Why Messi Or Ronaldo Should Never Win The Ballon d’Or Again

There’s no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the worlds best players, and have been for the last few years. Both are mercurial talents whose level of consistency are unbelievable – Messi once scored 94 goals in a calendar year, and this season alone Cristiano has a quite simply ridiculous 18 goals in 10 La Liga games already this season.

In terms of performing at the highest level, they seem to have no equals.

But are we blinded by the numbers? Should the Ballon d’Or go to someone else?

For so long, it seems that the prize only has two possible winners – Messi or Ronaldo. No matter what any other player in the world does, they don’t even come close to winning it.

And is that right?

Ronaldo is 29 years old and Messi is 27. Since 2008 the Ballon d’Or (or FIFA World Player of the Year pre-2010) has gone to one of those two players, and if the current trend continues, then it will be the same old story for the next 5/6 years.

They have already won 6 awards between them.

Have people become lazy in crowning Messi or Ronaldo as the world’s best? Have we all got caught up in the mass hysteria and hype that we can’t even see who else deserves the prize?

In the 1990’s, the winners of the Ballon d’Or (well, FIFA World Player of the Year Award pre-2010) included Lothar Matthaus, Marco Van Basten, Roberto Baggio, Romario, George Weah, Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane and Rivaldo – a wonderful selection of talent.

Then in the 2000’s we had Luis Figo, Ronaldo and Zidane again, Ronaldinho, and Kaka. Ever since then, it’s been the Ronaldo/Messi show.

They are talking about whether it will be Messi or Ronaldo this year but the fact is it’s all become a bit of a joke now. We get they’re exceptional players but surely there must be another professional footballer worthy of the prize?

We all know that nowadays it’s all about money which comes from marketability of Messi and Ronaldo – and with the “allegations” of corruption within FIFA it doesn’t surprise me that it’s always between Messi and Ronaldo. It suits their narrative and FIFA are guilty of not trying to diversify their candidates and push someone else for the prize.

We’re so obsessed with records and these guys are breaking them as the weeks and months go by – but isn’t football about more than that? Players like Zidane, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Van Basten were just magical players – players who could light up a game with a single moment of brilliance. Have we become too focused on statistics?

But you may ask who else should even be considered to be the best player in the world over the last few years?

There are several players who have given more than a few magical moments over the last 6/7 years. How about Zlatan Ibrahimovic? Surely in the last decade he’s been deserving of a Ballon d’Or or FIFA World Player of the Year Award? He’s won a ridiculous amount of domestic titles in Italy, Spain, France and Holland. I won’t bother listing the amount of trophies he’s won or the individual awards he’s accumulated, but for someone of his talent not to even be considered for the award is crazy.

Even last year, Franck Ribery won the treble but still didn’t win the award. I cannot profess to know much about Germany football and readily admit that don’t manage to watch much of Ribery but I’m assuming he was a big part of their successes.

And I’m sure many of you reading this have a better knowledge of European and World football, and can name a string of players who could be classed as World Class footballers.

We all know that either Messi or Ronaldo will win the award again this year (and it’ll be Ronaldo in my opinion) but isn’t it time we gave it to someone else?

There’s such a thing as overkill and this is it tenfold.


9 thoughts on “Why Messi Or Ronaldo Should Never Win The Ballon d’Or Again

  1. Too bloody right! Boring as hell and then you get grown men falling into the Ronaldo or Messi camp and fighting each other. In my opinion, the Ballon D’or should actually only be won once by an individual.

  2. Yes but its an individual award for players and they(messi/ronaldo) are simply put the best. It will be and should be either of them. If I was a top player and won the award based on your logic that ” we can’t give it to messi or ronaldo anymore’ I would be insulted and wouldn’t accept it. Im sure the players would be the same. The award goes to the best that year. The very best and nothing but the best. Until someone can reach their level and justifiably beat it, not because we feel it should be shared around , but until someone can justifiably beat them then it will and should be messi/ronaldo. if Ibrahimovich accepted the award knowing messi and ronaldo were better than him I think he would be embaressed on stage and judging by him he would probably make reference to it in a speech. If messi’s the best for the next 243 years then give it to him for the next 243 years

  3. The Writer Is Very Very Correct.We Tired Of Mess/ronaldo Rotations Every Year.Ribery Deserved It In 2013,yet It Was Given Ronaldo.I Hope And Pray Neuer Win It Dis Year,just 2 Break Dia Duopoly..

  4. Wow, this really is a dumb article, are you really proposing that they not be given the ballon d’or if they are the best players in the world. If you don’t think they are, then you should try making that argument. The fact that they have stayed as the best players in the world for so long adds to their achievement, it doesn’t detract from them because you find it boring. You’ve shown from the previous players who won it, how absolutely difficult it is to stay at that top top level, so really it’s quite amazing that they keep doing it. Just maintaining that peak level of fitness is an amazing achievement in itself let alone scoring the unbelievable amount of goals they do

  5. Unfortunately you cannot stop a CR7 underwear loving national team captain from voting for him. It’s not only about football anymore. There is need to set a new voting process or criteria.

  6. There were times wen Messi won the award and didnt truely deserve it really,like in 2010….he was not the stand out player that year,it was a world cup year and the stand out player in club football was Wesley snijder,he was also one of the best at the world cup loosing out to eventual winners spain in the finals after extra time.Messi was poor at the world cup as well,very poor infact but he eventually won the Ballon d’or.wats even annoyin was the fact dat Wesley Snijder did not make the final short list.so yes i dont think its purely based on their abilities that they get nominated or win it,its based marketability and its not the way it should be.

  7. this is really dumb,except the one given to Messi yr 2010,they’ve been deserving of every single one,who ever plays better than them should get the award and i am yet to see such a player,boring yes but is there anyone worthy of that award yet?if i were to be given an award b/cos it is boring always giving it to 2 individuals and not b/cos i deserved it,i’ld feel insulted and d award would then be a joke.

  8. WHY are we justifying that Ronado or Messi should not be awarded because they have received this award in the last six years. Both players are world class and have proved their consistent ability over and again. Considering the concluded year “2014” I would suggest that Christiano deserves it-for his outstanding performance and acheivement

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