Other Clubs Could Affect Arsenal’s Destiny This Season

With the league table very tight at the moment, the Gunners need all the help they can get to seize a commanding position heading into the final stretch.

Let’s get one thing straight – the Premier League is tough and winning seasons are not to be taken for granted, not even by large clubs. Finishing in the top five is a pretty successful feat, yet for Arsenal fans anything but the league crown seems like a huge disappointment. From that perspective, sitting in the fourth place more than a dozen points behind the leader is hardly a reason for celebration, especially since things could well take a turn for worse if the team stumbles again. However, with improved performance and some luck, the team could easily finish in the second place or even give Chelsea a run for their money if a few critical games break their way.

Because of this state of affairs, Arsenal fans are following the fortunes of their rivals very attentively. Outcomes of other matches have a huge impact on the delicate balance of the table, and any gains that one club gains may be entirely erased by an unexpected win of a direct competitor. Likewise, any slips by the team could be salvaged by good luck if one of the upper echelon squads surrenders points to a bottom feeder. Local fans are often switching from one match to another, trying to do the math in their heads in real time. This kind of tension will only increase as the season draws to a close, provided a cluster of teams are still very close in the standings. Tottenham, Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool are all chasing the league leader right now, and these clubs will probably continue jockeying for position until the very end.

Of course, there is plenty of football left to play and Arsenal could well right the ship in the coming weeks. Anyone associated with the club would prefer it to be in full control of its own destiny, but that’s a very unlikely scenario given the situation. Recent level of play has been far under expectations, so any optimism emanating from the Emirates Stadium must be very cautious for the time being. As it appears, The Gunners will need to start playing much better just to remain in contention, let alone win the Premier League title this year. This looks like a season when all the bets are off and predicting the final placement for Arsenal or any other top-tier club is very tricky to say the least.

On the bright side, such a close finish will be interesting to watch, with success rate of rival clubs playing a significant role. If a few teams can approach Chelsea and create some drama, each remaining match between the frontrunners will become must see TV. It isn’t a stretch to say that fans across England and the world will watch with hypnotic focus, regardless of the side they support. Hopefully, Arsenal fans will be among those that still have something to cheer for, as their boys will be vying for one of the top spots in the best football league in the world. In any case, they will have plenty of reasons to watch a lot of football this spring, even games that don’t feature their own squad.

A lot of fans like to place bets on matches they are watching, so this situation plays right into their hands. There will be a lot of important games played over the last few months of the season, bringing numerous chances to guess the winner and pick up some profits on the side. That’s why it would be wise to identify the most capable Premier League bookmaker in advance of the season finale. With great odds on all Premier League games under one roof, William Hill is a great candidate for such a role that can be fully trusted to honor any bets you may win. It won’t take you long to open a personal account so you can regularly wager on football and other sports, and you might be entitled to some interesting bonuses as a new member of this well regarded gaming site.


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