The Sad Truth About The Demise Of Arsenal FC

We’ve seen this all before.

Nothing has changed over the last 3 seasons, bar a scintillating 8 months last year. We are witnessing the same old performances week in week out. Unfortunately though this season in particular the disappointing displays are happening every other week. I can’t remember the last time in the Wenger-era we played so badly against teams like Middlesbrough, Stoke, Manchester City, Fulham and Hull City. And two of the games we’ve lost this season were against newly-promoted teams!

And don’t expect anyone to come in January. We all want some strengthening in the transfer window but no-one ever comes to help the young squad. I always laugh when the papers link us to players like Yaya Toure and Obafemi Martins – does anyone actually think we’re going to sign experience?

We’re just spun the same old story ever week, and it really is getting boring now. Arsene talks about having faith in his young players and how he believes they can challenge for the Premier League.

I can’t listen to Arsene Wenger anymore.

But the sad truth is that while Arsene’s philosophy is to nurture the young talent and teach them the ‘Arsenal way’, he has in fact created a bunch of pampered kids who can do no wrong in his eyes. The only player who has the desire to improve and you can actually call world class is Cesc Fabregas.

We are a one man team.

I touched on this in my last post, but players like Song, Denilson and Diaby are an insult to Cesc Fabregas. They are not good enough, and Cesc deserves quality players alongside him who are also winners. Players who will fight, and not just stroll through games and pick up their pay cheque. When Patrick Vieira was captain of Arsenal, he had people like Petit, Bergkamp, Henry, Overmars, Campbell, Adams, Keown and Seaman fighting alongside him. In fact, the list of players goes on because Dixon, Winterburn, Wright, Lehmann and Gilberto were also winners. And there were countless others who I haven’t mentioned.

And Fabregas, who is only a young man himself, has to literally lead a team that consists of Song, Diaby and Denilson. I’m sorry, but even Diego Maradona in his prime would struggle making a success of that side.

The sad fact is that most of our current squad are over pampered and over paid slackers.

Would Sir Alex Ferguson put up with the majority of the performances we’ve put in the season? Would he hell.

Arsene Wenger is not just failing the fans, but he’s also failing his players. Cesc Fabregas is world class and should have a team around him that can win major honours. I’m not asking for 11 superstars here, but at least give the kid some team mates who actually put in some effort. People like Mathieu Flamini and Gilberto weren’t headline makers but they had passion, commitment and desire. Is that so much to ask?

Because players like Diaby and Song don’t even put the effort in.

It’s a huge insult in all honesty.

I honestly dread to think what Fabregas must be thinking when he sees these kind of players lining up alongside him. Wenger is the master of spin but I’m sure even Fabregas must see how far we are from having a title-winning squad.

We used to be good to watch but we’re not even that anymore.

Another disappointing trend of this season is the attitude of the players. Going into games against Manchester United and Chelsea this year, we’ve been the underdogs who have gone into those matches in poor form. Somehow we’ve managed to win those games and the obvious reaction from those positive results would be a rejuvenated squad who would kick on and mount a title challenge but on both occasions we’ve played poorly in following matches.

We beat United and then lose to Aston Villa and Manchester City. We beat Chelsea and then lose to Porto and stutter against Middlesbrough.

What the hell is that about?

Over the last 3 seasons, where Arsene has had to create a new team we have steadily improved. We lost Vieira and struggled in our last season at Highbury – but an excellent Champions League campaign masked our poor league form. And at our first season at The Emirates we managed to get more points in the league, and then last year we did well to sustain a title-challenge for the majority of the season.

But this year we have gone backwards, and you have to say his experiment in using youngsters has failed. And it’s not even Christmas yet.

You get the impression Wenger is stubborn and his principles are more important than winning honours with Arsenal. The problem is that in days gone by teams would fear playing Arsenal Football Club. They knew we could rip them apart and win in devastating fashion given half a chance. But now, everyone (and I mean everyone) thinks they can take points of us. I mean Stoke City and Hull City for Christ’s sake. They were in the Championship last season!

One thing I would like to know is does Arsene Wenger have any idea how disillusioned Arsenal fans have become over this current and frankly average team?

Does he know there is a high level of negativity amongst the Arsenal supporters?

You will get those people who will spout the obvious “you’re not a proper Arsenal fan” just because I’ve made criticisms but where do you draw the line? No football team has a divine right to be in the Top Four or in the Champions League every season and while it might be an extreme example look what happened to Nottingham Forest and Leeds United. Those sides were at the top of their game and look where they are now.

I’m not asking for much.

I would just like to see a football team that is willing to compete. Over the last 10 years I haven’t seen a team lacking in fight, spirit and desire as much as this current crop of players.

I don’t want £40 million signings like Kaka or Messi. Just players who have pride in wearing an Arsenal shirt. Players who realise that it’s a privilege to play for Arsenal Football Club. We’ve had players in the past like Ray Parlour and Mathieu Flamini who weren’t the most gifted footballers but they always gave 110% every time they crossed that white line.

They knew what it meant to play for Arsenal.

It actually hurts me when I see players like Eboue, Song and Diaby just stroll through games. Where’s the heart?

Wenger keeps asking us to support the young squad but it’s difficult to do that when you see gutless performances like we’ve had to witness this season.

Why Arsenal Should Sell Cesc Fabregas

Middlesbrough (1) – (1) Arsenal
Adebayor (17′)
The Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough

It’s becoming a season of disappointments, and today’s game at The Riverside was no exception.

After the spineless showing at Porto, Arsene Wenger amazing went for the same trio in midfield with Denilson, Diaby and Song who had shockingly bad games in midweek. And today wasn’t any different.

They were terrible.

Throughout the game, all I kept thinking that Cesc deserves much better. As the little Spaniard stroked the ball around, held up the ball and made things happen it’s completely obvious that he isn’t just on another level to his midfield team mates, but this guy is on a different planet.

It’s a far cry from when Fabregas first started out in the first team, when he learnt his trade alongside Vieira, Gilberto, Bergkamp, Henry, Pires and the others. And these bunch of players weren’t just world class, they were more importantly winners.

This current side are only interested in the big games.

Away games at Fulham, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Stoke and Manchester City have shown that Arsenal just can’t be bothered performing in the less glamorous matches.

The only players in the squad who you can say are world class and consistently play well are Fabregas, Sagna and possibly Gallas – although he seems to have struggled a bit since losing the captaincy and disillusioned at the attitude of the young squad. A lot of people will point to injuries to key players like Nasri, Rosicky and Eduardo but the fact is the depth and strength of the squad is down to the manager.

It’s so hard to watch Arsenal when Fabregas is playing because in terms of ability, temperament, dedication and loyalty he is miles ahead of any of his team mates.

And it’s his loyalty and attitude ever since he’s been at Arsenal that makes you want Fabregas to be a huge success with us. But looking at the current set-up that seems light years away.

Can you blame him if he moved on? I wouldn’t, and I’d wish him all the best for the future.

How much longer can Cesc put up with playing in a team of average players?

There is no balance, and even worse there’s no fight. Last season Flamini set the tempo with his energetic running but today it was lethargic, like it has been for most of the season. Without the ball, we just don’t close down like we used to and with it only Fabregas could use it intelligently. Diaby on several occasions in the first half could have played in Van Persie and Adebayor for simple chances but both times decided to shoot from positions where scoring would have been a miracle.

Adebayor’s fury at Diaby’s inability to play him in said it all.

And Song passing the ball in-between Fabregas and Van Persie in the second half from only 5 yards away (and giving away possession) just summed his performance up.

Arsenal scored after 17 minutes from a Fabregas corner and some Arsenal type defending let Adebayor score from 4 yards out with a free header.

As you expected, this sparked a Boro response and 12 minutes later it was Aliadiere who equalised with a diving header after some amateurish and naive defending from Clichy.

You would expect Arsenal to step up a gear, but it was Middlesbrough who looked more likely to score the winner.

Last season we were fantastic until the depth of the squad was exposed in April, but this season it’s already happened and it’s not even Christmas.