Arsene Wenger predicted this would happen… and why the Premier League & UEFA are to blame!

The overreaction to the formation of the European Super League is absolutely ridiculous. It’s similar to the hysteria about Brexit and scaring people into leaving the EU.

It’s a model used all over the sporting world. People need to stop being so naive – Arsene Wenger said 10 years ago that there would be a European Super League by 2022.

The argument about greed is utterly moronic. That boat sailed a long time ago with the start of the Premier League, and it set back lower league sides for decades while making PL sides richer and richer.

And Arsene predicted that this would happen directly because of the behaviour or the Premier League and UEFA.

The Premier League let clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City have owners that had questionable backgrounds come in and splash obscene amounts of money so that they could get the best players and increase the viewership worldwide. You realise the PL make insane money from worldwide TV rights don’t you?

And UEFA? They pretended to implemented FFP (Financial Fair Play) but let the richest clubs (Manchester City, PSG, etc.) break these rules time and time again without punishment.

Why? Because UEFA are corrupt and again, all they want is the best players so they have the highest viewing figures possible.

This is something which has been on the cards for a long long time, and the hypocrisy and outrage from these so called pundits is laughable.

Ever since the Premier League was formed in 1992 all football has ever been about is money. So why are people shocked when years later, a money driven decision is made by the top clubs.

You reap what you sow and this is the result.


1 thought on “Arsene Wenger predicted this would happen… and why the Premier League & UEFA are to blame!

  1. I agree, although it still stands that it’s all about money, it’s just a further step forward from the European format we have now. I have my opinions about this to the daily mirror online, in which i further stated that the old European cup was just fine as it was. When it became the champions league, it was all about money and this latest venture is about even more money. I finished my comment to state that the fa and the premier league had no right to complain because with the new rule changes, especially to the offside rules and with the introduction of VAR, they had sucked the life and joy out of the game and I believe it has been done deliberately! It is a disgrace to be called offside by a mere few centimetres, even if the rule applies to all teams, although i don’t think it does as the officials and var make it up as they go along. So to complain about a super league is hypocritical of the fa and the premier league, because they are themselves corrupt also and arsenal owner Stan kroenke is part of this group and he has ruined arsenal football club. He is only out to make as much money as possible out of the club and now this new European league


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