Would You Have Thierry Henry Back As Arsenal Manager?

Thierry Henry has left New York Red Bulls and has been touted to be making a return to Arsenal. If he does return, it’s most likely to be as part of the coaching staff, rather than as a player obviously.

But would you have Thierry Henry back as Arsenal manager? What if Thierry Henry returned as a coach for a few years and Arsene Wenger groomed him as a future Arsenal manager?

Could Thierry take us to the next level? Or would he be an Arsene Wenger MKII?

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4 thoughts on “Would You Have Thierry Henry Back As Arsenal Manager?

  1. henry has unfinished busines with arsenal as a player. Just the other day he regreted losing to barca in the 06 uefa champs finals. First give him a playing role and may be he can win the cup with arsenal come may next yr. Welcom hom son


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