Was “That” Banner At West Brom Out Of Order?

We all have our opinions on Arsene Wenger and Arsenal, and I’m torn between want him to leave and wanting him to stay.

He is a great man, who has done great things. On the flip side however, he is stubborn and it seems as if he refuses to see the teams failings and refuses to address them. We’ve struggled defensively this season and Arsenal have suffered for it. Arsenal were in 8th place last week, but after wins against Borussia Dortmund and West Brom, we (briefly) sat in 4th place.

Funny how football changes so quickly isn’t it?

So when the banner was show at the West Brom game, it caused quite a stir.

In all honesty, I’m not sure what to make of it.

It’s one thing to express and opinion online, but banners are a different story. It brings the issue to the mainstream media which in a way, is probably the whole point.

My problem is that the press are going to paint these Arsenal fans as ungrateful idiots, which is an unfair picture. Arsenal fans know more than most about their own football club and we all know the failings of Arsene Wenger and the board.

I just hope this move doesn’t come to bite us in the Arsenal.


8 thoughts on “Was “That” Banner At West Brom Out Of Order?

  1. Bonaroca:- We have to be fair to Mr Wenger, to be honest in his 18 year he has changed how soccer should be played at all levels of the game, but that does not mean he can’t make mistakes. Obviously, he was the man who produced “the Invinsibles”, more or less was behind all the first class facilities Arsenal possess today..
    Unfortunately, the manager has that streak were he is strong headed and still thinks that what he produced playwise since he joined Arsenal is still the same.
    Mr Wenger should realise that time have changed and other teams have learnt much from him and have also improved his systems of play he introduced.
    To be honest I would like to see Mr Wenger transfer his charge to some up and coming younger Manager and for him to be the Director of Football and on the board so as to guide those shareholders, because he is aware that at the end of the day it is the Arsenal Supporters who indirectly keep the club going and not the shareholders who are more interested what their dividends are going to be at the end of every season.

  2. It is not an unfair picture, ‘we’ are ungrateful idiots with a slim understanding of our manager and the difficulties involved in re-building a team to challenge for the top prizes. Wenger has always resisted buying players to make up the numbers. For a while we were shopping in Lidl so we had players who were not up to it but now the money is there so only players who are good enough will do. Who would you buy in defence? Now look at that list and see which teams we could outbid in fee and wages because every team is looking for defenders. The same with defensive midfielders. Once you’ve bought the players, who will you drop or sell, Ramsey, Wilshere, Mertesacker? ‘We’ are turkeys looking forward to Christmas. We’ll look long and hard to find someone as good as Wenger with Arsenal in his DNA

  3. Whether we like it or not, the fans have respected Wenger enough to bear with him all these while. Time has come for a change and if the board refuses to change the coach, circumstances will bring the change will crave for. What the fans wanted is simple as it comes, buy quality in each department of the game and use them in their natural position. When you sell, buy a quality replacement and always learn from your mistakes. Mr Wenger has been using the same tactics for more than twenty years and it has not fetch us anything except FA cup. We demand for more and that’s what we want.

  4. No, it was out of order to provide the Arsenal fans with an unbalanced and fragile squad yet again. You can’t blame Arsenal fans for being disillusioned and upset when they have to watch Nacho Monreal playing at centre back and Yaya Sanogo falling over the ball and looking less likely to score on a regular basis than a blind one-legged chimp, while paying the highest ticket prices in world football. We’ve been patient for long enough since the Emirates Stadium move, while being told two different stories (the board’s “we have substantial funds available” while Wenger paints a different story of needing to sell star players and buying bargain basement players while we pay stadium costs) – in the last couple of years we’ve seen more money spent but still have to witness players constantly being played out of position and players clearly out of their depth (that would struggle to get into mid-table sides) given chance after chance to (fail to) impress.

    Some of the media seem confused over what Arsenal fans expect. I don’t see any over-expectant Arsenal fans, demanding we win the Premiership and Champions League. We realise it’s tough to win the league since Chelsea and Man City have sugar daddies, but we should at least be challenging for titles and/or have a squad that’s at least realistically capable of doing so. When other title challengers fail to deliver, which has happened regularly in past seasons, we’ve never put ourselves in a position to benefit.

    How any manager (let alone one of the highest paid managers in world football) could think going into a season with 2 natural centre backs is a good idea, is beyond me. All this “we’re on the lookout if the right player is available” nonsense from Wenger is unacceptable. Vidal or Pogba might be out of reach, but there’s 100 players in Europe well within our reach that would be an improvement on Arteta and Flamini. Sure, some clubs will inflate the transfer fees when they are aware of interest from Arsenal (ie Schneiderlin), but I refuse to believe there was not one viable option for a new defensive midfielder.

  5. I’m scared of Arsene Wenger leaving Arsenal for now. Not because there are no better options,but I’m very convinced the board and management are much more clueless than Wenger. Any club management that knows what they’re doing wouldn’t let Wenger continue to get away with such negligence as going into a season without defensive cover. If Wenger has a plan,they back it, if he doesn’t,they keep quiet. That tells you all you need to know. This board probably doesn’t even have a clue of possible replacements should Wenger leave.

  6. Arsenal has a reputation of doing things with class.

    What the fans did on Saturday was classless. Simple as!

    I really don’t care if you love AW or hate him, you are all entitled to your own opinions, as am I, but if you love Arsenal, empty statements of disrespect do nothing to for the club’s or the fans image.

    • What exactly was disrespectful in saying “Thanks for the memories”? Did the banner say “fuck off you clueless & inept manager?”


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