Why Jose Mourinho is the man to save our season and the perfect fit for Arsenal

The Special One…

I wrote a couple of days ago that the man to turn Arsenal’s fortunes around is Jose Mourinho. If you read the comments section, you will see the vast majority of replies (I think all of them actually) were negative.

Now, he’s emerging as the favourite to replace Unai Emery.

Should you just call me Mystic Mike from now on?

In a nutshell, here are the reasons why Jose Mourinho would thrive at Arsenal and bring us success (and a guaranteed Top 4 finish):

  • Proven winner
  • Excellent man-manager
  • Is tactically astute
  • Gets the best out of players
  • Will get the best out of Mesut Özil
  • Can coach defence

He’s available, has roots in London and can start straight away.

So what are Arsenal waiting for?

Fans who have concerns about his temperament have been watching Arsene Wenger far too long to realise there is more than one approach. Yes, Mourinho can be confrontational but he has also been proven to rally the troops, get the team together and give them that siege mentality, and most importantly believe that winning is actually important.

The last point is something that has been lost over the last 10 years, and it wouldn’t do us any harm at all to have a squad that actually values winning. How often have we been called mentally weak? How many times have we been told we don’t have any leaders?

Jose Mourinho, whatever you think of him, is a born winner.

Look at his first stint at Chelsea. That team was immense. Look at Porto – he won the UEFA Cup and Champions League with them against the odds. Look at Inter Milan – most of their squad cried when he left.

When he gets it right, Jose Mourinho is the best out there, and for me he is better than Pep Guardiola.

Mourinho has won the Champions League twice, both times with teams who were nowhere near being favourites in that competition. He’s won countless titles and has a more impressive trophy haul than Guardiola.

Guardiola has been at Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester City – all of whom have had the most money and the most talented players. There’s no doubt he’s a talented coach, but he’s had far more resources and help along the way.

Mourinho has a track record of winning with any team, with any budget and with any personnel.

If the Arsenal board have any real ambition, they will seize the moment and bring in Jose Mourinho before the chance is gone.


6 thoughts on “Why Jose Mourinho is the man to save our season and the perfect fit for Arsenal

  1. Exactly, so called “Arsenal fans” who disagree are used to mediocrity and losing! It’s about time Arsenal appointed a manager who is a proven winner and can get us to the top again.

  2. No we disagree because he is the anti-thesis to the identity of the club. The issue today is that Emery (1) has not improved on wenger, (2) lost the identity of the club. Mourinho will not solve both these points. When Leicester and Chelsea and playing the football we should be playing with lesser teams its an issue. We need to get this back asap, and Mourinho will not help.

  3. Shame on you. Mourinho is a bigger twat than emery and he got sacked by man Utd for doing exactly what emery is doing now. Some of you lot ain’t got a spine and no principles.

  4. U re rit bro.we need someone who is proven winner.i think that is what we need right now.i hate this word some fans always say(let give hime some time)they is a way coach is leading his team that even though he is losing u knw that with time he will comeup with something standard nd get us back to winning ways.but the way some of us is seing this man,he can not do more than this, unless taking us backward.i think jose mourinho can do the job beta just the way he has done in clubs so fa.

  5. I realise this is click-bait but for fucksake, are you that desperate? As for Jose winning more than Pep, he’s been at it a lot longer, he’s spent a lot more money and his football’s nowhere near as good. Now grow up and learn to write.


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