“Smug” Untold Arsenal Blog Probably Shouldn’t Be So Smug Anymore!

Just over 2 years ago, I wrote a post entitled “Olivier Giroud is f*cking awful. Why Arsenal need to get rid of him“. It was a post which funnily enough, given our recent plight, still resonates even 2 years on.

The fact of the matter is he is not good enough for a club that has aspirations of winning the Premier League or Champions League.

You need a world-class striker to win the major honours and I feel like I’ve made this point a million times. Manchester City have Aguero, Manchester United have Rooney and Martial, Chelsea have Diego Costa, Liverpool have Sturridge (sometimes) and even Tottenham have Harry Kane. Okay, some of those are not world-class, but they are at least big players who score on a regular basis (bar Costa obviously in a struggling Chelsea side, but last season when they won the league he scored for fun).

But Olivier Giroud? It’s fair to say he wouldn’t get in any Top 6 team.

Which brings me to Untold Arsenal. I don’t know who they are and never read their blog, but they published an article in January which has only just been brought to my attention. They ended up referencing the aforementioned blog post I wrote about Giroud (which fair to say, was not the most complimentary) and essentially mocked my post.

The “smug” Tony Attwood (he actually included the “smug” part in his name) couldn’t contain his smug-ness at those protesting that some people had the audacity to claim Olivier Giroud is shit. He cites a lot of facts and figures, including one which claims that only Lionel Messi has a better goals to minutes ration and that Olivier Giroud’s scoring record is better than Cristiano Ronaldo’s?

Anyway, he essentially laughs at those who dared to question Olivier Giroud’s quality and mocks those who think he’s crap.

The funny thing in all this is that “Smug Tony Attwood” wrote this article only 2 months ago. We can all agree I think that Olivier Giroud is nowhere near good enough for Arsenal yet I saw this two years ago! He “smugly” posts two years later and still gets it completely wrong!

This is the “amazing” striker that hasn’t scored in his last 12 games?

So I’m not sure you should be so “smug” any more, Tony.


Humiliating Defeat To Liverpool Was All Part Of Arsene’s Master-Plan

As Arsenal fans overreact to the defeat to Liverpool at the weekend, no-one has considered Arsene Wenger’s master-plan.

Arsene Wenger is a hugely intelligent man, a miracle-worker and someone who has given Arsenal the greatest period in their history. We’ve been top of the Premier League for the vast majority of the season, despite the fact Manchester City and Chelsea have spent far more money, and have far stronger squads.

And with Arsenal being unable to beat the big teams like Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool away from home, it has reinforced the belief that Arsenal have a fragile underbelly and aren’t mentally strong enough to win the Premier League.

We suffered massive defeats to Manchester City and Liverpool, which were quite frankly embarrassing. We lost against Manchester United at Old Trafford, even though they are a shadow of their former selves.

But consider this for a moment, couldn’t the Anfield massacre be all part of Arsene’s master-plan?

After 24 games of the season, Arsenal had only lost three games and were top of the league. The level of consistency was amazing and after defeats to Aston Villa, Manchester United and Manchester City, we went of excellent runs.

Over the course of the season, there are games you need to win and those you can lose. The games against Aston Villa, Manchester United and Manchester City didn’t leave us in a position where the season was over for us. And the defeat to Liverpool is in the same category.

Arsene Wenger looked at the game at Liverpool and thought we could afford to lose it. We could play in first gear, let Liverpool dominate and get all the plaudits. By getting completely battered by Liverpool, there are a lot of positives we could take from it.

1. Reduced Expectations

By getting smashed by Liverpool, the expectations of Arsenal are instantly reduced. All the experts and media would label us as “bottlers” (not for the first time) and no-one would expect us to win the title.

When have we been strongest and performed the best this season? When everyone has written us off.

Now Chelsea and Manchester City are the “experts” favourites for the league and Arsenal apparently, have no chance.

2. Give Liverpool The Belief They Can Challenge

With a massive win like this, all the plaudits would go to Liverpool. Instead of being a team challenging for 4th place, they are now “title contenders”. So how does this benefit us?

In their remaining games against Manchester City and Chelsea in particular, they will have that extra belief and confidence they can turn them over at Anfield. We all know the atmosphere can be electric at Anfield and with all the fans behind Liverpool they will be a match for anyone. With that extra belief, it could mean the difference between beating City and Chelsea and only getting draw. And that could prove to be the decisive factor when it comes to the final Premier League table.

We can afford to lose against Liverpool, if it will help them get positive results against our closest rivals.

After all, what are Manchester City and Chelsea going to find tougher? A Liverpool side trailing by 10+ points or a Liverpool side who are in touching distance of the Premier League title?

3. The Players Are Rested

Let’s be honest, I don’t think you could name one player who would be tired from that debacle at Anfield. The players were strolling around the pitch and they’ll be fresh and ready to go for the visit of the reigning champions on Wednesday.

4. It’s A Reason To Go On Another Winning Run

As I’ve already mentioned, the defeats against Aston Villa, Manchester United and Manchester City were points in our season where the players needed a “kick up the arse”.

By setting them up to lose, Arsene Wenger has the perfect motivational tool to get the best out of the players against Manchester United. A moral-boosting victory on Wednesday would be the perfect tonic to perform and win against Liverpool in the FA Cup and give Bayern Munich a game in the Champions League.