I Bet Manchester United Fans Feel Pretty Stupid Now!

After the transfer deadline in September I boldly posted on this blog that Falcao will flop at Manchester United, and Welbeck will be a success at Arsenal. What followed was a lot of abusive comments – those in the United camp taking the piss, telling me that I was having a laugh, and those in the Arsenal camp who lambasted Arsene Wenger for signing a Manchester United reject and missing out on the Columbian striker.

Well in the end the United fans were right, I am having a laugh, a laugh at them!

As it stands, Danny Welbeck has proved to be a major asset to Arsenal, scoring some important goals and despite having competition from Olivier Giroud and Alexis Sanchez, he’s managed to score 7 goals, including 3 in Europe in 4 games.

Radamel Falcao on the other hand has scored 3 goals.

A “world class” striker, who was coveted by the biggest teams in world football, has scored 3 goals this season.

Please wait a moment while I go into the corner and piss my pants.

I made the point that Falcao will struggle with injuries and that has proven to be the case. The guy had 3 major surgeries in his career and Arsene Wenger knows all this. Yes, on his day he is a very special player but Arsene knows more about him that we ever will and that’s why he went for Welbeck, who is a far better investment and someone who can give us something in the long term. Falcao is a mercenary, plain and simple.

And now Falcao’s agent has said he may leave at the end of the season.

Well there’s a surprise…

Anyway, let me leave you with a joke tweet I posted and which was retweeted over two thousand times by gullible United fans:


14 thoughts on “I Bet Manchester United Fans Feel Pretty Stupid Now!

  1. Gullible United fans, this coming from a gunners fan who has seen his team win 1 trophy in 11 years while being asked to pay the dearest ticket prices in the world,talk about gullible.

    • If your going to insult the team you need to get the insults right it’s 3 in 11 years.
      By the way we have won a trophy more recently than man u and barren spells happen to all teams your last one lead to a relegation and 25 years between league wins.
      Now I am not having a go I am just stating facts.

  2. k on, I guess you are so dizzy. From disappointment you can’t even count anymore. About 9 years before our 2014 cup win, Arsenal beat your lot to win the FA cup, after performing the unbeaten feat to win the league a year earlier. 11 years indeed, for a club that has won, at least one trophy, every decade since first winning a trophy.

    • Not all goals have the same importance 5 goal in a 5-0 win the win goal in a tight game more important.
      But he didn’t say Falco did not score important goals he just said Wellbeck has.

  3. Disapointed is entering the champions league when even this year Man Utd have as much chance of winning it as Arsenal and there not even in it. Liverpool5 Man Utd3 Chelsea1 you do the rest.

  4. Easy there Nostradamus…anyone that has any understanding of his injury would have bet that Falcao would struggle to recapture his form in the first half of the season. ManU would have been happy for Wellbeck to stay but he wanted to play in a central position. Ooops, looks like he will be stuck wide because he is not a natural finisher. He just isn’t!!

  5. man u fans pls jst addmit welbeck is a sucess to arsenal this season n falcao is not u knw am hpy for the boy cos he was insulted by united coach that he is not a world class n falcao is so who is the fool n waste 20 million pounds striker at the age of 29 with 3 goals or a 23 year striker that cost 16 million pounds that have scored 7goals oops pls rethink ok.


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