Why Arsenal Won’t Buy Anyone This Summer

As the transfer window rumbles on, it becomes abundantly clear that Arsene Wenger, and Arsenal, won’t buy anyone this summer. I say “buy” anyone as we’ve already signed Yaya Sanogo on a free. What I mean is, we won’t use any of our reported “£70 milliom war chest” on new players.

Mikel Arteta, Bacary Sagna, Jack Wilshere, Lukas Podolski, Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott have all commented on good it would be if Arsenal signed new players and how it would add to our chances of winning a major honour next season. It’s quite telling when senior members of our squad are basically pleading with the men upstairs to get their asses into gear and put their hand in their pocket, and publicly too.

And the signs are not looking good at all. Stevan Jovetic has joined Manchester City for £22 million, Gonzalo Higuain has joined Napoli for £32 million and Wayne Rooney looks to join Chelsea or stay at Manchester United. So our last hope of strengthening our attack lies with Luis Suarez.

After making an opening bid of £30 million, we’ve followed it up with another bid of £40 million and £1. Liverpool have made it abundantly clear (as well as John Henry via his Twitter account) that something closer to £50 million will be needed for the Anfield club to even consider selling him. They have stated Cavani sold for £55 million and that Suarez is on the same level, if not better. And even if we bid around that price, they still might not sell.

The problem I have with all of this is that it all seems to be a bit of a joke, and I honestly believe that these bids aren’t serious. We bid £18 million for Lars Bender and didn’t follow it up. We haven’t even tried getting in another midfielder, so was that bid a token gesture? With Suarez, we started with a low bid and have now come in with £40 million. Now it’s clear it will take £50 million plus for Liverpool to sell and honestly, I can’t see Arsenal doing it.

First of all, would Arsene Wenger be crazy enough to spend £50 million plus on a single player. The most we have ever spent on a player was £15 million on Jose Antonio Reyes. Would Arsene risk his job on the ticking time bomb that is Luis Suarez? If he spends £50 million on Suarez and it doesn’t pay off (which is highly probable as he has a shocking attitude) then his head would be on the chopping block.

What is much more likely is that we sign no-one, the transfer window closes and they Arsene can proclaim that “we tried signing big players but the selling clubs would not cooperate”. With all of these “serious bids”, no-one could claim that he “didn’t try”.

And secondly, why on earth would we go for Luis Suarez for £50 million (or maybe more) when we could have technically purchased Stevan Jovetic and Gonzalo Higuain for a combined £52 million? For an extra £2 million (which we can obviously afford now) we would have 2 world class strikers who aren’t banned for the first month of the season, have something to prove and would score a hatful of goals for us?

It’s because we’re not signing anyone. New strikers would “kill” Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud.

Jovetic, Higuain and Suarez were and are all pipe dreams.

The best we can do is support the squad we have now and hope they can do well for us next season.


91 thoughts on “Why Arsenal Won’t Buy Anyone This Summer

  1. Bloody useless is Wenger. We are heading towards the ‘Season of Disaster’. The man to my eyes is suffering from mental health problems.. The supporters have a chance to act now before we are led to 6th place or so. In years to come I am sure we will hear the voice of employess saying they knew his issues but couldn’t do anything. He has become a befuddled old tyrant and all of those who love the club seem to believe he is the club. He needs to go before he ends up ruining our place amongst the elite.

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    • LMAO, can’t stop laughing with this your comment, very hilarious. But really you have not made any contribution on the subject above.
      On the real discussion, I can’t really understand what AW is trying to do.

    • Tell the Arsenal supporters then George, why Arsenal will have such a fantastic season then. Why Chelsea and Man City will be worried at your attempt at the title.

      The author of the peice is being realistic. He’s not part of that deluded Arsenal crowd of “Yes, Champions League Football” or “We finished above Spurs”.

      You’ve gone from a title winning, title challenging club with the same manager to scraping Champions League. Without spending or showing ambition it’s going to be Europa League.

      Yes you want to stay positive and show your true support but you still have to be realistic. Don’t become like Liverpool fans.

      Maybe you could join Walcott at iliveincloudcukooland.com with his wonderful quotes yesterday of “Only the top players play for Arsenal” and “Koscielny is the best defender in the world”.

    • I love Arsenal just as much as any fan, but the truth written in the article is the truth. Wenger and Gazidis are at odds with each other. Wenger has never spent more £17,000,000 on Arshavin and look how that turned out. Brilliant at the beginning, disillusioned at the end, just like Reyes. Wenger has never won anything with a squad he has built himself. We have now trimmed over £400,000 per week off the wage bill and that lot up the road have spent money,kept Bale and have a better squad. Last year, like every year for 27 years I went to support my team. At the end of the year I truly believed we could build on a good team and have a great squad, so have a great team. Still believing, still dreaming..!!

  3. Firstly, please ignore everything you read in the papers. The only bit of news I partially believe is the current Suarez saga.

    Secondly, please check your article before posting. This could have been a good one except your spelling mitsakes let you down and it honestly did not make a good read.

    Finally, I do agree with what you’re saying. We have to just accept the fact that other team will up the bid on us. I think everyone is aware of this war chest. It’s funny how we have no ideas how much other teams, like Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool or City have. But then again, their pockets are so deep what’s the point in trying to compete. 50 mill + is far too much for a striker like Suarez. Don’t get me wrong, I think he has an abundance of talent but I truly believe our problem lies in the defensive midfield. We also need a goalie and centre back.

  4. Ha ha, you worry like a woman…. If Liverpool say he is worth 55 mil, that means nothing….The way a free market works is that the value is what someone is willing to pay.
    Cavani cost 55 million because that made it certain, because others wanted him, because Napoli had choices and PSG want to make a huge statement of intent. Plus it helps that they can simply be given the money with no thought tp servicing the debt or the impact on other costs like wages or next years transfer budget.
    Suarez is unhappy and trying to leave, Real might come in for him, that is the risk Arsene is taking. I would just pay the money, but Arsene is a real hard arse… the reality is Suarez will leave Liverpool. They will bluff until the last minute saying we don’t want to sell….or he must be worth this…. but the reality is there is no actual release clause, which means we can’t buy him for a certain amount…thats clear…but they also have no legal basis for their valuation. They will be put under more and more pressure. Arsene will say ‘oh …who..Suarez…well maybe but were not that interested really’. But all the time behind the scenes they will be doing things that will cost liverpool money…e.g. Arsenal show interest in X liverpool target, or Liverpool owners might want to sell,or Suarez might go on strike. Now clearly Rodgers has some balls, but don’t be fooled, we are most definitely in the power position on this one. As long as we don’t blink first…..as you appear to have done in this article….

      • Because he doesn’t want to play for Liverpool and the players have the biggest say. Holding on to a player who wants to leave is very damaging for a club, bad bad publicity, eats up the clubs resources in terms of man power. Liverpool are a franchise of a faitly disinterested American Sports Investor group. They care about share price and fiscal projections, you might not like it, but they will balance the cost of letting him go Vs keeping him in terms of the prospects for future profit/ growth. They have lost alot of money investing in your club already…

    • Quote ‘we are most definitely in the power position on this one’???, unquote, How did you work that out?, even if you came back with £55mil, Suarez will only be going to Arsenal in your DREAMS!, you are a delutionst, m8ty!!!!. Will never happen, who ever heard of AFC, outside these shores???.

      • good luck with a disgruntled 50 million player,i tell you they dont perform like when they Arent disgruntled(Anelka,Henry,Fabregas,Song etc).

    • Your article would make sense if secretly Liverpool wanted to sell Suarez but were just holding out for as much as the can get. However, Liverpool DON’T want to sell him. Nothing would please them more than Arsenal not matching their valuation. If he was the type of player who wouldn’t try because he didn’t get his move, then maybe Liverpool would be forced into a corner. Yet from everything we’ve seen and heard from his collegues, he just loves playing football and his nature is to give everything he’s got while doing so. Therefore Arsenal either pay the £55m Liverpool want and buy him or don’t but they won’t get him for a penny less because Liverpool would rather have the player than the money.

  5. How then do you explain the Suarez bid? Posturing? Would it not make more sense to offer just below the amount we did?
    The last thing we would want is permission to talk to a player we have no intention of signing – so why have we made an offer specifically allowing us to talk to him?
    Sorry, but makes no sense to me.

    • The bid was to test the legality of the clause and give Pere the opportunity to claim that Liverpool are standing in the way of his client pursuing a better job opportunity, that does matter because legally there will be a question between his employment rights and the ability to ‘own’ someone. Also it is probably arround the value the club put on him. What happened was —Arsenal actually were going to bid £35 mil plus add ons to take it to £42 mil. Liverpool said..that won’t invoke the clause….So Ivan, not Arsene came back and said ok you idiots wanna play hardball…ok we will bid £40,000,001, it was a slap in the face, but they deserved and its funny 🙂

      • Why would we want to test the legality of a clause or aid Suares’s career by bidding like that?
        The only possible explanation is that we want to sign him.
        AFC could easily have bid 40M straight, get refused permission and say they tried. Makes no sense to seek talks with a player you wouldn’t want to sign.
        And the stuff about 35M with add ons, Ivan doing the deal against Arsenes wishes….that’s just guesswork.

          • The reason was to get season tickets sold. By turning it into a soap opera it drags the whole saga out and ensures there is zero chance of having to buy the player.
            The only way this club is going to move forward is to get rid of Wenger as soon as possible.

      • You Cockney divs dont half talk some crap. Suarez is legally bound to fulfil his contract of employment with LFC. Liverpool hold all the cards, i am more dumb founded why Suarez wants to join the Arses… & the reaction from Arsenal fans piping up that your a bigger club than LFC. On what basis exactly…? You’ve won nothing for nearly 10 years & your only in the champions league to make the numbers up. The only thing you have bigger than LFC is your stadium, and that wont be for much longer.

        • I see you have resorted to insults…I am just telling you how it is….I don’t expect you to like it. Contracts are broken all the time. I am an Arsenal fan, I don’t claim they are bigger, but then the idea of a big club is largely irrelevant, it doesn’t really mean alot. If you want big just buy the shirt, well done your a fan. I can’t help supporting my team, but I’m not gonna change that because we have missed out. I look at our squad and I see alot of quality full international players, we have good revenues and we play an attractive style. I don’t sit around bemoaning not always winning, I would love to win big and when we loose i get genuinely upset, as I’m sure Liverpool fans do. What makes me confident is that we are on an upward trend that has a secure base. Regardless of what has happened in the past, Liverpool have been mismanaged recently and are struggling to regain top 4. As you see i’m not being harsh, but I believe when your a player with a short career, you don’t look at the history…you look at the near future…

          • I would say that’s a fair and honest assessment of things. However, i can’t agree that Arsenal are on an upward trend. Certainly no more than Liverpool. Yes it’s been a bad 3 or 4 years for us but we now have an intelligent young manager who reminds me of Wenger in many ways. He want’s his team to play attractive attacking football and now that he’s got his scouting team in place, buys exciting players. The likes of Coutinho, Sturridge, Mignolet and Luis Alberto are the kind of signings the fans have been crying out for. Add that to stable ownership, a healthy financial position, the redevelopment of Anfield, a thriving youth system and a global fanbase and we’re in a position to reclaim our place among the games elite and stay there.

    • It makes no sense to you because you don’t understand the situation. Liverpool haven’t given Arsenal permission to talk with Suarez. The clause in his contract means that Liverpool must inform him of any bids over £40m and consider them, that’s all. The reason Arsenal bid £40+1 was because was because they believed that the clause in his contract was a £40m release one. So they bid that figure to automatically trigger it. Had they done their homework and simply asked Suarez’s agent for a copy of his contract they would have seen that he didn’t have a £40m release clause and saved themselves a bit of embarrassment. One of the reasons i agree with the above article is because Arsenal keep making their bids public. As if they’re trying to send a message to somebody. Arsenal and Arsene Wenger have alwyas conducted their business in private and only gone public when their business was concluded.

      • Of course a club like arsenal have ‘done their homework’. With their legal team why would they not?! They aren’t just going to go on a whim and bet £40mil+1 unless they know what his contract states. Idiot.

  6. The most annoying things, he still let go some player without sure of replacement . Arsenal will not pay more than £1 over £40 million, so getting Suarez is not sure.

  7. Wenger is a very big fool, let him continue playing the handball, he thought d fans who pays for match ticket doesn’t have choice. If he try not signing a world class player i bet him, he wl be d first to cry bcos as far as am concern, arsenal revenue wll fall drastically. Old full at forthy.

  8. Fellow gooners,
    I have to agree and also what it backs the article up even more is that wenger is happy to wait.Well, Wenger has clearly pointed out before that if you leave it so LATE to buy,the selling club will not have time to get a replacement!!! He can still but Fellani and the centerback at Valencia or Bernard!, i’m afraid its history repeating itself.Thats the reason why I will not go to the emirates cup or emirates again until ambition is met!!
    Fans STOP and vote by your feet, its looking like the AFC board are bullshitting again and again, AFC akin to this article Oh we tried but the selling club kept upping the price! well, welcome to the world of buying world class players.You cannot go to the Bentley garage and say to the sales man I will wait until the price comes down to realistic prize!! no you PAY Bentley top price or you do nt have the car.
    I hope I eat my words and if so I will pledge money I would of paid going to emiartes cup etc to charity!!!

    • Its better to buy 2 players who will play 10 games and bring us 33 points other than buying fools who will play 33 games and bring us 33 points,the likes of Diaby

      • I’m a Liverpool supporter but i think Diaby is a great player! He’s just been so unlucky with injuries. Everytime he gets a head of steam up and look like he’s going to really progress, he gets injured. Also they’re not niggling two or three week injuries, they’re two or three month ones. If he could stay fit, he’s one i’d definately take.

    • Dillusional?

      “wenger is happy to wait.Well, Wenger has clearly pointed out before that if you leave it so LATE to buy,the selling club will not have time to get a replacement!!!”

      Sorry to tell you this, but you do not have all the time in the world.

      Liverpool have told Arsenal they have until next week to meet their £50m valuation of Luis Suarez or face missing out on the striker altogether.


  9. I don’t get how you can call Jovetic world class. The guy is a nobody, he’s goals scoring record is nothing. If jovetic is works class then so is giroud theo, and podolski.

  10. Wenger is the nerdy guy with glasses who has a short list of hot girls he wants to date and they all reject him except for the hottest, most desirable but also the wildest girl who will eat him alive and spit him out as sure as day follows night.
    Arsenal have been a selling club for such along time now that if we try to play with the big boys then we are going to get badly burnt.
    My money is on us buying Suarez for fifty million and then who knows what will happen. All hell breaking loose probably.

  11. I almost agree with you but the money offered for Higuain was supposedly accepted but then Napoli came in and RM raised the bar.
    Jovetic made it clear he wanted other clubs over Arsenal and it was only newspapers that spread the rumours and there was no bid from Arsenal for him.

    As for Suarez, he is a top player but a nutter too! If you listed the top 5 forwards in the world he would be one of them so 50 mil is about right but because of his history it becomes a gamble, hence only offering 40 mil which is probably close to what his true value is, based on his history only.

    If Arsen pulls this one off then the footballing world will view Arsenal differently and it could be the catalyst for attracting elite players to the club.

    Most certainly goals will come this season if he joins but like most Gooners I fear for the amount of goals we concede so its the defensive minded players of quality I would like to see come in.

    I believe Capoue could be a really good buy for the club and Williams too! 16 million would secure both players and that would be more in keeping with Arsen of old!
    Bring in Rooney too for around 26 million and then a chat with Cesc about coming back for the reported 25 mil buy back clause and we have a real tasty team for a slightly higher price then Suarez.

    And then I woke up!

  12. Over 5 weeks of the window left its a bit early to say he won’t sign anyone,sites like this are typical of a lot of negative arsenal supporters its bad enough that sky slate us at every opportunity without our own supporters doing a bit more positive energy might help I actually believe we will sign players this year and I believe if we get 2 or 3 quality players we will challenge for the title.

    • And in 5 weeks time you’ll be asking us to “judge him at the end of the season”, after which you’ll tell us “this transfer window will be different”, after which you will tell us “wait until the transfer window closes”, after which you will ask us to “judge him at the end of the season”, after which you will………….. Need I continue?
      Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING will change until Wenger is gone.

      • You can’t wait until Arsene Wenger’s gone? Be careful what you wish for. As a Liverpool supporter i’ve seen my team spend hundreds of millions of pounds trying to win the title and we’re, honestly, no nearer winning it now than we were 20 years ago. You’re no nearer winning it either but it hasn’t cost you hundreds of millions. Almost any other manager you get in to replace Wenger is going to want to spend big money but that doesn’t guarantee anything. 18 other teams in the Premiership would swap their manager for yours in a heartbeat. I believe only Chelsea wouldn’t. Not only is the grass not always greener on the other side, it’s usually burned and dried up.

  13. Its funny how every year we start with comments such as Wenger didnt sign anyone. Arsenal are going to finish 5th, 6th, Midtable.. bla bla bla.. and end each season with we are lucky to make 4th.
    Do it once its luck, repeat it and thats some skill but to repeat for at least the last 10 years. That obviously show skill and deserve recognition.

    PS I can see why Wenger prefers Suarez. He is capable of leading the front line on his own. Hold play,dribble,finish. Thats the type of striker wenger needs for his system. Higuain is more of a penalty box and play along the offside line kind of striker. He isnt good in holding the ball up. We already have that kind of striker in walcott.

    • Why don’t you fuck off to White Hard Lane so another thru Arsenal fan can watch the games and supports the team.Moron.

  14. Just do not know what to say any more if we do not buy a single quality player then we are no more a top team just a content top 4 team at best, I am not looking forward to the coming season now So disappointed thinking very seriously about scrapping my season ticket for next year all £1900 pounds worth if I thought we was not going to buy any one I would not of renewed it for the 15th time running, I have always stood by my team and Arsene but this coming season I am not sure I can endure the crap all over again.

  15. To me, this season is the crunch time for Wenger. No more excuses for not getting any trophies, with or without Suarez. Please no more ” I could have signed…..but” stories. Enough is enough.

    Come back at me all you want , but end of day look at above comments from gunners , you no am right !

  17. Truly Suarez has history but he is world class, Van persie had histories (injuries) but he is world class. If we got 25 million for VP who had just 8 months contract left with Arsenal then 45 millions is not too much for Suarez who still has 3 years contract with Liverpool. The problem is that AW is scared of going against his own legacy and he has forgotten this is a very good business for Arsenal

    • No there not but we wasn’t making out that we were , a lot of gunners came out totally ripped LFC and was clearly putting your club on a higher perch than you,s are !
      Now they are going back on there words and are having to eat shit ! Now that wenger and co have been rumbled, just wish you’s would of not been so naive and maybe we wouldn’t be going on about this crap, because that’s what it is really CRAP!

  18. wenger not going to sign anyone ,if he had wanted a world class striker they would have kept the Dutchman last year knowing that they would have so called war chest this season,to strength other areas this season. but wenger doesn`t seem to see the weakness in centre defence,centre midfield or goalkeeper,or doesn`t want to spend money to address these issues.how can arsenal have the highest paid manager in premiership ,highest paid chief executive,but can`t match players wages or transfer fees of other clubs

  19. Excellent article mate, I have found this whole Suarez thing bizarre from the start. I’m glad we didn’t get Jovetic in the end, he’s a great player, but not the goalscorer we need. I can’t understand how we let Higuain go though, he was exactly the type of player we needed; great goalscorer, not a complete fucking nutjob. Granted Madrid may have stitched us up on the price at the last minute, but we could have still have got a younger, better player than Suarez for £8m less. I think this lends weight to your theory we were never going to sign anyone in the first place.

    Cue the first press conference in September ‘We missed out on some targets, but let’s not forget we signed Sanogo. Also nobody came in for Bendtner, so we’ll have him too, it’s like a new signing…’

  20. Great to see all the gone ,rs come off there perch loving all this keep it coming ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAJAHAHAHA
    Lfc are loving it and probably spurs , Chelsea, and every other club in the country !
    After all the talk you gave over last couple of weeks , now you’s have started to listen ! Better late than never .

  21. AFC will sign nobody?
    Has that ever even happened?

    We have gotten rid of most of the deadwood. There is room in the squad. We have sold nobody of note. We have money to spend. Those are all facts.
    Try to have some patience. At least allow the club the allotted time to bring the players they want to the club.
    We can all judge how the transfers went when the window closes. With facts, not impatient anger, immaturity or squabbling with fans of other clubs who are also trying to do things the right way.

    • “We have sold no one of note”, which means we will buy “no one of note”.
      In 5 weeks time you’ll be telling us “judge him at the end of the season”.
      The interminable “do-overs” allowed for this man are getting tiring.
      Time for Wenger to go. The sooner he goes, the less the damage on the club.

    • FACTS
      Look at City, psg, Monaco, Chelsea etc

  22. i hope to god arsenal buy suarez, hes a liabilty, let him drag your clubs name through the mud.. Cant see it happening tho, doubt very much suarez would want to join arsenal as its hardly a massive step up!

  23. Thanks – just what I wanted to hear. In fact, why can’t they just ban Arsenal fan websites – they are boring and depressing as hell…

  24. I’d rather wait until September. But if what you predict does come true, then it’d be disaster not only for this coming season but for the future as well because all the decent players we have now would be clamoring for
    exits, I promise you.

  25. All you bloody moaners who think you know it all are going to look pretty stupid just like the idiot who runs this blog

    • Just like you will when Wenger buys nothing and the club slips down yet another notch.
      Season after season people like you have your heads so far up this man’s arse you can’t see the damage being done.
      Yes, he’s taken this club all the way up.
      Right now he’s bringing it all the way down again.

      • And if you’d been brought up watching Arsenal in the 1960’s instead of jumping on a bandwagon like the rest of the “must-have-glory-NOW” brigade, you’d know just how lucky we are to have Wenger. You seem to forget that there are actually much richer clubs than us out there. When you’ve run a world class football club for a few years, I’ll listen to your ramblings until then I’ll treat comments like yours with the complete and utter contempt that they deserve.

  26. This is real money not Championship Manager. If the Higuain move had been almost agreed at £25M and then the price was bumped up, I don’t blame Wenger for turning tail. The long term interest of Arsenal is paramount not short term expediency to satisfy impatient fans. The fact that we can begin to talk about Suarez for £40M is because of financial prudency in the past. Buying any particular player will not guarantee success.

  27. Any bets one of the reasons Wenger dropped all other “targets” is that the board are pushing him to buy a top player, so he said”ok, if you push me to buy an expensive player I will buy the biggest PR disaster I can find to embarrass you”.

  28. How is Jovetic World Class? And if we are not trying to sign Suarez, then what’s up with John Henry’s comment on Twitter? Of course 50mil is too much for a single player, that’s why haven’t signed him yet…Wenger believes he can get him for less. Remember that the 40m+1 was only to allow Arsenal to talk to Suarez, not to sign him.

  29. Arsenal fans don’t have say toward the running of the club, it is a pity, i know much about chelsea, tottenham, Liverpool whenever they have a song against any of their manager, weather that manager win champions league he must go, but in arsenal fans has voted for hugain, fellani, and suarez, etc, but wenger said he will never buy a player fans is crying for, fans should stop paying for this matches because they are not part of arsenal, he should be sacked,

  30. Arsenal fans don’t have say toward the running of the club, it is a pity, i know much about chelsea, tottenham, Liverpool whenever they have a song against any of their manager, weather that manager win champions league he must go, but in arsenal, fans has voted for hugain, fellani, and suarez, etc, but wenger said he will never buy a player fans is crying for, fans should stop paying for this matches because they are not part of arsenal, he should be sacked,

  31. Liverpool won’t be able to keep Suarez as he clearly wants CL football this coming season. Suarez has a track record of forcing his way of clubs, there’s no way he would stay at Anfield.

    • I’ts simply not true that Suarez has a track record of forcing his way out of clubs. When Gronigen came calling Nacional in Uruguay were didn’t wish to stand in his way and he left with their blessing. The same happened when Ajax took him to Amsterdam. He also left Ajax on good terms. The stadium was full to wish him goodbye and the Ajax Chairman, Henrichs, said that Suarez will light up Anfield. To my knowledge, none of the three clubs he’s left in his career have been acrimonious partings. After the ONE press conference he gave citing the British press as the reason he wanted to leave Liverpool, i haven’t seen or heard ANYTHING that i can categorically say came from Suarez. I’ve read supposed quotes and parts of interviews but i couldn’t, hand on heart, say i’m sure were from Suarez. The fact that he hasn’t handed in a transer request suggests that he’s not fighting as hard to leave Liverpool and some people would have us believe. I’ve read quotes where he says how much he loves Liverpool and playing for their supporters but as Brendan Rodgers said, those quotes don’t get highlighted.

  32. my only hope for arsenal is to see that toothless dog called Wenger sacked and not retiring for the pains he has caused us all the time. Does he think that arteta is 24 years to be DM .that man is mad. I blame the UK fans for u are doing nothing to get this man on his toes.you are just happy when arsenal beats Newcastle by six goals to nothing .Shame on you guys in UK.

  33. Oh My

    Really. you guys will find a conspiracy in a tea cup. If you really believe what you write then I’m guessing that you should stop writing for the public at large and concentrate on passing your SAT/Common entrance exams. What’s even more surprising is how many of you are out there.

    Get real my friend and get into the real world and out the hallucigenic mind of an adolescent because that is what you come across as.

    Why would it be so difficult to understand that signing a player like Luis Suarez was always going to be difficult but the club would actually want to sign him. The goalposts were moved during the negotiations with Madrid over Higuain, and as such Arsenal refused to negotiate with Madrid once they started playing their games.

    What’s obvious is that Wenger rates Suarez as a much better player than Higuain and obviously has been led to believe that Arsenal have a very good chance to sign him. Of course Liverpool are going to put up a fight but what we have seen in modern day transfer shenanigans is that the player always gets his move (eventually).

    Do you even know what goes on behind the scenes in a negotiation of this kind. And you should certainly know by now that

    (a) Wenger always keeps his mouth shut on transfers until they happen, &

    (b) He always tries to get value for his money, so there will be protracted negotiations for players.

    I’m sure one almighty reason he didn’t sign Jovetic or Higuain is because he feels Suarez is a better player and he has a darn good chance of signing him.

    Are Jovetic or Higuain that much better than what we have now? Of course he has to consider the quality of the player he’s buying, how much they cost and how it affects his current squad-if he didn’t do that he’d be negligent.

    • That was a good post. However, just because Wenger is interested in Suarez and has bid for him doesn’t mean that he’s been led to believe that Arsenal have a very good chance of signing him. Manchester Utd continue in their pursuit of Fabregas even though they’ve been told by the player that he wants to stay with Barcelona and by the club that he’s not for sale at any price. I personally have not heard Suarez say ANYTHING which would lead Wenger to believe that he wants to join Arsenal. The fact that he hasn’t submitted a transer request either must further add doubt to your claim.

      • Well balanced, really like you comments 🙂 The sad thing is that basically with the rise of the rich benefactor both of our teams have suffered and we should support the fact that we both need to build and develop. Both Liverpool and Arsenal have a bit of class we shouldn’t forget this 🙂

        • The problem is neither of us have rich benefactors, more like rich detractors. Kronke hasn’t put a penny into Arsenal, and uses it as an investment vehicle, as all the other American owners for other clubs before him. I don’t understand why any of the board thought it would be a good idea for Kronke to take over. The only bad thing at the the time was that Usmanov and Dein wanted to move us to Wembley, which would’ve ripped the heart out the club. I don’t really understand why we couldn’t of stayed as we were, with no one in overall charge, then we wouldn’t of moved and we would’ve ploughed the profits back into the club. The board members who sold to Kronke are regretting it now.

  34. i am a little confused here. Firstly why are stupid liverpool fans commenting on an arsenal website claiming the ‘world is laughing at us’. Clearly there are some liverpool fans slightly worried about us. Secondly how can liverpool or tottenham or whoever comment on us. Liverpool are a joke of a football club now. Arsenal are a bigger club than you lot now, we have been for the last 20 years and we have a much much much better team that you FACT. Hell tottenham are a bigger club and have a better team now FACT. how does that feel exactly. You have been the laughing stock the of the premier league for the last 5 years so get over it. Dont worry you might actually get a Europa league place next year YAY!!! dopey northerners. Also go and get a job i am fed up of paying for you lot to live and i am sure many of the other gooners are as well!!! yes that does mean we are better than you, theres another FACT for you

  35. Dude.. I am not substantially into studying, but somehow I obtained to go through lots of article subject material with the online web page. Its awesome how attention-grabbing it seriously is for me to go to you pretty frequently.

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  37. It’s time arsenal fans stood together and demanded answers about wenger and his transfers policy’s year after year we are fed the same crap and pay through the nose ticket prices

  38. The truth of the Arsenal strategy. Arsenal have reduced the wage bill by 400k per week effectively 20M+ per year. The same amount as the Champions League bonus. With Tottenham continuing to over invest, the decision has been taken to ready Arsenal to drop out of the Top 4. Kroenke wants Arsenal to continue to generate profits outside of the Champions league. In order to avoid a drop in season ticket and merchandise sales Gazidis and Wenger have agreed to lie to fans and the media about their intention to sign top players. Don’t be fooled this is a deliberate policy.

    • It doesn’t make sense though. If he wasn’t going to spend anything, why make that big statement about the ‘war chest’. If he hadn’t of said anything the fans would’ve been angry, but not half as angry as they are now, and I don’t believe it made any difference as to whether or not we renewed our season ticket. He’s made a mockery out of Arsenal, and the press are reveling in it. The whole Higuain thing was a farce. We need a striker and a DM – Ramsey is doing a good job, but he’s not a DM. If only one of those comes in, it might do a little towards placating the fans. I think the cheapest way for Wenger to get out of the fix he’s made for himself would be to buy Fellaini, but he’s showing no inclination toward doing that.

      • The only way it would make sense, is if he’s decided not to renew his contract, and Kronke and Gazadis have asked him to go along with the 70 million nonsense, so AW takes the bullet and the golden handshake, whilst Kronke and Gazadis get to scam us for another year. I would hope for better tho’…..


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