Arsenal collapse once again in Unai Emery’s last game as Arsenal manager

Yeah, I’m confused as well…

An entertaining game, ruined by Emeryball.

Arsenal went a goal down after Mustafi’s own goal, and to be fair to him it was unfortunate. The ball was fizzed in and there’s not much he could of done with it, well if it was anyone other than Mustafi.

Then Arsenal responded, and how. We equalised through Torreira and then Martinelli scored his usual brace to put us 3-1 up.

But the problem with 3-1 is that it means we have a 2 goal lead. And Emery’s speciality is giving away 2 goal leads.

Watford, Crystal Palace… and then Liverpool.

We went 4-2 up and then predictably, the score went to 4-4. And then we managed to go ahead with a Joe Willock stunner.

So in the 94th minute we were going into the quarter finals. But you know what’s next? This is Emeryball!

So obviously we concede right?

And then Liverpool scored all 5 penalties to win the shoot out 5-4, with Ceballos taking a truly awful penalty. And I mean awful.

So what do we take away from this?

Well first of all we took the lead at 3-1, 4-2 and 5-4 and couldn’t keep those leads.

And second of all… actually, I don’t care any more.

Unai Emery is ruining football for me. Tonight was the first time I enjoyed watching an Arsenal game in a long time but even then, having taken the lead 3 times we couldn’t hold on.

This is just becoming a joke, a nightmare which never ends. It’s like Unai Emery is trying to get sacked. It’s like he’s intentionally making the wrong decisions in every aspect of managing Arsenal for a laugh.

The worst thing about tonight for me was when he took off Mesut Özil after 60 minutes.

Are you kidding me!!?

He was by far our best player, our creative hub and made us tick.

Yet he’s taken off.

I am lost for words now and I’m praying that come the morning, common sense has prevailed and Unai Emery is no longer at our football club.


61 thoughts on “Arsenal collapse once again in Unai Emery’s last game as Arsenal manager

  1. An own goal but keeper still beaten at near post. There is not one decent defender in the whole squad

    A manager who has had his time, pulling the only ball player off , Ozil

  2. Totaly agree with you mate i couldnt believe what i was seeing when ozils number came up.fuck emery i honestly dont think hes mentaly sound.retard

  3. Emery has no concept of tactics. He got it wrong with his starting 11 all last season, but his abrupt half time subs saved him. Now we can’t close out games, and are you surprised when he’s taking off the best player on the pitch, and our combative DM, yet keeping Willock & M-Niles on when they always have a mistake in them?
    Did we need a Ceballos on the pitch with lead to defend?
    A lot of our players play in the first team and we couldn’t see off a Liverpool under 21’s team.
    Emery needs to go. Right now, like the toxic season united had under Mourinho, anyone could come in and do a better job until we get an English speaking quality manager.

  4. Even if we are ten goals ahead in any match with Unai Emery as Arsenal Coach, I will bet that Arsenal will loose. How the hell did he win anything in football at all? I have totally given up on that joker and his bandwagon of jokers he calls defenders.

  5. I turned the tele off after Ox’s torpedo splashed the net. That made it 4-3 and I could here the collective moans as I was walking back home which meant it had gone 4-4. With Emery as the gaffer, that is a guaranteed L, mate.

    It’s pathetic to watch and even worse to stomach. Tbh, Freddie should be out in charge at midnight. Emery should be on the first plane back to Spain and we should be doing all we can to snag Allegri, Blanc or Arteta. At this point all 4 names listed here would be a VAST improvement in what we have in the manager’s office at present. Tbh an AI assisted robot could manage the line ups and substitutions better than Emery. Wtf are Edu and Don Raul thinking ??!!

  6. Imagine from 1-3 to 4-2, all of a suddenly 5-5…And he even subsituted Ozil.Can Man City score 4-2 and allow you to equaliser all.Am just tired of this Arsenal pattern of playing

  7. Thing is you could accept that it was just one of those matches if you didn’t have the Emery backdrop of dreadful decisions. Ozil situation, I backed the club until tonight. The guy played well and yet was subbed for no good reason. Get Emery out and start the rebuilding process…again…now.

  8. I never understand his football philosophy. Even the most dauntless coach in england must not do that greatest mistakes. we were 2-2 draw against crystal palace and we needed a goal to take the lead, he brought in a defender. I was so pertubed again today amid the unsettled reason why he left ozil out of the squad.
    we’re 4-2 on the lead, he substituted the most tactical two players on the field and that’s is how he just lost the game in simple way.

  9. If the coach can argue that Ozil needed a break because he has not played for a long time (which argument would fall flat on its face, anyway), what reason would he have for changing a mobile and hard-working Torreira with paceless Ceballos?

  10. Hopefully, it’s emery’s last game in charge of arsenal, as in that man is a total a****le. Imagine blowing 2 goals lead has become a trademark for him… I’m tired of this man….. EMERY OUT. He is making life difficult for me as an arsenal fan.. surely, we derserve more than we are getting now, only that emery still won’t improve, not the right man for arsenal.. I repeat EMERY OUT

  11. Is that a coach or a games ? He’s no difference with a league two coach. I’d knew him when he was taking the lead against barcelona 4-0 and came back to lose to 6-3….. Now in three matches with a 2 goals lead and eventually became draw…. The worst coach i’ve ever seen

  12. To those slating the coach for the Ozil substitution. Did it not occur to you that he might be planning to play him against Wolves on Saturday in which case it made absolute sense to bring him off

  13. Who agrees with me emery took sublime ozil out because it pains him to see ozil proving him wrong because if not that, i dont see any good reason to hook ozil when he is delivering on the pitch.. emery is senseless, he’s got no eyes to see players that are performing well and those that arent with his stupid decision making when doing sub…

      • It’s so amusing to see people who clearly have no idea, telling highly experienced, qualified professionals that they have “no idea”.

        People who couldn’t even manage a market stall but think they can run a football club. Utterly laughable.

        • Highly experienced, qualified professionals, hahaha!

          By your flawed, retarded logic, every professional manager and player is incapable of being incompetent?

          Suppose Manchester United should have kept David Moyes in that case then? Or Arsenal should have kept Gervinho?

          Moronic logic shown by a moronic idiot.

  14. I know this is hard to take. Emery has to change his attitude towards a more balanced team. We all agree. But sackinh him? Is that your anger spraking? Who is better to replace him now? Wenger had the same problem when he manager the club. Klopp had the same problem for two years when he took over. Even Guardiola stuggled for a long time to find the balance I think as you the balance is the problem. But i do think everyone at Arsenal is working with this problem. Its difficult to change a cumtur and an attitude og a team but emery is trying. Lets give him to the summer to male things right. Lets stay behind him and the team I say. The players and the team need s our support now not our negativity and frustration. Lets stick together in hard as in good times.

    • Are you stupid? Klopp and Pep had a way of playing, a philosophy. Emery has no idea and that’s why everyone wants him out!

      We’re not an attacking team, we’re not a possession team, we’re not a counter attacking team, we’re not a defensive team… what are we?

      We can’t attack (unless it’s against Liverpool’s U15’s) and can’t defend! He doesn’t have a first choice 11 and his team changes every single week. If you can’t see any of these problems you’re blind or an idiot!

      • This guy is a big joke. You should never compare him to Klop or Pepe. This is not how they started their years at their respective clubs. At least they had a philosophy, it was they quality of players letting them down..
        I really don’t know what is in his mind coz today at arsenal u can never be sure of who will make the squard or even the lineup apart from Auba and Leno. The rest is unpredictable. Thank God I didn’t watch that game.

      • No. Im not stupid. Klopps team let in a lot of goals the first years. If you read the statistics its there. Ive heard this argument before. Emery has no philosophy, but thats when you need to look at Sevilla. They played wonderful attacking fotball and the whole team defended. The culture rhar top four doesnt need to defend is a cultural leftover from Wenger which the team still strugles with. Thats why Özil is left out.

        I see the same messy style as you do today. But believe me, its not as easy to correct as many of the fans think. Especially when you want to play positive football.

        • Klopps team conceeded alot but they also scored alot. After a season n a 3rd in charge we are worse defensively AND offensively, with no patern of play and no confidence, and this is with better players! Also we are having players who are influencial in the dressing room such as mustafi and ozil being frozen out, captains telling fans to fuck off and CDMs being played as CAMS! Either there is a big communication problem, or the managers ideas are just bad, but either way its just not working. We need a manager with a strong identity not a camilean

  15. My heart can’t take anymore of this’ for years I’ve been going thru this. Every big club has there ups an down but for us it’s only down. We are the laughing stock of football.

    • “For years”. I’ll bet a pound to a penny, you’re not old enough to have stood on the terraces in 1970’s watching Arsenal involved in relegation battles. You’ve been spoiled and now you think the club owes you something. It doesn’t. If you claim to be a “supporter”, stop moaning and start supporting.

  16. Didn’t watch it, didn’t listen to it. Saw we were 5-4 up and couldn’t even be bothered clocking in because I knew we would blow it. This is just getting mind-numbingly, heart-breakingly predictable now. I’m sure Arsenal fans are part of some sort of experiment in collective depression or something like that. An experiment that has been going on for at least 10 years now.

    • “…couldn’t even be bothered”. That sums up many fans. You want to be associated with glory but where are you when the club needs support. Either nowhere to be seen or booing the players in the blind expectation that it’ll help.
      The only reason people “can’t be bothered” is because they are not actually supporters.

  17. Arsenal have and will continue to be a joke in the
    Epl. The Inability to finish off opposition has been a trademark since Wenger
    Why not play anti soccer when 1/2/3 goals up. If not Emery is living on borrowed if not extended

  18. I think they need to allow us as supporters to help him with the lineup and substitute cause he really doesn’t know what he’s doing I live in rural area in Zimbabwe I don’t even have a tv l listen it on radio but trust me l can feel that the Emery guy doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    Please God we have suffered with this man.
    Here us. Edu l hope you will get this information.

    Thank you.

    • If you live in a rural area and have no tv, what makes you think that you have the knowledge and experience to criticise a high paid, qualified, professional. That sort of statement is just pathetic nonsense which just makes you look stupid and helps to get genuine Arsenal supporters a bad reputation.

      • Being highly paid and a professional means you can’t do things wrong?

        Jeez, guess you love and respect Donald Trump then, since he fulfils your criteria.

  19. Glad it was almost impossible to see the game in the US. Emery is in over his head. Aside from the defense this squad should be top four no question.

    Emery is not going to improve.

  20. This guy is a big joke. You should never compare him to Klop or Pepe. This is not how they started their years at their respective clubs. At least they had a philosophy, it was they quality of players letting them down..
    I really don’t know what is in his mind coz today at arsenal u can never be sure of who will made the squard or even the lineup apart from Auba and Leno. The rest is unpredictable. Thank God I didn’t watch that game.

  21. Emery u suck, leaving miles, sala, Who ali seemed
    Tired n take off ozil in favor of guendozi Who couldnt defend ter origi goal ano constantly gave sexy out balls.#emery out

  22. Emery has been a bad coach right from his PSG job, a coach who was on a four goals advantage against Barcelona only surrounding it by losing 6-1. So what do you expect from such a failure?. He should be sacked,he is a racist.

  23. Patrick evra is really a genius because he says arsenal is a kid and always play like a kids team and it’s over 10yrs since he said that and nothing truly changed about this team and since they founded this arsenal we don’t have a single European medal (( no Champions League or Europa league medal))

  24. It was sadly all so predictable at the end . Felt so sorry for Martinelli -both strong and positive in all he does . -a great prospect .Tierney should have started !! – Holding and esp Mustafi ! looked as if they’d give away goals all evening. Maitland – Niles scored but often switches off at vital moments and is a liability. The substitutions were bizarre and unproductive . A game we should have won but felt all along that we wouldn’t . Emery can’t seem to get it right with both team selections and substitutions.

  25. Emery has nothing to offer ARSENAL, his changes are bomb this season taking out Ozil and Lucas whilst Saks, Niles and Willock still on pitch. Emery can’t study the game but uses sentiments to make his changes. he has to LEAVE ARSENAL alone in other to save his own career as coach. GO EMERY GO

  26. Bonaroca :- I have watched this very great match which was repleted first class football and errors but what is worrying I have now come to the conclusion that Mr Emery has lost his way and obviously he can’t continuing with his systems of play which he is trying to introduce.
    First thing that has to be done is to eliminate once an for all the players they want or say they want to buy, this is definitely disturbing the players who do not know were they stand with the club. Arsenal have enough talent,
    what Arsenal needs at the moment a top quality manager with immediate effect so as to stabilize exactly who should remain at the club or not by January.
    It seems to me that even the Arsenal Management have lost their way, at this rate the club is being run there definitely no chance of getting a top four placing let alone play in any European tournaments. If something has to be done then it is about time to solve thei mater as quickly as possible

  27. I don’t think we need to cry over spilt meal.let this idiot that calls himself coach go home and coach his family now.We are tired he has done pretty wekk for us.Thank u boss just pack your luggage and fuck out of London I and your so called captain ok.

  28. I for one would love to see Mourinho as Arsenal manager after last nights cave in to Liverpool, what a shambles we’ve become under Emery. I thought we were bad under Wenger towards the end of his tenure, but it’s like we haven’t moved on and in fact we seem to have gone backwards. We need a manager who won’t be afraid to bench players if they continually under perform. I thought we would improve with a new manager, but no. Plus we need to get rid of a few underperforming players.

  29. Martinez played s*** too. On some of the goals scored, the ball was within his reach but he didn’t seem very active in the game.
    To be honest, i know our defenders have made mistake but i don’t think that the defenders are the only ones to be blamed. David Luiz had a fine season at Chelsea. Under Emery’s tactics, even if we get all the top defenders – i feel that we will still lose! It’s a shame that we lost against a Liverpool 3rd team.

    • Completely agree with this comment!

      He is apparently highly rated but God he’s bad. He makes a lot of mistakes and he faced six penalties last night. Six.

      And every single time he went THE WRONG WAY.


      Statistically, that’s pretty much impossible – but he somehow managed it!


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