These Are The 5 Players That Need To Leave Arsenal In The Summer

There’s no doubt that Unai Emery is undertaking a massive rebuilding job at the moment and there’s no doubt that he is doing a great job, and on realistic expectations is having a successful season. However, there’s also no doubt that to have the best chance to succeed he needs to mould the team, squad and club in his image and that means removing some of the deadwood from the long lasting Arsene Wenger era.

So below are the players in the current squad that need to leave the club this summer:

Shkodran Mustafi

There’s only one place we can start isn’t there?

He’s one of those players you look at and just wonder how he actually became a professional footballer. He’s the player who you think just somehow managed to slip through the gaps during the scouting process and just kept moving up without anyone noticing – that’s the only real explanation for how he could be at Arsenal right now.

Alongside the legendary Pascal Cygan and Igor Stepanovs, he will always be regarded as one of the worst Arsenal defenders of recent times – which is a real achievement considering Arsenal are a side who aren’t renowned for having the best defensive recruitment.

It’s really too much effort to go through all the mistakes, cock ups, blunders and slips he’s made over the last few years and quite honestly you know all about them already. What every single Arsenal fan can agree on (and it’s probably one of the only things Arsenal fans can unite on) is that Mustafi needs to leave. Give him away, pay him off, just do whatever it takes to get him out of the club as he’s costing us vital points.

Stephan Lichtsteiner

There’s only one other defender at the club who is almost as bad as Mustafi and unfortunately, it’s Stephan Lichtsteiner. He was obviously brought in to being some experience to the dressing room and to be fair, only supposed to be a backup player. Sadly, he may be vastly experienced but the Premier League is too much of a jump for him after spending the best part of a decade in the slower, less demanding Serie A.

Arsenal should release him in the summer and try and bring in some younger reinforcements.

David Ospina

With Bernd Leno doing a fantastic job in his first season at the club, Petr Cech has become deputy and Ospina has spent the last season on loan at Napoli. He’s decent enough keeper for us to cash in and get some much needed money for Unai Emery to strengthen the squad this summer.

Denis Suarez

Does anyone else know why he’s at the club? No, seriously?

Mesut Özil

No-one divides the Arsenal fan base as much as Mesut Özil and personally, I am a fan. Unfortunately, it’s obvious Unai Emery isn’t and there have been several issues between them this season, and at the end of the day the man we all have to get behind if we want Arsenal to succeed and progress is the manager.

Added to this, Özil is our highest paid player on £350k a week and if he was moved on it would give Emery a lot more options in terms of specific players he wants to bring in to the club. With Lacazette, Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan, Iwobi and possibly someone else who Emery brings in, we should be well catered for in an attacking sense.

And finally…

But who do you think Arsenal need to sell / move on this summer? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


10 thoughts on “These Are The 5 Players That Need To Leave Arsenal In The Summer

  1. For me, Iwobi should leave Arsenal.
    He cannot shoot, he can’t pass.
    Dribbling is not enough for professional player.


      Personally I would get rid of Mustafi (crap), Lichtsteiner (crap), Lacazette (hit & miss player), Koscielny (inconsistent), Özil (causes instbility / lazy / inconsistent), Iwobi (gives the ball away continuosly as a result of over driblling) there’s loads more, but here’s a thought;

      ”The possibility of victory, comes from a solid defence and not attack”

      When will the Asenal Board realise this basic concept and start investing in a quality goal keeper and quality defenders as this is very shameful????

      Here’s another thought; Liverpool invested £75M in one quality defender and they no longer leak goals. Come on Asenal, this is basic football for fu*k sake!

      How many years are we going plod along like this. It’s time to get rid of the dead wood players who clearly have ZERO desire to win.

      Bearing in mind that Unai Emery inherited these crap players, we can no longer criticize Arsene Wenger, we have to criticize the zero desire and zero ‘will to win’ of the players. GET RID NOW!

      What a FU*KING DISGRAGE!!!!!!!!!

  2. Why is mhkitaryan not on that list…. He has been really awful, I don’t feel confident watching arsenal play with him on the field

  3. I would sell Iwobi, but not sure who would want to pay money for him. All I ever see of him is getting himself into a situation and having nowhere to go so ends up loosing the ball. Mhkitaryan started off looking good but has faded in recent games. I would also sell Ozil, but who would buy a 30 year old on £350K a week?

  4. The major shake up should be at the back line. Mustafi and Lichtsteiner rightly mention. Again Emery should bring in two wide area players and doing this will affect Mkhitaryan and sadly enough, my little bro Iwobi. Good wide players will bring out the best in Ozil, Lacazette and Aubameyang.

  5. Good observations guys, thumbs up!!
    Arsenal needs to find players to can bring the best from : Lacarzete, Auba, Torerrer, Xhaka, Ozil and Leno. In defense, we need to bring Wolves main defender, Boly, and other two.


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