Can Arsenal Go On A Run And Win The Premier League?

As it stands, Arsenal are 8 points behind the leaders Leicester City with 9 games remaining. In terms of the title race, and with Leicester in excellent form, it would take a minor miracle for Arsenal to pip them to the Premier League title.

But can Arsenal do it? And what do Arsenal need?

Essentially, Arsenal will need to win 8 out of the 9 games to stand a chance of Premier League glory. And that means going on another winning streak – which Arsenal have done before.

We have a lot of tough fixtures coming up, and our remaining games are:

  • West Brom (H)
  • Everton (A)
  • Watford (H)
  • West Ham (A)
  • Crystal Palace (H)
  • Sunderland (A)
  • Norwich City (H)
  • Manchester City (A)
  • Aston Villa (H)

It’s an old cliche (but a correct one) that there are no easy games in the Premier League. But for me, there are 3 games in particular which will prove to be very difficult, which are the Everton, West Ham and Manchester City matches – all away.

Can we go on a winning run? Of course we can but whether we do is another question. It’s not out of the realms of possibility but it would take an extraordinary effort from the team to pull it off. We need to make up 8 points on a team which is in form and full of confidence.

And even if we did win our last 9 games, there’s still no guarantee we would win the title.

So do you think Arsenal can still win the league? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


2 thoughts on “Can Arsenal Go On A Run And Win The Premier League?

  1. Unfortunatley arsenal aren’t the best team in the premiership…they lack a leader & some of there players don,t perform on a consistant basis..there complacentcy has been there downfall ,thinking they have a devine right with other big teams faultering & spurs and leicester to compete with that they will breeze the title.,…wenger bangs on about doing the double over leicester & yet leicester had to play virtually the whole 2nd with ten men & snatched it in the 95th minute…i think arsenal will get champions league,but the way west ham are winning nothing is guarenteed…Wenger is a great manager,but he,s come across desperate & blaming everything apart from his players.

  2. From a Leicester fan, good luck to the Arsenal. It’s going to be a fantastic finale to an entertaining season. 27 points to play for, anything can happen. Best of luck and thanks for bringing fantastic atmosphere to the King Power.


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