao’s move to Real Madrid looks all but tied up, Remy has completed his move to Chelsea and the only “realistic” target (even though it’s still out there) is Edinson Cavani.

The latest reports regarding Falcao are that he is being offered to Manchester City for £55 million by AS Monaco. If that really is the case (although it’s probably a plot to get Real Madrid to get him sooner) then they are going to need to sell some of their strikers before bringing in the prolific Columbian. So that could theoretically mean Dzeko, Jovetic or Negrado are available for a quick sale.

Like you, I’ll be glued to Twitter and Sky Sports News to find out the latest news, but what are your predictions?

Do you think Arsenal will be active on transfer deadline day, or do you think Yaya Sanogo is destined to be Arsenal’s talisman for the foreseeable future? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


20 thoughts on “Podolski Out? Cavani In? Falcao To City? What Are Your Transfer Window Predictions?

    • yes, I can not understand why Arsene repeatedly changes positions that obviously don’t work only 15mins before end of the game? How can a fresh player make an impact in such a short time? Has anyone asked Arsene that in his press conferences?
      Also, why does he play Sonogo from the start who has never scored for Arsenal when he has a quality successful striker in Podolski on the bench?
      The balance is not right here? Can a journalist ask Arsene these questions please?

  1. I think my only prediction would be that Joel Campbell will be pushing for a move out of Arsenal, and who could blame the young man. I have loved Arsenal for over 40 years, and think Joel’s future could be World class, so it pains me to say that he should leave. Nevertheless, there comes a time when a player should be allowed to develop and it would seem Wenger doesn’t trust him to play in one of his teams.

  2. The air brush effect of our FA cup win means that Wenger’s growing inability to keep up with being truly competitive has been covered up. I would have happily swapped 17 ECL back to back qualifications for winning it once. 11 3rd or 4ths for one win of the EPL. But none of this will change until either AW shakes of his stubborn egostisitical senility or he goes…..today we were not good enough in defence, in midfield , in attack ie everywhere. Fabregas is better than anything we have, so is Balotelli, so is Costa, Remy, Lukaku, Schneiderlin…….and just watch we will either do nothing or bring in some unknown cheapo……..aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh

  3. Imo push for cavani, aldereiweld and carvalho yeah it would be a lot of money but imagine how much ud make back arsene from shirt sales, trophy wins, total revenue. Maybe not for other gooners! My opinion thats all



  5. Wenger has passed his best…he is tactically naive,self destructive approach to transfers & stubborn to the core .Can someone tell wenger to go and sign a world class forward..Only in arsenal do we have rookies,hopin’ to win titles. Funny indeed.

  6. Wenger should shut is mouth…his excuses is almost soundin’ like a broken record…’my players are tired,injuries,blabla bla…..GUTTED!

  7. Last season we couldn’t score enough goals because of strikin’ problem.chelksi had the same problem,this summer,they’ have sorted themselves out by signin costa & remy…wenger is still ditherin’ …wenger & kronke are not ambitious…fuckin’ irritatin’.

  8. It is somehow very disheartening reading some of these comments. Every time Arsenal does not win or if they lose, depraved and intellectually uninformed fans resort to making terrible comments and calling people names. Some even curse the players and the manager. Every member of the team and the manager suddenly become useless; this is incorrigibility at its highest. With the way these fans are going, they would drive players away from the team. I dont know why fans have to abuse players and the manager. Is it compulsory you support a team? Must we hide under the anonymity of the social media to harass people psychologically?. The league is just 3 matches old, yet people have started making judgement, after all there are teams that are yet to record a win. Must a team that has no father Christmas go bankrupt because they want to win trophies? Enough of the insult and abuses. Fans that are not ready to meaningfully and constructively support the team must either decamp or shut up.

  9. is weger a coach or a Scotter, he went for Kostas Manolas & Roma bought him, he went for Mario Balotelli Liverpool took him, loic remy cheasea,

  10. Wenger is not a coach 4 wat i blv ,why does he nt buy strkerx since b/4 like hw chlsea,lvpool,nwcstle etc did?Wat i believe is wenger wnts to play wit our Brind with his trabalism

  11. we are unhappy the ways
    arsene treating arsenal he did all this to insult
    the arsenal fans that is why he reject fabregas and leave rosicky and pod on the beanch while they are good in a gunners plays and also spend two seasons with giroud as a striker which is not able to score many chances and Wenger depending on him why?club as arsenal doesn’t get a qualitative striker.


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