Can Arsenal Beat The Top Teams Anymore? Does Arsene Need To Go?

Last season, our away days against the big sides was embarrassing and difficult to watch. Going to Stamford Bridge, The Etihad Stadium and Anfield was an experience and games we really wanted to forget. And even at Old Trafford, we only lost 1-0 but it was against the worst Manchester United team we’ve seen in the last 20 years – and Wes Brown and John O’Shea aren’t there anymore.

So onto Saturday’s game against Chelsea. We did well but that’s all we were – good. We weren’t excellent, fantastic or brilliant – things you need to be when travelling to one of the Top 6 sides. Against a lower team we probably could have got something with that performance, but against Chelsea, no chance.

So what is the problem?

It’s a strange one because it seems like a recent problem. Back in the “glory years”, we’d go to Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham and turn them over. And even stranger still, in our barren spell when we had players like Fabregas, Van Persie, Narsi and Adebayor we still managed to beat the bigger teams. We even beat Chelsea 5-3 at Stamford Bridge only a couple of seasons ago.

Now however, we just can’t do it.

And I have no idea what the answer is, do you?

Is it our tactics? Is it our formation? Is it the quality of our players? The problem is becoming so endemic that it’s almost impossible to pinpoint what exactly is stopping us from going to a big side and taking points off them.

Out next “big” away day comes on December 20th, when we travel to Anfield, another place where we got humiliated last season. So can Arsenal go there and get a victory?

I guess only time will tell.


8 thoughts on “Can Arsenal Beat The Top Teams Anymore? Does Arsene Need To Go?

  1. It is very clear what the problem is:
    AW has not managed to keep pace with modern football in many respects:
    1. His brand of football cannot compete with current brands
    2. Arsenal players are too average and weak, they have no stamina to match most of EPL players
    3. Type of players AW buyers are the type who fit into 1 and 2 above. He ignores all those who are aggressive and top class
    4. AW has overstayed, it is time to change…he is too big headed to listen to others advice!

  2. Wenger’s the problem. He keeps playing Ozil on the wing. Against Chelsea, he should have played Ozil behind Welbeck and Ox inplace of Santi. So stubborn

  3. it is painful watching cesc playing fo jose a.wenger lost the plot he needs to go.i thought the way we celebrated the fa cup as though we wn the c.league shame.i knew he wil buy no players.he only bought or replaced only one sanchez.him in charge no more p.league no chance in c.league only aa haa ooo.ha ooo

  4. Wenger has overstayed his time as a manager,he has lost the mentality of winning big teams and trophies,wenger OUT!!!

  5. Seriously admin Liverpool a top 4team. they had a good run last season and don’t tell me jack about suarez because he didn’t just sign for them last season and there record against us is piss poor .and we did beat them last season and our record against city isn’t bad either there are only 2 teams that give us some problems Chelsea and man United so it really comes back to Chelsea the stats tell the reason why we can’t get awin at Chelsea. we had more atempts blocked more corners more shots off target. the only stat that they beat us on are shots on target and fouls so the magic answer that seems top be evading all aw haters is. wait for it ….. they park the bus. so the best any team can hope for is a draw and for f***ssake don’t tell me we haven’t drawn at stamford bridge !

  6. Wenger has to go , too stubborn to change.
    The team balance is wrong
    Compared to Chelasea and Mancity there is a big gap in quality.
    When you are satisfied as Wenger is to finish 4th , you can not expect to win major trophies.
    We have been lacking a world defensive midfielder For 3 years.
    If Giroud did not get injured when he did, we would be relying on Sanogo now, really?!
    Wenger is finished. He has lost the plot. He is old and he can not adapt and see what his team needs.
    I was calling for hiring Guardiola last year when he available, let’s Klopp or even Martinez would be better.

  7. i said six years a go this team will nothing .unless he buys two world class d.midfielders one world class striker and at least one defender.remember we had cesc ,robin and nasri. then so far a fluke fa cup otherways i was spot on.why arsene we trust dont see that he has to go enough is enough.chelsea knew they just need to turn up and thats it no match.there was no fight nothing.


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