Vote Here! Can Theo Walcott Fire Arsenal To The Title?

There’s no doubt that Theo Walcott is on fire for Arsenal at the moment.

He’s scored 8 games in 10 games which for a winger, is already an excellent return. Don’t forget his highest ever scoring season was in 2012-2013 when he scored 21 goals in all competitions.

The forward line for Arsenal has seemed to just fall into place this season. We all thought that Olivier Giroud would be the main man, with Alexis Sanchez on the left and then possibly Lucas Perez on the right. Alex Iwobi was just about breaking into the team towards the end of last season but it was thought that new signing Perez would be making more appearances than he has so far.

In fact, the forward line against Manchester City in our last away game of the season was Giroud, Sanchez and Welbeck.

So you wouldn’t think Theo had a look in.

But this season he has been excellent. And all Arsenal fans are thinking the same thing right now: the season has only just started and while Theo has been fantastic, he’s at the time of his career where he needs to perform at a top level for a whole season.

Alexis Sanchez as our main man has works wonders, and has brought out the best in not just Theo Walcott but Alex Iwobi and Mesut Özil. Those 4 players are taking on teams with some serious attitude (and pace), and with support from players like Cazorla and Coquelin, Arsenal are looking really good right now.

So the big question is this – can he maintain this level over the whole season?

Can Theo Walcott fire Arsenal to their first Premier League title in 12 years?

Cast your vote here and leave your opinions below!

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1 thought on “Vote Here! Can Theo Walcott Fire Arsenal To The Title?

  1. Correct me if I am wrong but;

    Arsene is saying that 86 points will win it. So, given we have 20 points needing another 66 with 29 games to go: for example we need to

    Win 21, Draw 3 and lose 5.
    OR Win 19, draw 9 and lose 1
    OR Win 22 and lose 7

    It turns out that these are the only options to get a further 66 points. What do you think?

    So what he is saying is we can lose away to Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool, Man U and Citeh and providing we only draw three other games we will win the league.

    Of course Theo can help us do it!


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