So Will Gonzalo Higuain End Up Joining Arsenal or Juventus?

If you’ve read the latest updates on the Higuain transfer today, you will have read that Gonzalo’s father, Jorge has stated:

“Nothing has been signed yet, but I can assure you that an agreement with both Arsenal and Juventus has almost been reached.

“Real Madrid will make the final decision.”

He is also quoted as saying:

“Nothing has yet been signed but I assure you the negotiations between the clubs are at an advanced stage.

“We won’t agree a contract before the clubs reach a transfer deal. I’m sure Arsenal made a big offer, and Juventus.”

So while the signs of the Argentine’s arrival at The Emirates look positive, it seems as if Juventus are also in the race.

What do you think?

Do you think Gonzalo is destined to wear the red of Arsenal or will he be tempted by the seduction of the Old Lady?

There’s no doubt Real Madrid are ready and willing to sell, but at the moment his final destination is still up in the air.


61 thoughts on “So Will Gonzalo Higuain End Up Joining Arsenal or Juventus?

  1. Taking into account Arsenal’s past history in letting quality players slip through their fingers (Hazard, Mata, Bsle etc) I would have to say Juventus is the more likely destination for Higuain – If Arsenal really wanted him he would already have been signed..

  2. All the press want at the moment is to make any transfer story into a saga. If they said Higuain was simply joining Arsenal then the story comes to an end. This way they can run with it for many days and sell many more newspapers or have many more hits on the web. The bookies are often the best for a true reaction and it is clear they all seem to think he will become a gunner!

  3. Personally he will be better than Van Persie!
    Hopefully Higuain will come to Arsenal…..with the support team he has in midfield and on the wings Higuain will definite be the top attraction in the Premier League!
    The likes of, to name a few, Carzola, Wilshire, Poldolski, Giroud, Monreal, Gibbs and Chamberlain they will bring out the best in Higuain!!

    • Pirlo , vidal, pogba , marchisio , lischteiner , asamoah , giacherini , giovinco …. These are names toooo

  4. All to often we we are led so many lines of speculation only to left wanting.If we were serious about Higuain then we should stop trying to be bloody clever and show the player that we are for real and pay whats required to acquire his undoubted skills,i cant believe that we are taking so long to complete this deal,

  5. We have had information from the Spanish board of directors and they have informed us that Gonzalo Higuain Will sign for Arsenal if they are ready to splash out more than 28.5Million

  6. Juventus are ready to make a formal bid for Gonzalo Higuain for a rumored fee of million pounds. Our sources tell us that Gonzalo Higuain and his agent are in talks with Arsenal’s chief of directors over a pre-contract agreement and Gonzalo Higuain is not interested in a switch to the Italian giants.

  7. News has just come in that Higuain’s agent has completed a pre-terms condition with arsenal and they will sign Higuain on Wednesday 26th June for a fee of 23.5 million pounds.

  8. This is Very frustrating and confusing.
    Mr wenger was quick to announce the possible signing of sanogo but nothing was mentioned from him about signing higuain.
    Maybe arsenal are in spain to sign someone else… or as well?
    Either way if nothing is confirmed in the next 24hrs by the club regarding higuain then it don’t look good im afraid.

  9. That is sweet news. Wednesday 26 is just around the corner, we want these players in Arsenal. We are tired of being trophless.

  10. Real Madrid FC have confirmed the departure of Gonzalo Higuain having received a welcoming 23.75 million with additional money to be paid in the future. Gonzalo Higuain is ready to put pen to paper on the 26th June.

  11. There was areport from that gonzalo has undergone a medical. So pls dont post false statement again. Gonzalo is for arsenal no doubt about it.

  12. We won’t buy higuain juve will crush us what is it this time reluctant wenger or dick law! And if we sign wanyama over fellaini I won’t accept it not after his agent said publicly he wants to use us as stepping stone to big teams! Utter crap if I don’t see higuain join in next few days I won’t buy kits or tickets

  13. ass holin fuck WHAT!! THAT IS GREAT NEWS I JUST CHECKED on sky sports news hes gonna have some impact.

  14. We are going to update all you exciting arsenal fans just turn to SkySportsNews at 9:00pm today for the latest update.

    • I checked like half an hour ago or so and its actually true i think they gonna update at around 9 becuz they need confirming

  15. I am really proud to announce to all MY Arsenal fans that Gonzalo Higuain is finally ours and he will be our new talisman : )

  16. If he signs for Juventus then he must be mad .
    We can offer him regular first team football , not bit part player
    More wages
    A far more competitive league
    Cult hero status
    Stylish football
    We can pay the money up front
    Better chance of being in world cup squad

    I know it has nothing to do with the higuain thing, I just felt like saying it

  18. Why Juventus is playing cat and mouse game over the player they are not ready to buy? The other time it is match fixing, this time around it is high jacking price so as not allow arsenal to acquire the player. Juventus should remember, Londoners time is coming for a pay back.

  19. Juventus had previously been interested in the player, however they could not raised the cash, and wished to pay in four installments. The player apparently agreed terms with Arsenal, Real Madrid have also been negotiating primarily with Arsenal. I believe the media and to some extent Higuain father ( who is the players agent) have been causing mischief for there own reasons. Arsenal are in a very strong position as they have the cash, and will increase the bid if required. I believe Higuain will sign for Arsenal in the next seven days.

  20. After PSG appoints their new manager and Ancelotti signs with madrid this week Higuian will be on his way to north london enough about juventus they dont havethe money that arsenal can offer. Now its just patience for gunner fans which im sure we all have now after 8 years.

  21. We have had confirmation from the English board of footballing rights that higuain has signed for Arsenal FC


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