The Good, Bad and Funny Side of Luis Suarez [w/ Videos]

Ever since the news that Arsenal tabled a £30 million bid for Suarez I’ve been confused. Why would Arsene and Arsenal bid for a player with so many problems? Why smash our record transfer fee on a player that will be banned for the first month of the season? It doesn’t make any sense.

So then I thought we might be playing games with Real Madrid and somehow we were trying to force through the Gonzalo Higuain deal (seriously, what has happened with that?).

But now it seems, if you believe what the papers say, that we’re willing to increase our bid to £35 million or £40 million and test Liverpool’s resolve.

So what is going on?

Regular readers will know that from the beginning, I have been hugely against Suarez joining Arsenal. I’ve said it a million times but he’s been banned for racism, banned for biting other players and if you watch this video, he is a vicious human being:

Then you see a video like this and you think he could change:

I honestly don’t know if the silly season has gone to my head, or the current heatwave has frazzled my brain, but from being massively against Suarez coming to Arsenal, I am starting to come around to the idea that the Uruguayan could come to The Emirates.

Aside from his obvious attitude problems, my argument was that if we were going to spend £40 million plus on a player, then surely there is someone else out there who is a better fit for Arsenal. But then, maybe Arsene knows what he’s after and thinks Suarez is the man, and maybe that’s why we’ve cooled off getting Higuain.

Arsene’s transfer dealings of late have been hit and miss, and ironically, it is the more defensive positions where he has got things more right than wrong. You cannot deny that Mertesacker, Koscielny and Arteta have been excellent for us, while Podolski, Giroud and Gervinho have failed to set the world alight. We’ve also had Santos come in who has been nothing short of embarrassing.

But maybe with Champions League football and a “more likely” chance of winning the Premier League as opposed to Liverpool (don’t laugh) then he might be more focused and concentrate on scoring goals. Could some of the disturbing actions he’s been guilty of be down to playing in a side where they’re destined to finish 7th in the league? Could it be because he’s frustrated at losing too many games? At Arsenal, you would expect a side like us to create a decent number of clear opportunities per game for him.

A concern I’ve had is his shots to goals ratio. He was only the 23rd “most clinical striker” in the league last season and despite being second in the goal-scoring charts, his conversion rate is poor. Maybe that’s because he shoots from ridiculous angles, maybe it’s because he’s greedy, or maybe it’s because he doesn’t believe in his team mates. I’ve always felt that his finishing wasn’t the best, and we’ll all remember the number of chances he missed against us last season at Anfield when Arsenal took all 3 points thanks for Podolski and Cazorla.

If we’re serious in getting him, Arsene must truly believe that he can settle Suarez down and get the best out of him, and more importantly that he fits into the Arsenal style of play.

At the time of writing, the voting on this mornings poll was at 58% in favour of having Suarez join Arsenal. So have we Arsenal fans left our morals at the door because we’re so desperate for success? Or do we actually believe he can change and become that prolific striker we desperately need?

Let’s end with a positive video, one that includes his best ever goals:


4 thoughts on “The Good, Bad and Funny Side of Luis Suarez [w/ Videos]

  1. Your post made me laugh considerably not only have all the so called Arsenal fans decided they now WANT Suarez in their team but your actually posting videos of his best bits ?? The real reason for my deep laughter was your “more likely” chance of winning the premier league ha ha remind me just what it is Arsenal have won in the past oh I don’t know 8 yrs, the fact is arsenal couldn’t afford Suarez and I highly doubt he would want to leave such a prestigious club even if we have list our way at the moment to join a no hoper club, a club where their own fans boo their own players, a club steeped in a history of being not quite up to it, a club that has been waiting for the “youngsters” to flourish yet they keep leaving for better clubs !! Do everyone a favour have a quiet word with your self before your next post !!!

    • We’ve won the league more times recently than Liverpool mate, how many years is it since you won the league?

      Another deluded Liverpool fan thinking their club is better than it is – you don’t get many of those do you…

  2. Mark – YNWA used to be known as You Never Walk Alone, but now, it’s more likely to be You Never Win Again! I’m sorry mate..

  3. Sorry mate, I know arsenal fans haven’t won a trophy in a long time and success isn’t in their dictionary but never get your women’s team to fight your battles for you in terms of who wins more trophies


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