Emotional, Special, Totally Unbelievable – We’ve Done It!

Jens Der Supermann

I was going to post something late last night, but it would have been an incoherent mess after one of the most emotional nights I have ever witnessed – obvious comparisons with Anfield 89’ and on the other side of the scale the FA Cup Semi Final against United at Villa Park a few season ago.

At the final whistle I almost cried it was so emotional!

It couldn’t have been a more tense game. I was frozen for the first 85 minutes – I couldn’t believe what I was watching. It was basically a performance that was a carbon copy of last seasons FA Cup Final against Manchester United.

But could we defend for most of the game and would our luck eventually run out?

Then Jose Mari, who made his appearance after 63 minutes won a, f*ck it I’ll say it, a penalty for a cheating the referee. Yes, there was contact, but if you’re going to give a penalty for that then it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if Arsenal were awarded 10 last night for what can only be called wrestling in the Villarreal box.

And this was it. On 88 minutes Villarreal get a penalty to equalise, and none other than the mercurial Riquelme is the man to even the game.

And you know if this goes in its over.

Arsenal haven’t been any kind of an attacking force all evening and if anyone is going to get another goal in extra time it’s going to be Villarreal!

But then Super Jens Lehmann stepped up and saved against all odds!


Some of you might argue that there should have been a penalty in the first leg, but I’d also point out that Henry had a perfectly good goal ruled out at Highbury as well.

Plus, that Jose Mari is a f*cking diving tw*t anyway.


When that full-time whistle went I was bombarded with text messages, mostly saying “What a f*cking save from Super Jens!!”.

What a f*cking save indeed.

I still haven’t got over what happened last night, and it could not have been a more tense game and the roller coaster of emotions was intense.

Jens was clearly the best Arsenal player on the pitch, but you cannot deny Arsenal defended well, as well as of course we rode their luck at times.

What a night for Arsenal, what a night for football and what a night in El Madrigal!

Not Time For Sol-King Tonight?

The Enigma Which Is The Yellow Submarine..

Here are some interesting statistics on Villarreal and Arsenal before tonights huge game:

  • Villarreal have played 11 CL matches, and only won 3.
  • In comparision, Arsenal have won 8 of those 11 games.
  • Arsenal are unbeaten in this years Champions League.
  • They have only conceded 2 goals at home, from 5 matches.
  • Arsenal have scored 6 away goals from 5 away games.
  • Villarreal have knocked out 3 British teams already; Man United, Rangers and Everton.

Villarreal are so dangerous because you know they generally don’t concede many goals, and have won when it has mattered. Winning only 3 games in the competition so far is amazing when you think they are in the semi-finals and only 90 minutes away from Paris!

The first leg saw a disciplined Villarreal team that when they conceded the first goal, they still defended deep and in numbers, and were seemingly happy with losing 1-0 – because it’s still all to play for when we play at El Madrigal.

But good news for Arsenal is that they haven’t won by 2 clear goals yet in the competition, which is what they will have to do to progress to the final.

Things do look good for Arsenal, but Villarreal did rest 6/7 of their key players at the weekend and – it goes without saying – they will give tonight absolutely everything. This is their cup final.

In comparison, Arsenal were embroiled in a tense and controversial North London derby that saw most of the key players (with the exception of Hleb and Ljungberg) make an appearence. Hardly the best preparation for the European game.

Also the impressive Senderos injured himself – possibly for the rest of the season.

The other main news regarding the Arsenal team is that Sol Campbell will make his return.

I for one have not been impressed with what he has done this season, although he did look much slimmer and in better shape against Portsmouth. But we didn’t win that game and would we have conceded that goal with Senderos at the back?

Who knows.

But Sol could not have a bigger game to show what he is made out of and show Arsenal fans he is focused and back on form.

Of course, he doesn’t have anything to prove since he has been colossus for us over the last few seasons – but now he has to step up.

Sol has been showing signs of sluggishness this season and that would worry Arsenal fans. Riquelme isn’t the quickest player in the world but his movement and technqique are fantastic and Gilberto will have to play the game of his life to keep him quiet.

Jose Antonio Reyes will have to have a good game – which he didn’t against Spurs on Saturday. Jose will surely be hyped up to be back in Spain and hopefully he can do what he did so well against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu.

Wenger will keep with the same team that has served him well over most of the Champions League campaign, with the exception of Campbell in for Senderos.

Arsenal will have to be patient tonight because Villarreal are a shrewd team who will be happy if the scoreline is 0-0 with 15/20 minutes remaining.

They won’t panic and if they nick a goal then the game will become totally different and they will rely on the other team getting nervous. They will be more than happy with a 1-0 win, especially with extra time at home and with most of their players having being rested since last weeks first leg.

I’m not even going to predict a score – I’m far to superstitious for that!

Arsenal Lose Gamble, While Spurs Cash In…

[Enter Expletive Here...]

I’ve had a lot of time to think about what happened at the weekend – and most Arsenal fans will be disappointed how the last ever North London derby at Highbury panned out. Although Wenger rested key players you can see why he did, with a huge, huge game against Villarreal tomorrow night – but like we saw against Pompy making wholesale changes is a big risk.

Despite that, Arsenal were second best in the first half even though Spurs failed to take their chances so we were lucky to be in 0-0 at half-time. But how many times has that happened to use this season?

Then it all kicked off on 66 minutes.

You all know what happened.

Eboue and Gilberto collided into each other and the ball ran to Michael Carrick, who obviously hesitates while the Arsenal players seemingly stop – expecting the ball to be played out (after all, that’s in keeping with the spirit of the game right?). But after Carrick dwells on the ball, he clearly continues with play, after deciding to see what has happened.

Now at the time, I was incensed because of what just happened and it was clear that they took advantage of a situation while players were injured on the floor.

After all, Davids fed the cross to Keane from where Eboue would have been!

And Arsenal actually put the ball out for Spurs later on in the game when their player was injured.

People will say who are we to take the moral high ground, but the fact is we put the ball our several times against a diving Villarreal team, against the cheating Spurs at the weekend – and when we did score a dodgy goal against Sheffield United a few years ago we offered to replay the game!

The most annoying thing to come out of all this is the BBC’s coverage of the whole incident, and the blatant lying of Martin Jol and his ‘team’.

Sky Sports revealed yesterday that when Carrick recieves the ball, Martin Jol can be heard quite clearly shouting ‘Play!, Play!’ – so you didn’t see the incident you cheat?

You can download an actual clip of the incident on Arsebloggers site.

The BBC were taking the moral high ground again last night on MOTD2, with Gavin Peacock saying Wenger must apologise for the comments he has made.

Is he a total idiot? Surely being a pundit he would have heard about Martin Jol urging his players to cheat?

And anyone who would have read Goals on Sunday would see that Chris Kamara tells us all what really happened.

After the game I heard all the b*llsh*t about the Spurs players ‘not seeing the incident’ and ‘not knowing a player was injured’ – and I actually believed it! 

Carrick, Jol and the rest of the f*ckers just blatantly lied to everyone.

But the facts are that Spurs had to cheat to get a result against Arsenal, and even then they couldn’t beat our second team.

Arsenal Must Make Home Advantage Count!

The Magic That Is The Champions League..

Arsene Wenger prefers to play the first leg of European competitions away from home, as he feels that the decisive 2nd leg can be the different from progressing and leaving the tournament – but this years competition has shown that the 1st leg is the more important of the two.

Arsenal shocked most of Europe with their impressive win at the Bernabeu against Real, and when the Galacticos arrived for the return leg at Highbury they knew that Arsenal would continue to play their high tempo game, run them ragged and not give them a chance. Arsenal progressed with a draw, but should have scored a few goals through Reyes.

Then the mighty Juventus who are cruising Serie A couldn’t handly Arsenal’s ‘Premiership Pace’, and the second leg was another draw to the Gunners.

It shows that if you do well enough in the first leg then the second is much easier.

And that’s stating the obvious!

Arsenal can score big tomorrow night and have a big hand in the final, but Villareal will be a different test.

Juventus and Real Madrid are used to controlling games, scoring the first goal and dominating until the final whistle. Villareal would be happy to sit back, soak up the pressure and steal a couple of goals on the break.

The referee will have to be strong tomorrow night, and expect the Spaniards to win freekicks around the edge of the area and be dangerous from crosses. It wouldn’t surprise me if they tried to get a penalty for that vital away goal.

Arsenal cannot afford Villareal to score at Highbury. Juan Roman Riquelme is a great player and will expose more frailties than Nigel Quashie did at the weekend so Arsenal will have to be outstanding defensively.
Arsenal’s only major injury worry is that to Cesc Fabregas, who is nursing a bruised foot – several reports have said he’s out for a couple of weeks while others say he should be okay for tomorrow nights game.

Cesc has been awesome for us and although tomorrow nights game is massive I would rather him sit out and rest if needed than risk it against Villareal. The only concern is while Diaby has been good for us this year, he hasn’t really had many top-class games under his belt.

Villareal have their two main centre-backs – Gonzalo Rodríguez and Juan Manuel Peña- out of tomorrows game, and first choice keeper and previous Arsenal target Sebastian Viera is also out suspended.

Arsenal have had defensive injury nightmares of their own and come through it so I wouldn’t put too much on Villareal’s absentees. They are a dynamic team who are stuggling to qualify for the Champions League in their domestic league so expect a team that will fight for absolutely everything tomorrow night.

This is Villareal’s cup final.

So let’s make the final European night at Highbury the most special yet!

Bergkamp: The Man, The Myth, The Legend…

Arsenal & Footballing Legend…

After the poor results of the last week, normal service was resumed yesterday with a 3-1 win over Premiership strugglers West Brom. But it was anything less that straight-forward.

In the first half, Arsenal were going through the motions and Henry missed the best chance of the half. Only the vision of Hleb broke the deadlock just before half-time, smashing in a shot at the near post after playing a smart one-two with Henry.

As usual at home, Arsenal had most of the possession and Henry came off with half an hour to go for Adebayor, and then Pires and Bergkamp replaced Hleb and Van Persie in quick succession. Then seconds later Nigel Quashie easy-dispossessed Eboue on the edge of the area to smash in a left-footed shot past Lehmann.

Henry seemed off form, but maybe he had his mind on Wednesday’s game against Villareal.

But minutes later Adebayor fed Pires who shot from the edge of the area only for Kuszczak to parry. The Iceman cooley took the loose ball and fed Pires again, who improvised well to put Arsenal 2-1 ahead.

But then at 2-1, Arsenal-linked Curtis Davies had a decent shout for a penalty and was clearly livid at not getting a spot kick. When I first saw it he did look to have gone down easily, but replays later that night on TV showed that Eboue lashed out a lazy kick and seemed to catch the West Brom captain. You win some you lose some!

Then with a minute remaining, Bergkamp showed his true class and picked the ball up just on the edge of the D, and everyone knew what Dennis was going to do.

He killed the ball with his first touch, moved the ball into space with his second and beautifully curled the ball into the top corner with his third.

A classic Bergkamp goal.

The Bergkamp goal really did send tingles down my spine – what a player he has been for us over the last 10 years he’s been with us!

What he has done for the game is truly awesome and for me has has been certainly been one of the Premierships greatest players of recent times.

Dennis Bergkamp, we salute you!