Emiliano Martinez Is Better Than Wojciech Szczesny

Arsenal have played two tough games in the space of four days and we’ve managed to keep two clean sheets.

We played Borussia Dortmund at home in the Champions League, and West Brom away.

When Arsene were 1-0 up midweek, Martinez made an excellent save to deny Dortmund an equaliser. And today, he was excellent today.

Confident and assured, the young goalkeeper started in the Champions League on Wednesday and made his Premier League debut today and kept two clean sheets.

In comparison, Szczesny has played 15 games in the league this season and only kept 3 clean sheets.

With Szczesny in goal there’s always a feeling that we can concede a facial goal and the same thing happened again when we played Manchester United. For their first goal, the whole situation was “typical Arsenal” as Gibbs collided into Szczesny. Szczesny has improved over the last few years and that is not in any doubt, but for some reason we seem shaky at the back – is it because the defence don’t have confidence in him?

In contrast, we defended really well as a unit on Wednesday and today and it is no coincidence that Martinez is on the pitch. The 22 year old Argentinian is a confident goalkeeper who is decisive and makes the right decisions. Szczesny on the other hand is capable of making stupid mistakes and losing his head.

Szczesny is going to be out for at least a couple of weeks and Arsene Wenger should really consider keeping Emiliano Martinez as first choice for now, and giving him a proper run in the team.


8 thoughts on “Emiliano Martinez Is Better Than Wojciech Szczesny

  1. Loll.. perhaps he most simplistic and stupid atticle I have read.. and that’s saying something.. not a troll and don’t mean to be rude but it is a seriously flawed argument

  2. Always expected David Ospina to overtake Szczesny as #1 this season, so his injury is very unfortunate. Hope Martinez maintains his form, still don’t have much faith in our defence seeing us through games these days, but thank god we have Koscielny back. Fingers crossed both he and Mertesacker stay fit until January – when Wenger will obviously do great business with a centre back and defensive midfielder coming in….right? 😉

  3. I would’nt hold my breath waiting for signings in Jan window.If it is true the board have given arsene £20 million to spend then we won’t get any quality players for that amount..In order to be the best we have to buy the best and £20 mil will clearly not be enough.

  4. Well we have a winner for most pointless blog of the day. How can you judge Martinez at all? He made 1 good save against Dortmund and was barely called into action today. And that’s enough to warrant this article being written?! Pointless and hugely flawed argument based on an opinion conjured up 180 minutes of game time.

  5. i think any time szczesny keeps,they is always bad luck 4 arsenal.he is better than martinez,but wenger should stick with d luck.i know d old man will still go with szczesnY.


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