Can Arsenal Get Into The Top Four? Do You Want Them To?

After the much needed win against Lincoln City, Arsenal travel to West Bromwich Albion on Saturday and then play Manchester City at home.

We are currently in 5th place, 5 points behind Liverpool in 4th spot but have 2 games in hand on the Merseysiders.

Can Arsenal get into the Top Four? And more importantly do you want Arsenal to get into the Top Four?

What are the odds for Arsenal to make it into the Top Four for the 22nd consecutive season? It might be worth checking the odds at William Hill to see what odds they’re giving Arsenal to do what Arsene Wenger does every single year. It would be worth checking the odds at William Hill – at least you’d win some money on the predictable!

The Arsenal fans are getting bored now and it’s all well and good getting Champions League football but Arsenal fans want more. They’ve been more than patient over the last 13 barren years but seen the same old mistakes happen time and time again – we’re “competing” until about February and then it’s quite apparent that the Arsenal team are full of precious, pampered divas who can’t take the fight.

As things stand Arsenal look well poised to finish 4th again but do Arsenal fans want that? It’s clear that a lot of Arsenal supporters would like Arsenal to finish 5th just so that there’s a change in management. But even then it seems that with Silent Stan and Ivan Gazidis on the board, Arsene could probably finish 10th in the league and he would still be offered a contract extension.

So what’s the solution? Boycott the games? Protest at the ground?

I’m not sure what the solution is, but one thing is certain – things have to change amongst the Arsenal hierarchy this summer.


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