Arsene Wenger Can Turn This Around & Win The Premier League Next Season!

It has been a poor run for Arsenal – only one win in five in the Premier League, as well as demoralising defeating in the Champions League at the hands of Bayern Munich.

As it stands this afternoon, we are 5 points behind 4th spot, but have a game in hand.

So where do we go from here?

The number of Arsenal fans that want Arsene Wenger out seems to be increasing by the day. But as I’ve said a million times, getting rid of Arsene Wenger is not the answer:



The problem is with the Arsenal board.

Do people have short memories? Have people forgotten what’s happened up North at a place called Old Trafford?

Sir Alex Ferguson departed Manchester and look what happened? They struggled badly under David Moyes, had limited success under Louis Van Gaal and under Jose Mourinho? Well apparently they’ve been on this amazing unbeaten run but where are they? Oh yeah that’s right, they’re still below Arsenal – and in 7th place no less.

Do Arsenal fans really think getting rid of Arsene Wenger is the answer?

Any other manager coming in would do worse than Arsene, that’s guaranteed. If you want to win the Premier League then you’re best bet is with Wenger at the helm.

He is not a stupid man and is his own worst critic. He doesn’t need fans to stage disgraceful protest and be given vitriol during matches. He knows the problems the club has and will address them this summer, no doubt.

It’s clear some players have let him down and whereas in the past he might have had to put up with this crap from the players, now he’s in a position where he can get rid of the dead wood.

Arsenal have the money to compete and Arsene knows where to strengthen the team. It’s clear from his interviews and overall demeanour this season he’s had enough of the shit he gets from fans but also the mistakes certain players keep making. He knows his time is almost up so that’s why next season, he will go all out to make sure it is a successful one.

Next season he has everything to lose so you can be sure Arsenal will win the Premier League next season. He is well aware that Arsenal haven’t won the league since 2004 and his last act is to leave on a high – and that will be to win the Premier League before announcing his departure.

In the past he has been restricted but next season will be our time – the handcuffs are off and next season, Arsene Wenger will mean business.




6 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger Can Turn This Around & Win The Premier League Next Season!

  1. You’ve got to be joking right? Next season he will go out and correct all this? You’re as delusional as Arsene.

    End of last season was when he should have been saying that. He’s allowed this to carry on for years and on his last year of his contract, he should have cleared out the deadwood.

    Next season, Arsene should not be around.

    • Wenger feeds us what we want to hear!! If he was going to do anything about like Ric said would had started last year. We can say bye to Sanchez and Ozil lol. I’m glad we are dropping on the table might give the board some thoughts of sacking the guy earlier!!

      Enoughs enough.Rediclous tickets prices for what? To see a top team get smashed I would rather watch Brentford play then Arsenal. I feel sorry for the people paying ridiculous prices for no result personally I would like them all to not even go to an Arsenal game and that would be a big statement right there!!!

      As for you I think your as thick as Wenger is!

      • Celebrating Arsenal’s failure outside of the top 4 so that it “might give the board some thoughts of sacking the guy earlier” is ridiculous.

        Arsene should correct the problem, put us in the UCL spots and step down at the end of the season. Not many top players want to join a club not in the UCL. Regardless of what you are told.

  2. I like your optimism. It is what true fans are made of; on the other hand, looking at the banners made me feel like puking into one of those guys.

    All these were down to individual errors. Wenger will chop the deadwood so hard, it would look so red, like SAF’s nose..

    • True fans don’t sit on their hands hoping for the glory days to come back because they never do.
      They put their support of their club before their support of its manager and push for change and change is whats needed.
      Wenger has had his day and football has moved on – Arsenal needs a fresh approach from someone with a strong tactical knowledge of what is needed to succeed. Not someone who is looking to feed his ego by proving everyone wrong.

  3. I like the way the example of Manchester United is always dragged out by the few desperate Arsenal fans who believe Wenger should stay.
    They never mention the examples where a change has been revolutionary like at Chelsea for example.
    Arsenal are stagnating under this manager. He is 67 years old and without wishing to sound ageist he is a little long in the tooth to be changing his entire approach.
    His tactics are non-existent, his team cannot defend and are inefficient in attack. All they do is pass side ward in ineffectual areas.
    The back room staff – no one knows what they actually do because they do not coach by the looks of it.
    Wenger is finished and should walk away before he is pushed and his legacy (whats left of it) is destroyed for ever..


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