Arsenal Are Trying To Shop at Waitrose with Tesco Vouchers

As Jose Mourinho famously quoted towards the end of his last reign as Chelsea manager regarding the January Transfer Window when he had an injury crisis, he likened the state of his squad to eggs:

“In the supermarket you have class one, two or class three eggs and some are more expensive than others and some give you better omelettes.

“So when the class one eggs are in Waitrose and you cannot go there, you have a problem.”

At the moment, with rejected bids for Luis Suarez, Lars Bender and TLTDTEW, it’s clear that Arsene Wenger is shopping at Waitrose but only has his Tesco vouchers. And we all know that supermarkets won’t accept vouchers from other stores because of the Transactions and Payments Legislation Law of 2001 (okay I made that up but you get my point).

Why are we putting in low bids (well, bids that aren’t high enough) for players just to get knocked back instantly (Suarez, Bender) by their clubs, or trying to get players on the cheap (Higuain, Fellaini). Then there are players we’re just so left field I have no idea where they came from (Torres, Barry, Rooney).

Are these bids even serious? On first reflection the £30 million bid for Suarez seems ridiculous, and the first impressions you get are that Arsenal are trying to get him “on the cheap” and that Liverpool are going to want much more for him (something around £45 million probably). But maybe, the bid isn’t so crazy after all.

Luis Suarez is undoubtedly talented but he has big problems. Would a club like Arsenal, who have class, want to be associated with a player who has been found guilty of racism and biting other players? When you think of that, the bid seems a bit mental. How could we rely on a player that could be missing for months on end.

Or maybe because the Higuain deal is dead in the water, we’re looking at other options. If I had to evaluate Suarez’s value in the transfer market, around £32 million would probably be right. He is a talented player but has far too much baggage to reach the £40 million plus mark. If his attitude was right, he’d be worth that.

Plus, I’ve already said on record that I wouldn’t want him at Arsenal.

The most likely scenario is that Arsenal are trying to force Real Madrid’s hand. By bidding for Suarez, it “forces” Real to offload Higuain and try and get Suarez. It could be Arsene playing Poker again (like he did with Alex Ferguson over RVP) but then I wonder are Arsenal capable of playing these games? Real Madrid’s president Florentino Perez seems to think so.

Could this be a summer where Arsenal are linked to superstars such as Wayne Rooney, Luis Suarez, Gonzalo Huguain, Marouane Fellaini, Lars Bender and Fernando Torres, only to end up with a young French player from Ligue 1?

Never fear, when Abou Diaby returns from injury for the 2,946th time, it will be like a new signing! Luckily Tomas Rosicky has injury problems now as well so when he comes back that’s another signing!


17 thoughts on “Arsenal Are Trying To Shop at Waitrose with Tesco Vouchers

  1. I think it is more likely that Real would rather do a swap with Liverpool player for player and this why arsenal have bid as a swap would benefit both teams and perhaps Suarez but not Higuain. Arsenal are trying to force them back into the deal somehow?

  2. Infact am so tired of arsenal system of transfer market,i dnt think they are ready to sign any is we fans that cried for trophy but arsenal boar are not looking after trophy affair,the team that spend during transfer will surely win at least 1 trophy.

  3. What makes you think the Higuain deal is dead in the water? – it had to be alive in the first place!

    Once more Arsenal have played its supporters like chumps.

    Kroenke & Wenger OUT

  4. The main point is – clearly unseen by practically every Arsenal website that decides to throw in its tuppence (btw, tuppence has zero currency now!) – is that NO-ONE knows who Arsenal have bid for, how much they have bid, and when they have made the bid! So all speculation – and blind wisdom as spouted here by you – is just hearsay from other tabloid hacks and other brainless/speculative bloggers.

    Take a deep breath, count to ten, and stop fuelling an unnecessary fire.

    People love to be sheep who love to be parrots – following each other and sprouting back whatever they hear.

  5. Asene wenger is the chairman of all bidding staff dat will bid for a player at the begning of d transfer window without bringing in any quality player till d end, all he can do is to be pointng,pointng,pointng till window close. all wot we need now is new manager. board member we are fedup.

  6. Same every season, dithering around and waiting for deadline day to get players on the cheap. Same old story’s.. Wenger will come out with, we are working hard behind the scenes to find quality players.. In Arsene we RUST

  7. The last shopping window it was Cavani, this window it is Higuain. When will Arsene n management stop behaving like wolf criers?

  8. you lot are a bunch of pussies.
    the transfer window has been open 9 days and you are crying like little girls that arsenal haven’t bought anybody yet.
    grow some fucking balls and be patient.


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