Why Falcao Will Flop At United And Welbeck Will Shine At Arsenal

Arsenal fans are upset with the signing of Danny Welbeck, and even more upset about missing out on Radamel Falcao.

But let’s put this all in perspective.

Two years ago, Falcao was immense. At Athletico Madrid, he was simply phenomenal. Behind Messi and Ronaldo, for me he was the third best player in the world. He was quick, aggressive, direct, and had the ability to score some really outstanding goals.

And as the lads on Football Weekly pointed out, two seasons ago along with Edinson Cavani, they were two two most coveted Number 9’s in world football – and they both moved to France in mega money moves.

But since then, they have been disappointing. Both Falcao and Cavani have failed to impress in a league with is inferior to the Premier League, La Liga and even Serie A. While players such as Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez have drastically improved, seeing their careers go in an upward trajectory, the careers of Cavani and Falcao have stalled somewhat.

And don’t forget, Falcao demands ridiculous wages and is almost 29 years old. Added to this, he’s had 3 major surgeries so far in his career, implying that he might struggle for fitness.

So passing on those two and signing Danny Welbeck makes sense, and is the sensible choice.

Arsene was never going to put Arsenal’s financial situation at risk by signing someone on loan who you can’t guarantee will even be match fit and someone we’d have to pay ridiculously high wages.

Welbeck however is only 23 and has his best years ahead of him. He is quick, direct, fit and knows where the goal is. He is willing to learn and at £16 million, could represent excellent value for money (something else Arsene would have considered).

Before the window closed we just wanted someone better than Sanogoals and Welbeck is big improvement on him.

The squad we have is competitive and now the window is closed we must get behind the team we have.



96 thoughts on “Why Falcao Will Flop At United And Welbeck Will Shine At Arsenal

  1. Very happy with Welbeck signing and i think he will score a lot of goals. We have pace up front and i hope we can improve. A little disappoint not signing a defensive midfielder or a center back, buts let´s see. Come on gunners.

  2. Agree with you on Falcao, but your case in favour of Welbeck is based on hope, rather than analysis. I can’t see what he adds to a team with an existing bunch of average (relative to our ambitions and competition) strikers (Giroud, Podolski, Sanchez, Sanogo and Campbell). He’s just another average striker. He has had plenty of exposure and hardly shine with 1 goal per 5 matches.

  3. You got to be kidding… Welbeck couldn’t even get in a shit utd side … he is another cheap Wenger buy that will do nothing to improve our squad. Cavani has been playing out wide for PSG and suffered for it. He is a great natural center striker who is fast and good in the air… he woild have been perfect for us! Falcao was pretty deadly before his injury but his come back has started pretty well.

    the rest of the league must be hoping that the Arenal board and owner sign Wenger on for the rest of his life.

    • Welbeck been played out wide with united he likes to play up front center which is where we need him he will get a good run of games I can only see him getting better in out club as we play a game that will suit him so bout time us gunners got behind our team

  4. Are you out of your tiny little mind!? Man Utd already have Rooney and Van Persie and have STILL bought Falcao – and Arsenal have bought their 4th choice centre forward (Hernandez was also better and preferred to him before Falcao arrived) and your happy about that? Also, buying Falcao – how exactly would that have endangered us financially when we have £120,000,000 in the bank and a 35% jump in revenue streams this year?

    Honestly, this sort of stupid blind obedience to ANYTHING Wenger does is exactly why he’s got away with this sort of transfer and squad mismanagement for so long. Yes, he’s one of the best football managers about in terms of screwing the best out of what he’s got, but he’s also one of the worst at developing a title winning or challenging squad always preferring to try to save money and not addressing GLARING DEFICIENCIES – and I do mean shockingly obvious and dramatic holes in the first team squad.
    We currently have only 6 senior defenders, no world class holding midfielder and strikers that mid and low table teams wouldn’t necessarily want. For example – Swansea have Bony would they swap him for anyone we currently have ? Even if Giroud was fit? Maybe only Giroud, and that’s doubtful.

    Can’t understand it and I’m out of patience. Never said this before, but it’s DEFINATELY time to sack Wenger. Sad sad thing to say, but this was surely his last massive transfer window mismanagement ?

    • U will see when falcao is injured but still collecting his wages & welbeck runs the show at arsenal. You definitely got the better chance of it coming good than scum fans have.

      • We are talking about the same Danny Welbeck here, aren’t we?
        I think a lot of you are in for a big shock if you’re expecting him to be ‘running the show’.
        As a United fan, I find the media bigging him up as an inspired signing to be more than a bit bizarre. He’s a trier, certainly, and as a local lad has had a lot of good will from the fans that another player may not have been allowed. But the truth is he simply not good enough at doing what a striker should, and that is scoring goals. When Welbeck was in the team, it was always difficult to see where a goal was coming from. Its hard to explain, but you know when you just have that feeling when you see a players name on the teamsheet? Like you just know they arent really good enough despite all their efforts, and its more in hope than expectation that they will do something? Going into games against the likes of Chelsea and city and even Liverpool recently, its been hard to look at the team sheet and realise that its ging too take a miracle to score a goal. Now that’s not all down to Welbeck, as the rest of the team hasn’t been performing, but you can’t believe how much more confident of getting a result in these matches I will be feeling with a top striker like Falcao in there instead of Welbeck. Falcao is the sort of player who can win a match with a piece of magic – Wellbeck, I’m afraid, is not.

  5. Hahahahahaha hahahahahahah you gotta be kidding right? Yet another deluded arsenal fan thinking Welbeck is a better signing than falcao!?! Ha I actually think Welbeck will do ok at arsenal but c’mon take those rose tinted specs off. Falcao is world class end of

    • HAHAHAHA MANURE FANS!! WE GOT WELBECK!!! now that he is an Arsenal player, suddenly he is bad??? smh! OF COURSE he is a better striker than falcacao.BTW, falcacao is 29 yrs old and almost didnt pass his medical yesterday, problems with his knee. he is as injury prone as rvp. ON THE OTHER HAND, Welbeck is young, fit, fast, scores goals and is what Arsenal need now! Good business, Wenger, as usual! Like our boss said, we don’t rate a player by the amount of cash he costs but by his qualities as a footballer. Van gaal is turning out to be another maureenhoe at the EPL.

      • Take it from me, you’ll be tearing your hair out at Welbeck in a few months time. You say he ‘scores goals’, but if you’re expecting him to score more than around 10 a season, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. He’s a very frustrating player to watch, and has only been spared more criticism because he is a local lad and United fans tend to go easier on them.

        As for comparing him to Falcao, you only need to look at the stats:

        Falcao: App. 305 Goals 200.
        Welbeck: App. 178 Goals 37.

        Welbeck may be younger, but would you rather have 3-4 seasons from one of the best strikers in the world, or 10+ seasons of mediocrity? The fact that all United fans are absolutely buzzing about this deal tells its own story…..

    • Juan Mata is also world class. And he will be the man to re-ignite United’s season under their perfect choice new manager.

      Such is my understanding. I’ve been a bit busy since January but that’s what I kept hearing at the time so I assume it is still the case. Go Moyes!

  6. Well is better to have him than have none but what we crying for is a DM and a CB established ones. But arsene refuse to get them am very disappointed and not happy I wonder how we going to compete.

  7. @Paul, bit harsh using that stat as a number of those games were sub appearances and/or from out wide. He’s premiership proven and combines pace with an ability to withstand the attention that defenders in England dish out.

    He’s not falcao but if the reported wages are correct that deal makes very little sense aside from generating headlines.

  8. Look you guys can be happy about signing Welbeck all you want that’s fine but don’t attempt to say he’s better then Falcao. Falcao has come back this season and banged in 4 in 3 games, he’s back! Welbeck is an honest player, good work rate and has pace. But at the end of the day he’s a very average finisher. Arsenal need more then work rate and pace!

  9. Mourinho must be laughing his ass off. He bought, FABREGAS, COSTA and Remy as a back up – when he already had a much stronger and more rounded squad than us.

    4th will be an achievement this year, again. If we’re lucky.

  10. falcao was clinical in ligue 1 until his injury and cavanni was pushed aside because of ibra being the star of the team.. What you’re saying lacks football logic and knowledge and is just you being a blind arsenal fan.. welbeck is a good player, good with the ball at his feet and at hold up play and very quick… he makes a lot of runs off the ball but sometimes they are questionable. he also has a great work rate . But he doesn’t score goals.. he isn’t a prolific goalscorer and he never will be. he doesn’t have the ability to bend a shot in like sturridge or be a poacher like costa. Im not sure arsenal will make the top 4 this season. The play they should ahve signed was remy. half the price and a natural goalscorer.

    • Which one was at the World Cup? Why wasn’t falcao there? Injury prone past his best, you are fooled if u think he is the thing man utd needs right now. Arsenal should have snapped up remy tho, that sanago needs loaning out he isn’t ready

  11. Frankly speaking Arsene wenger prove himself as best coach as well as economics because was capable of understanding that wellback is far better important than falcao because falcao is 29 by age while welback is just 23 and undergone 3 consecutive surgical treatment which shows he can be flop while welback is well ok and he is free from all these defect disturbing falcao.

  12. “and knows where the goal is.”

    As someone who has watch Welbeck since he was in out youth team I can confirm he definitely does NOT know where the goal is,

    and his record of 20 in 90 perm games confirms this,

    Sorry Falco is clearly the player both Man Utd and Arsenal fans would have picked if you gave them the choice yesterday

  13. BBC we’re saying earlier that welbeck’s chance conversion rate last season was the same as sturridge’s which isn’t bad. He’s not a superstar signing but he is a sensible squad addition for whom there seems to be limited downside and good resale possibilities.

    Using a car analogy, we’ve just bought a golf while Man Utd have loaned up a classic ferrari. The Ferrari looks nicer and goes faster but it will cost a fortune on fuel, has a history on breaking down and they have to give it back at the end of the year. The golf is a good nippy car, not exactly exciting but more likely what we actually need.

    Stretching the analogy well beyond breaking point, we could have probably done with a pickup truck for the DM and a bus for the CD positions but that’s a separate argument (although one wonders why Nastatic (sp?) wasn’t pursued more vigorously, guessing there’s a reason).

    • Difference is Ferraris win Grand Prix – Golfs get you to Sainsburys.

      We’re trying to compete with Mercedes (Liverpool) Porche (Chelsea) and Aston Martin (Man City) in a poxy GOLF.

      Decent enough car, but won’t be winning us any Grand Prix.

      • Given the team nature of football I think you may be stretching the car analogy beyond what even I would consider its natural boundaries. Nonetheless, in response to your point, it is also necessary to consider what is in your garage to start with, as our main ride has just broken down and will be in the garage for 3 months, the one we have just imported from abroad seems to be very much left hand drive and we need to get used to it, while the other resembles a horse and cart. As such, having a reliable golf is probably a wise move. As the owner of a golf gti I’d also like to shoehorn in something about it keeping up with a Ferrari on a dark British B road in winter.

        Additionally, it really rather depends on whether you can afford to put fuel in the Ferrari and whether it breaks down or not. From your earlier comment you seem to be one of the “but we’ve got £100m in the bank brigade”. This rather falls down as an argument when one considers that 2 of our rivals have £100bn and also ignores financial realities such as cash flow covenants that may be present on the various loans we owe.

        We’re also in a very different position from Man Utd with regards to the this deal. Man Utd are out of Europe and desperately need to wave something to the world saying look we’re still here. The deal makes sense for them as it gives them a boost for a year at a cost that is extortionate but affordable with no additional long term fixed costs beyond the loan period. If it works brilliant, if not then it probably doesn’t make too much difference.

        Thinking this through I think both deals make sense for both parties I just think there’s more upside for arsenal as welbeck might come good and exceed expectations, falcao can only ever meet expectations.

        • Look, I’m not saying he’s crap. I’m just saying he won’t win us the league, or the champions league. Which we are constantly told is our ambition, correct?
          Do some reading, look into the financials. We have somewhere in the region of £105,000,000 available to us to spend after we have met all of our required payments to service debt and kept an agreed amount of cash reserve. That would still leave us making a substantial profit this year.

          So if we are serious about trying to win the league why are we going into the season with holes in the squad and no world class centre forward ?
          It’s just more of the “mend and make do” philosophy whilst charging the earth.

          Unacceptable to me. But I want to win, not be content with just scraping entry into a competition we currently have no hope of winning.

          • I have done some reading and the figure is widely quoted based on the annual accounts. What is not in the public domain is the contractual terms for the debt. Outside of football at least, these will usually be cashflow or EBITDA covenants. It wouldn’t surprise me if transfer fees are excluded from the calculation but wages most likely wouldn’t be. As such, falcao or cavani might just not be possible (not to mention the impact on Ozil and sanchez’s wage demands).

            Given arsenal aren’t likely to match the wages paid by state funded teams, who do you think they should have gone for as a superstar striker?

          • Or Madzukic – 17 million. Athletics could afford him and they have less than half our financial muscle….

          • We could afford 40 million and 180k a week for Suarez ….. And that was before three new deals and another years profits as well as over 30 million coming in from selling players (vermaelen 16 mil, 5.5 mil from FABREGAS sell on 11 mil from Vela etc etc …. Plus we have shifted a huge amount of dead wood off of our wage bill with the likes of Bendtner etc ….
            Plus the 120 + mil in cash “reserves”
            So I’m baffled why you think we couldn’t afford to spend 50 + million.
            Truth is Wenger has a bonus scheme based around profit made, and not trophies won. It’s disgraceful, but feel free to check it, it is TRUE.

          • Cavani…. ?
            Muller….. ?
            Higuan…. ?
            Balotelli even ?

            Frankly I wouldn’t have sold Van Persie in the first place.

    • i just dont like the fact that welbeck is from the united academy.those scum manu fans will be bragging about him if we do win the league or achieve something later on. someone said jackson matrinez. id go for him rather than welbeck. furthermore, welbeck is not even worth 16m. and we kind of funded manure for Falcao. “good business” boss

  14. Flcao is d best, welbek is good, I think falcao don’t want to play in champion s league any more, arsenal will be in top 4 not man untd.

  15. Flcao is d best, welbek is good, I think falcao don’t want to play in champion s league any more, arsenal will be in top 4 not man untd.

  16. Welbeck actually does not need to be a goal scorer – he needs to hold the ball up, and get the ball to Alexis and Ramsay.

    Having said that, Welbeck was #4 in the Premier League last year in Goals per 90 minutes, far ahead of anyone at Arsenal…

  17. Every season we keep on saying the same thing and we pay the highest ticket fee in England.As long as Arsene Wenger remains arsenal manager,the club’ll never attract any world class player.My advice is all gunners fans in England should stop going to the stadium to watch arsenal games if we really want him out if not arsenal fans blood pressure’ll be high

  18. Reasonable but not good signing. I have doubts about Falcao too but it doesnt mean Welback is good enough. He’s good for number 3 and have potential to be number 2.

    I think Wenger will mainly rely on Sanchez and Welbeck is the sub. No more Sanago.

    I always prefer Cavanni but now reus… anyway, its late so i hope Wenger got denfender….

  19. Falco @ Porto

    71 goals in 91 games

    Welbeck @ Manchester United

    20 goals in 90 games

    anyone you claims we got the better player we were in for is in denial

    WE JUST CANT SEEM TO ATTRACT WORD CLASS PLAYERS,,,, and man u with no champions league sign two of the top 10 players in the world and feed us their youngster who didn’t make the grade

    bring back david Dean

      • You analysis is like comparing an apple with a shoe. If you actually look into it. Falcon moved to Porto at the age of 23, same age as Welbeck. Before that he scored 20-25 league goals for RiverPlate. A far worse league. Welbeck has also played the majority of his games out of position! It’s a different player at different stages of his career. Would you compare Falcao to Welbeck when he’s turning 34 and Welbeck’s just 28?

        • That’s kind of the point ! We don’t want potential, we wanted ready made experienced world class striker who can make the difference for us us NOW. this very week, not in 4 or 5 years IF everything goes to plan and when he’s made all of his mistakes on our time costing us trophies. Jeeeees, it’s not rocket science. We are comparing who they are NOW. not who they may have been when they were inexperienced and leaving South America years ago.

  20. Sorry but welback is not the answer for us. Facts are that arsene, stan and ivan screwed us all. Some people cant see it. Our weakness is clear for everyone to see. No cb, no dcm, no striker. Wenger has lost it. Playing players out of position so he can play his favourite players. What a clown and you all fall for it. So far ozil, santi, Wilshire, arteta and even ramsey to a point have failed to deliver . none of them are lw or dcm yet they play there.what a joke. Wenger has to go

  21. Welbeck is a good buy. He is not a prolific goal scorer, but he can score goals. For a player to be in the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson team means he is an above average player. I have no doubt that Arsenal made a good choice, he will also succeed at Arsenal . But what Arsenal really need in the team to win any trophy this season are a holding midfielder and a center back. I don’t know why someone like me who is not a soccer coach can see clearly the deficiencies in Arsenal team, but Arsene Wenger can’t see. Is he waiting for January 2015 transfer window to decide? By that time it will be too late to challenge for any trophy left. For the the first time in many years I feel our fourth place finish is no longer guaranteed. Please God let it not be the case of “medicine after death”.

  22. By Arsenal’s standards it was an excellent transfer window. But once again, compared to the moves the other top teams are making, it’s disappointing.

    It’s been a few years since Wenger has taken a second tier player and turned him into a super star. Let’s hope Welbeck is one of those players.

  23. welbeck good deal for arsenal long term also wenger not responsible for everything that goes wrong at arsenal. except for the goal at leister when he shda subbed k for c and we wda got the 3 points

  24. For all those who are and have been harping on about falcao all transfer window here is a reality pill for you deluded folks and internet commando championship manager types. Falcao’s wages????? any idea ??? i bet you dont have a clue….well here is your answer…….http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/manchester-united/11068678/Radamel-Falcao-to-earn-265000-per-week-as-Manchester-United-pay-24-million-for-season-long-loan.html

    and where and how the hell is Arsenal FC supposed to be able to pay £350k a week wages to anyone???? pls do tell.

  25. I think you lots here including the writer are idiotic wengers agents. All yu do now is trying to console urselves to Welbeck, when its so obvious (even to a blind person) that better signings could taken place. Congrats on signing Welbeck, deluded arsenal fans!

  26. Welcome to Arsenal Welbeck. He is a good buy & believed he can contribute to the team significantly. Of course,he is a much better player to Sanogo as Sanago still needs about 1 to 2 season,before becoming an established player.
    Arsene,you make the right move & cheers

  27. So sick of so called Arsenal fans bitching and moaning all thinking they know best. Couple of seasons ago the majority of fans were saying Ramsey was toilet. When Giroud came saying he wasnt world class, BFG joined the was way too slow. Always quick to make opions and judgments and slow to learn from past mistakes. Personaly i am optimistic about Welbeck. He could be what Sturrage has been for Liverpool after being written off by so many. Yes i agree we lacking in certain areas but looking at the squad we have compaired to last season it is still way better. We have what we have so i will be what i have always been… A Fan of Arsenal FC.

  28. I think some Arsenal fans either do not fully read articles or do not make any analysis of the articles. This article was comparing Falcao and Welbeck in different aspects so as to establish whether Arsenal had gained or lost by signing one and not the other. The writer gives a convincing case of why he thinks Welbeck is the better buy. Has he given a true picture or distorted facts? Is it true that Falcao has undergone three surgeries recently? If the answer is true then what wrong has the writer done? Remember here is a team like Arsenal whose major undoing is always injuries. Would you want to add another injury prone striker to your squad? The answer logically is no. How can anyone label Welbeck those unsavoury names when the fellow has been a member of Alex Ferguson’s team and was a present member of the England team at the world cup? At 23 a player can go on to achieve great things more so when he has a good manager like Arsene Wenger. Thierry Henry, Van Persie and Fabregas were all nothing but Wenger turned them into world class players. Why can’t he do the same with Dan Welbeck? He already has the raw attributes of pace, power and physique and with a little more polishing Welbeck can become one of the top strikers in the premier league. His colleague Daniel Sturridge was not regarded as anything until his move to Liverpool. Let all true Gunners give Welbeck a big welcome and a chance to fulfill his career.

    • Guy shut up! You are among the deluded arsenal fans. Group of sadist. How far did England team reach at the 2014 world cup? Loic Remy would have been gotten with half of the £16 million before Chelsea snapped him. Get this into your head with Chelsea new acquisition of the following confirmed players (Diego Costa + Drogba + Loic Remy + Fabregas with Courtois as their Goal keeper, Petr Chek as (sub) = They are Premier League Champions

    • Words from a true Gunner: Wenger is a confused man,age is affecting his ways of reasoning,other clubs make provision for a new player before a player is been sold,coaches identify the weakness of their teams on the previous season and go for it when the transfer season starts, but Wenger case is different.My grandma even knew that Arsenal needed a CB,DM,and a potential STRIKER but what happened, the same mistake, the same old story every season.Wenger and Arsenal board will promise the fans heaven and earth but at the end nothing will happened.Wenger is truly a specialist in FAILURE.I can see another trophy-less of nine years looming around. I rest my case.

  29. This was the reason Mourinho makes jest of your soccer technical inability as a coach. Arsene Wenger doesn’t really know what he wants. Old fool!

  30. This article is a good way to cover ones emotions on losing Falcao!
    Falcao at any given time is better than Welbeck accept the age difference. But as you know age is just a number.
    Man United were faster and have found a better replacement for Van Persie than Arsenal ever did. Not to remind you that Welbeck is the only player in Arsenal with a PL medal. Well hope that brings you luck even if nothing else.

  31. At 18m wages for one year then 6m loan fee il lol yer that’s to much smell likes panic loan as for Welbeck seem likes typical Wenger buy he is quick good with the ball should fit nice can only see him getting better and better as he be played where he wants up front

  32. your stupid comparison seems to suggest that welbeck is better than cavani but because he was played on the sides behind the likes of van and Rooney. well let’s remember that cavani was also played on the side and still produced more goals than welbeck produced in 3 years. style up you blindly obedient fools

  33. I have never understood the merits of welbeck tall and gangly but not that good in the air, runs about a lot but no acceleration burst capability and not a natural nose for goal. He is a good squad rotator or back up. But he needed a greedy selfish Ian weight type striker a decent keeper and a class centre back but the foot bought another attacking midfielder who is class but he had all that catered for already. He is strange is wenger. He has a fetish for buying midfielders that he can’t all play and even welbeck acted as a left midfielder sub with utd. Didn’t need Sanchez with ox coming through and Walcott coming back. Needed a 30m plus classic striker like Costa instead of Sanchez who was 35m I think plus 16m for rubbish welbeck wow! Could have bought a serious striker for that. Why not balotelli ffs? He was 16m and way better than welbeck

  34. I think welbeck will score a decent amount only because his chances if getting supplied by a talented attacking midfield ozil cazorla Ramsey Wilshire Sanchez Walcott etc in couple of weeks but I think even I would score 15 goals a season with the chances created for me and I’m 43 and a surveyor. Welbeck will get goals but he is not a hungry natural finisher and never will be. Providing diaby stays injury free he is best holding midfielder and box to box of the lot. What’s his current niggle? Hernandez would have been ideal instead of the gangly lazy welbeck. Balotelli there was talk of an arsenal connection for months with him and Remy. I can’t understand this mismanagement to buy him at last min when all the others slipped through his fingers. I don’t rate welbeck at all but he will be lucky with the chances they create for him. Some strikers feed off half a chance all match and get goals welbeck will get 10+ but will squander most of them. No killer instinct

  35. Talk About whinge whinge whinge lol arsenal fans .the advert comes to mind ,it sounds like a golf ,but it’s not .daddy long legs welbeck tries his hardest puts in the graft ,but just wasn’t good enough for Man U,in the places he played.wenger might try something different with him .he has pace ,strong,passes a good ball and tries .good grafter .and I’ve watched him since he was young .good luck to him,he will serve you well. Oh and my bets going on today R,falcao to be top scorer this year ,worth a pony. Man U will score plenty of goals,but shitty defence will also ship a good few,as long as the scousers slip up again ill be happy 3rd 4th.ps hate these crappy England interrupting matches

  36. You may be right in your approach towards Welbeck’s move but I don’t completely agree with what you state about Falcao. This guy is a goal machine, as evident from a host of mind boggling stats and is someone who guarantees you at least 10-15 goals a season. Even a severe injury couldn’t keep him away from scoring 11 times in 20 appearances for Monaco. He’s physically fit to give defenders a hard time even to burly defenders and he seems to be tailor made for the Premier League. Even if he gets injured, he’ll surely give us around 10-15 goals.

  37. Seriously, some of the Arsenal fans are really really pissing me off with their attitude over signing Welbeck. We have some plastic fans out there after all! This signing totally makes sense. Why would you want to sign Falcao at 29 just coming back from knee surgery, and costing you 24 million for a season long loan? A player that hasn’t played a single game in the premier league. A stupid waste of money that would be. If there was a player available at 24 or 30 mill for a 5 year contract then maybe so, but there wasnt, and we have knicked Danny Welbeck from united at 16 million for 5 years. Thats a brillant move by wenger! And he will now play the position he has wanted to and never got the chance. He is only 23 and heres one for you doubters. He was subbed most of last season. And didn’t play as much as these strikers. But welbeck, had the 4th best conversion rate for scoring goals last season, only behind Aguero, Suarez, and Sturridge. And playing in a crap united side. Now imagine what he is capable of with Ramsey, Özil, Cazorla, Sanchez, Walcott and co all linking up with him! Think about a front 3 of Walcott, Welbeck, and Alexis! Pace power and goals galore, and the oldest of them is only 25! Them 3 being fed by Özil, Cazorla etc.. Ramsey scoring goals. The future is bright. The future is red and white!

  38. You are calculating the loan and wages of the new boy at utd a proven goal scorer. Saying it will cost 24m. But welbeck will cost 16m PLUS his wages too so I’m sure it will cost around the same . To think they could have got balotelli for same prise even Hernandez or Remy all would have been better than welbeck but welbeck will look better than what he really is because of the service he would get. I reckon I would get at least 15 goals a season with that midfield feeding me . Welbeck is absolute rubbish!

  39. I applaud Wenger for continuing to do what he promised, and that was to eventually develop a core group of English players at the club. Welbeck is a very good player and under the tutelage of Wenger will have the opportunity to enhance his skills more. There is no doubt that Falcao does indeed present a significant goal scoring upgrade for United, but he’s heading towards 30 years old and has had significant injuries that may surface again in a very combative and physically tough league. There is also the question of the amount of money that United have splashed out for a player on loan. Even the money men at Manchester City baulked at £280,000 week.
    I am also confused about what United’s plans are. So far LVG has been described as a tactical genius, but he’s displayed little of that so far although we are only 3 games into a new season. The players that have arrived seem to suggest United will be overloaded on the left side. Luke Shaw is a prospect but whether he’ll be a success is somewhat questionable under a LVG regime. There is doubts emerging as to whether LVG sanctioned his purchase, and I that may also be the same of Herrera. I read somewhere that Daley Blind said he may not have the physical game for the Premiership, and had welcomed a bid from Barcelona which did not materialise. Rojo, I know little about however he’s an Argentinian defender and they’re not known for being credible. RVPs career is now on the decline and injuries will catch up with him. Rooney, is just Rooney….rather overrated, now 28 and seemingly more interested in building up his bank account. And finally, Di Maria… Very disappointing World Cup, yet a man of the match performance in the champion league final. Does he look the type of player that will shine in the Premier league? Only time will tell, but he does look frail….which was a concern about him 3 or 4 years ago when English clubs had a look at him prior to his move to Real Madrid.
    For me, this United side look patched together at great expense. There seems to have been little thought in piecing together a squad to get back in the top 4 and the champions league. When you look at the other top sides like Chelsea, City and Liverpool you see a solid spine throughout the team, combined with a talisman like figure to hold it altogether and drive forward. United had the class of 92 and Cantona with Keane. Fergie was the right man at the held and could seemingly get the best out of some lesser talents. I wouldn’t say he was a brilliant coach, but he knew how to manage players. LVG, does have a solid background in the game but I can’t help feel that he may be to United what Capello was to the England side.

    • “Rojo, I know little about however he’s an Argentinian defender and they’re not known for being credible. ”

      I don’t have any football knowledge outside AFC so i use baseless racial stereo types

      Argentina DF, like ayala, and hienze who played for man u, peg and real madrid , but they are not credible,

      Your in such denial just like arsen wanker,

      • In response to Steven, who quite obviously possesses very little in terms of cognitive brain matter between his ears….. I merely stated an opinion when I described Argentinian defenders as lacking credibility. To prove my case, Steven mentions Ayala and Heinze. Hardly qualifies as a compendium of brilliant defenders…. And typical of today’s society, any criticism is met with the usual “racial stereotyping” comment. I wasn’t aware saying that I don’t rate Argentinian defenders, would place me in the same category as a certain former LA Clippers owner…..that’s a basketball team for those with little or NO knowledge of sports….like Steven.
        Finally to both Steven and John who seems to struggle in spelling his name….it is a widely known fact that the use of derogative language like arsehole or wanker indicates the user has a rather limited vocabulary. So we’ll done boys, your replies show your both apparently limited in the cognitive functionality dept.

  40. Love arsenal fans and their naive justifications. Dont worry. Danny will win Fa cup for you again and that’s all you’ll ever win.

  41. because this wasn’t an unbiased article….=/ Falcao is world class lets be honest pretty sure if you’d heard falcao was on his way to arsenal you’d be thinking we be up for the league?! and you wouldn’t be wrong yes thats right we be certain title chasers with falcao in our team…. now united will threaten us for top 4…. man they may even challenge for the title because they have so little games and soo many world class players i imagine di maria will supply falcao like duck to a waters back….every arsenal fan in the world knew what we needed and if it wasn’t going to be falcao it should have at least been remy NOT DANNY WELLBECK.

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