Who do you want as Arsenal’s next manager? Here’s the Top 10 contenders!

It’s clear to see that Unai Emery and Arsenal is a relationship that isn’t working.

When Unai Emery first came in, he talked a good game. Actually, scratch that, he talked a great game.

I remember when Ivan Gazidis revealed that Emery would be the next Arsenal manager, I was impressed with what the Spaniard had to say. He talked about having a detailed dossier on every Arsenal player, he talked about how he can improve each player and also discussed how Arsenal can improve overall as a team.

But since that faithful day 18 months ago, things have actually got worse. Much worse.

Under Arsene Wenger we were a free flowing attacking team, that couldn’t defend. Now, we’re a team that still can’t defend but now are sterile in attack. We have a player in Aubameyang who is a world class striker but he can’t score goals because he doesn’t get any service. If he was at Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City or even Leicester City, he’d be scoring at least a goal a game. Against Sheffield United and Crystal Palace, he’s been starved of any service.

It’s obvious things aren’t working out, and I would be stunned if Edu, Raul and the rest of the executive team weren’t sounding out possible replacements. They have to be surely?

And looking at the recent reports, there seems to be 10 names in the frame at the moment.

So below, I have listed the 10 managers who are rumoured to be on our radar:

  • Jose Mourinho
  • Massimiliano Allegri
  • Mikel Arteta
  • Thierry Henry
  • Patrick Vieira
  • Brendan Rodgers
  • Freddie Ljungberg
  • Rafael Benitez
  • Eddie Howe
  • Espirito Santo

But who would you like to see as Arsenal’s next manager? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


25 thoughts on “Who do you want as Arsenal’s next manager? Here’s the Top 10 contenders!

    • Allegri – we need someone who will organise our defence and give the creative players a foundation from which to attack

  1. Leonardo Jardim would be brilliant. A great fit for Arsenal, proven to work with tight budgets and should be on the short list. Plays stylish attacking football, would motivate and get the best out of the squad and would make Kronke loadsa money in developing younger players and their transfers out; proven at Monaco. He certainly tore Arsène-al a new one in the CL. Remember that Jardim Monaco team at the Emirates?

  2. In order of preference:

    1. Mourinho
    2. Vieira
    3. Allegri

    But if we’re after a short term replacement, then Rafa Benitez would do a great job until the end of the season.

  3. Freddie Lundberg, the players like him, he has inspired the youngsters and he knows Arsenal and also knows how to be a winner

  4. A manager who:
    1. Has a positive outlook and not a negative one
    2. Doesn’t keep chopping and changing the team so much and thus allows the team to gel better
    3. Understands that a strong defence gives confidence to the forwards who will then thrive
    4. Knows how to develop young players
    5. Gets in a proper strong captain-like centre half who is a true leader
    6. Speaks good English so that the team (and fans) actually understands what he is saying
    7. Has a pattern of success and not one who previously inherited a high value team where there was an endless amount of money.
    8. Can keep the truly gifted players who would otherwise leave in search of trophies elsewhere.
    Which one of the above matches these criteria?

  5. Freddie remained the best out of lots he is our man he understand Arsenal inside outside and almost all the Player respect him so Freddie should be giving the chance this time around . Period .

  6. As a best hearth supporter of Arsenal west Africa,sierra Leone,the problem of our belove football club arsenal my observation is a unity among our players,we only need unity.my comment is any manager is taking care of arsenal you to call all players together and talk to them to wakeup to apply a seriousness and commitment,as manager any game is final for you,to the boards today if want your teams to play well and win a cup or to get good players there is no magic spend a dollars,really the problem is not coach player need to apply a effect and determination,this our team ,we love the club,the call me sannoh arsenal,


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