Arsenal Fans Need To Get A Grip – Emery Is Exceeding Expectations!

I’ve seen and read a lot about Arsenal’s recent slump, and the vitriol spouted at Unai Emery in particular.

And quite frankly, Arsenal fans need to get a grip.

After over two decades under the Arsene Wenger regime, Unai Emery has been brought in to improve Arsenal and get us higher up in the table.

And isn’t he doing that?

The current Arsenal squad is built to finish 6th in the Premier League table, make no bones about it. And currently, we are 5th.

At the start of the season if you said to me Arsenal would finish 5th and be in the Europa League semi-finals, I would have bitten you arm off.

The problem is, many Arsenal fans are deluded and believe we have a divine right to finish in the Top 4, or should be challenging for the Premier League.

That is going to take time. Look at Liverpool now – they’re pushing Manchester City all the way and are genuine title contenders – although that’s all I hope they are as Liverpool actually winning the league would be horrendous for all concerned. But that tangent aside, becoming a bonafide challenger for the league takes time.

Jurgen Klopp arrived at Anfield in October 2015 so it’s taken the German manager 4 seasons to mould this Liverpool side in his image. In his first season, he finished 8th! It wasn’t until his second season that his Liverpool team finished 4th, and that was only by a solitary point when Arsenal finished 5th that season.

So perhaps some perspective is needed here?

And by the by, Jurgen Klopp didn’t have Silent Stan Kroenke as the owner so actually had a hefty amount of money to spend as well (£75 million for Van Dijk anyone?).

How much has Unai Emery had to spend? Somehow, we are in 5th in the Premier League and he’s done it with a side he’s had to inherit off Arsene Wenger – which contains some absolute drivel like Mustafi. Added to that, when Klopp got Liverpool into the Top 4 that was when it was easier to do so in the Premier League – this season is the toughest we’ve seen at the top of the league in a long long time. So if anything he should be applauded for getting us to that high up in the table.

Unai Emery needs time and we need to get behind the manager like Liverpool fans got behind Klopp. It’s taken 4 years to get where they are and look where they are now. Unai Emery hasn’t even had the chance to bring in any of his own players yet and he’s trying to change a culture at the club which has been ingrained over 2 decades so he’s not going to be able to change that overnight.

Emery is doing an absolutely fantastic job and Arsenal are currently above where they should be, and Arsenal fans should remember that.


7 thoughts on “Arsenal Fans Need To Get A Grip – Emery Is Exceeding Expectations!

    • Well done you Tottenham wanker, still scared about Arsenal’s trophy haul over the last few years while you’ve won fuck all? And why would you come to an Arsenal website you pathetic idiot?

      These Tottenham fans never fail to make me laugh!

  1. This article is trash! Exceeding expectations indeed! So we brought in a new coach and spent £70m on five new players just to retain 6th position and reach Europa league semifinals.
    Talk of explanations!

  2. Fine no problem even if its Emery first season at the club and the fans had been advice to give him time when we started poorly this season then gradually we crawl back up the table with a big opportunity to make the top 4 but bottled with his complacent and arrogant team selection e.g vs Everton and Crystal Plalace at the Ems. Emery think the mentality and confidence level of his players are the same compare to Man city or Liverpool where there own better all round the squad. You can play Jenkinson ,Elneny in the first team and expect 100% performance no bcos there mentality and confidence level is different from other stars like Lacazette and others and that is the fault of Mr Arsene. We now only have a mathematical chances of making the top 4 and the last chance is vs Leicester city bcos the rivals still play each other and Spurs have a tough away game vs Bournemouth and the question is can we capitalize on it if they drop points? and if we fail to make the top 4 Emery should be blamed either its his first season or not bcos Pep make the top 4 in his first season by playing his best legs from the squad he inherited from Pelegrini.

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