How Arsenal Have Conned The Supporters

I am still in Canada and been to see Niagara Falls, which was such a great experience. Unfortunately for you the reader perhaps, this post may be littered with spelling mistakes as this is yet another written entirely on my iPhone. Anyway, back to the matter at hand…

As it becomes abundantly clear that Arsenal won’t buy any players (but not without “trying really hard” of course) the way they have failed to strengthen the squad this summer is quite spectacular. After just about finishing 4th in the Premier League on the final day of the season, it was clear that Arsenal needed to bring in some real quality if they were to compete for the major honours next season.

But this has been the same old story for the last 8 seasons. 8 years without a trophy and 8 summers where we’ve sold out best players to rival clubs.

But then, Gary Neville (who I think is a top pundit by the way) gave us Arsenal fans a thing which all football supporters love and dread in equal measure – hope.

He, quite rightly, talked about Arsenal’s barren run for the last decade and pointed out at some point, Arsenal will have the stadium paid off and use the money they have to really compete at the top. He said if Arsene won something big next season then it would be a masterstroke. He said he believed our time was now (well, next season).

Then, Ivan Gazidis jumped on the bandwagon. He publicly announced that Arsenal had a massive war chest (reportedly at around £70 million) to spend “if” Arsene wanted to spent it. He also said that we could not just compete with the top teams in the league in terms of transfer fees, but also wages, stating that Arsenal could pay players £250,000 per week if necessary.

This of course, put the media (and fans) into a frenzy. We were linked with Stevan Jovetic, Gonzalo Higuain, Wayne Rooney, Marouane Fellaini, Gareth Barry, Lars Bender, Luis Suarez, Benteke and Julio Cesar. Most of whom would have improved our squad. And while most of those “links” were made up by the media, we were genuinely interested in at least 3 of those players.

But of course, Gazidis publicly coming out and saying we had loads of money to spend has to be one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever seen. Why, even if we had £70 million to blow on new signings would you come out and say it? It instantly weakens your position in the transfer market, tells other clubs that we will pay the top prices (like the inflated fees Manchester City pay for instance) and gives the media a free hand in making up transfer rumours meaning they will link you with any player who is looking to engineer a move away from their club.

But maybe, Ivan Gazidis isn’t stupid and has this planned all along. Maybe, this was the greatest PR spin in football. It doesn’t matter one bit if you come out publicly and tell the world you have massive money to spend on players if you don’t intend on spending a penny.

You can safely bid £18 million for Lars Bender and know that the selling club will turn it down and ask for more. It’s the nature of the transfer game – you never accept the first offer, especially if you know for a fact the bidding club have a war chest at their disposal. It doesn’t make financial sense to accept the first bid without trying to increase the price.

And you can safely bid £30 million for Luis Suarez and know it will be turned down. And you can bid £40 million and £1 and know the same will happen again. It doesn’t matter that the offers are being turned down, we’ve put the bids in so it “looks like” we tried to bring in players. The fact is though, Arsenal fans know better and see through the whole charade.

I guarantee that when the transfer window closes, Arsenal fans will be upset we haven’t strengthened in the summer but Arsene can come out and say that we tried to bring in world class players, bid huge amounts that were well beyond what we’ve ever spent in the past and that it was the selling clubs that didn’t want to part with their players.

I might be completely wrong and this time next month we’ll have a world class striker, midfielder and defender all signed up. But don’t count on it.

Arsenal will not sign Luis Suarez. I can say that categorically. The whole idea when it first emerged was preposterous and it’s still ridiculous even now.

Unless Arsene Wenger has had a stroke then be cannot seriously consider buying Luis Suarez for anything near the £50 million Liverpool are asking. In fact, buying him for the £40 million is still ridiculous. Mark my words, if in some crazy universe we do agree a few with Liverpool, the deal will fall through when we fail to agree on personal terms.

There are a multitude of reasons why the signing won’t happen. In no particular order, they are:

1. The fee is way beyond what we’ve spent in our history. That fact cannot be ignored. Arsene is notoriously prudent in the transfer market and would never take a massive gamble, which spending £50 million on a single player would be. He doesn’t care if there’s £70 million available to him, he won’t put the clubs future at risk for one player. You have to consider what that £50 million will get us, and a guaranteed Premier League title is isn’t. Suarez may have a great season for us and score 40 goals, but that’s not enough. A more prudent approach would be to spend £50 million on 3/4 quality additions in various positions on the pitch.

2. Luis Suarez’s well-reported problems. I’ve had countless agreements about whether he is a racist but the fact is he was banned for racist behaviour. He was also banned for biting players not once but twice. He’s been banned for long periods and is banned for the first month of the season. Who in their right mind would pay £50 million for someone who can’t play the first 6 games of the season and could be banned again later on in the season? His attitude and behaviour is not one of an Arsene Wenger type player.

3. Olivier Giroud and Lukas Podolski. So do we just confine both of these players to the bench? Arsene has a record of bring extremely loyal to his players and he is unlikely to give up on Giroud in particular just after one season, particularly when he did well and has something to build on next season. If there were rumours of Giroud leaving Arsenal this summer it would make sense bringing in another striker but there’s been nothing of the sort.

4. Why would Arsene sign another player who wants to jump ship at the first opportunity? Arsenal are notorious for selling top players who want to move on without much fuss. Emmanuel Adebayor, Samir Nasri and Gael Clichy all wanted moves away and got them with consummate ease. And on top of that, if we were soft enough on players who wanted to leave, we also sell some on for less than they are worth. When you compare them to the fees Andy Carroll, Fernando Torres, Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson all went for, Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie went for way below market value. Van Persie only had one year left on his contract you say. Well who’s fault was that?!

So lets picture next summer shall we. Suarez scores loads of goals and has a phenomenal season, or has an awful campaign and gets banned for kicking a ball boy in the face. Either way, he wants to move. With Arsenal’s track record, do you honestly believe that we could get £50 million for him? Could we hell, we’d get £30 million backs for him if we were lucky.

5. Luis Suarez wants to join Real Madrid. Is moving from Liverpool to Arsenal that much of a step up really? Sure, if we had already signed 2/3 top quality players and shown our intent for next season, then fair enough but we haven’t and as it stands we are we we’ve always been, a side fighting for the Top Four. The only real difference is we play in the Champions League. Do players really care about that? I’m sure that what footballers really care about is getting a big pay rise and Real Madrid could offer him more than we could afford, and they have a better chance of “winning things” if he cares about that too.

So that’s five major reasons why this transfer will never happen in a million years.


124 thoughts on “How Arsenal Have Conned The Supporters

  1. Much of this I agree with. However the consequence of us playing this game is that it will look like we don’t have the pulling power, that big players don’t want to play for us. It is a dangerous game being played and if arsene does not buy when we have stated our intention to do so, the players have themselves said we hope so and the fans desperately want it to happen….then I think that will be it for the mngt…and after being a loyal IAWT follower probably quite justified.

    • Article drivel? Makes perfect sense if you’ve been supporting arsenal for the last 8 years I’d say, but then again AKBs do tend to have permanent rose tinted specticles. Why can’t AKBs just let everyone have there own opinion?

      • Some of us have supported this club for a little longer than 8 years so remember a time when we didnt win a thing for a lot longer than our present barren spell

        • Well the barren spell isn’t the point everyone has bad spells but that doesn’t excuse the state the club is in, the prudent approach to transfers leaves us short each year and after 8 years nothing has changed how you have a go at supporters who want change while backing a socialist (communist) who excuses himself from every failure under the guise of MENTAL STRENGTH!!!!

        • Well did you in that time previous to Wenger ever see us sell our successive captains well below market value?

        • I’ve supported Arsenal over 40 years and its the recent value taken out of the squad being hoarded and not reinvested that is holding us back unnecessarily. That’s been the final straw for many.

          AWs wages are indefensible given 8 years of failure to win anything. Any corporate CEO would have been removed. Gazidis himself has said they should be accountable to the fans – so how about it?

    • Andy Mack is one of the many Arsenal fans who are deluded and thinks that the Champions League is enough and just finishing above Spurs. Doesn’t matter that under the same manager his club don’t win the title or compete for it. He is the reason why i have detested Arsenal fans more and more for a while now.

      It’s nice to see though (and you are slowly appearing), Arsenal fans who are realistic and can see whats going on. Keep this up and get rid of idiots like Andy Mack and you may get my respect again. I actually cheered when Michael Thomas scored that late goal against Liverpool to win the title.

    Just kidding!

    I’m fed up hoping and being on NewsNow all the time. I dont think we will sign anyone substantial, and failed pursuit of big names will just kill our credibility.

  3. thanks very much for your analysis, excellent and i believe that is likely the trend, we are short of quality of two at the central defence, holding mid, goalkeeper and top nine. just four quality @ about 50 – 60 pounds will give us the EPL and possibly CL. Remember injuries will still come in.

  4. Another stupid post. Think that buying players is like going to the supermarket. Brainless fool.
    And, reading to the stories created by tabloids and treat them as truth. What an ASS.

          • The fact yr now calling me a spud, a term used for a spurs fan, shows how little u knw really knw about the club an just for you the term Gooner, as in my name, indicates an Arsenal fan

          • See disliked for stating facts lol
            Spuds is a spurs fan
            Gooner is Arsenal fan
            How the hell can u dislike a fact its not an opinion

        • Anti anything Arsenal = not a true supporter
          U may not like something the club or its management does and u have the right to say so but being anti anything to do with the team u say u support is wrong, the clue is the meaning of the word “support” which is “to sustain or withstand without giving way”

          • Exactly. I support Arsenal no matter what.

            But I do not support Arsene and/or his actions and/or inactions that are adversely affecting the Club.

            It is shame that you lot can’t support the Club for once.

          • I never got mad at people attacking Wenger I got mad at those attacking the club for things beyond their control its not the clubs fault that in recent times we have lost out to richer clubs for certain players its not the clubs fault that there is no obe better to manage the club than the present manager, as utd have found out, if u think there is then name him as ut

        • I support the badge on the front of the shirt not the name on the back or the backside on the managers chair

          • Then why get so mad when people criticise Wenger?

            Is he infalliable and made all the right decisions for Arsenal FC?

    • Its also quite fun too think that even though you disagree you come on here everyday just to spout abuse against your fellow fans.

    • Wow you are an idiot.

      We consistently sell our best players and our captains no less, and fail to buy quality replacements. It’s not like going to a supermarket obviously (who even thinks that) but why do other football clubs have no problem buying players?

      Get your head out of your ass.

  5. Funny how all these possibly signings all drop away after season tickets have been renewed. I totally agree, I don’t think Arsenal will sign anyone this transfer window, even though they are desperately needed in order to compete.

    • Here we go again with the season ticket conspiracy if u knew anything about the club u claim to support u would knw theres a waiting list of over 40,000 for those tickets so if the present holders didnt renew the club would still sell the season tickets

      • Really, as if that matters to Arsenal. Season ticket holders will renew if the club looks like challenging regardless of who is waiting to take over their ticket if not. They are being sold a lie at renewal time in the hope of seeing Arsenal compete at the top level again.

        Your argument is flawed in so many ways, I suggest you stop and think before making a clown of yourself!

        • Hiw is it flawed to state that if one person doesnt renew someone else will take his ticket the argument was that the only reason the club said it would spend was to get season ticket holders to renew but lm saying that has no bearing as someone would pay for the ticket an the club knws this so why would the need to convince anyone to renew…now explain how that makes me look a fool

          • Because if they didn’t lie they’d have a riot at the ticket stand.

          • And what I’m saying if you cared to read it was that those who renewed there season tickets were under the impression the team was going to be strengthened and it won’t happen. They were misled, hence conned!

      • You might want to learn English before starting to chastise better people with it. What are you ten? You don’t know the first thing about this club.

        • Ok so l hit the wrong key on my tablet an misspelt a word but to say l knw nothing about a club l have supported for over 45 years, guess that answers yr other question, an the fact l actully lived in Islington til l was in my teens an most of my family still live there, is alittle over the top.
          Also last time l checked we live in a free country where everyone can have an opinion and if u read my comments they are based on facts

          • No they’re not, for one its not a fact that you are over fifty because I doubt anyone over fifty could answer post with the fervor you are. Secondly you repeatedly make the same language mistakes, mistakes that are clearly the result of a distorted sms language most common in toddlers but despised by any over thirty. So again I state you haven’t given a single fact on this entire blog. You sir are a liar.

        • 1st thanks for saying lm not over 50 based solely on my typing ability, lm actully 53 and my fervor as u put it is because im sick to death of so called fans slagging off the team lve followed all my life theres no one forcing u to support the club.
          And lm sorry if my english isnt upto yr standards but its been awhile since l left school an as a simple worker dont get much chance to practice the written word.
          But please dont let that stop you using my grammer an typing as an argument against my points

          • I’m just pointing out that there’s nothing credible about your “avatar” thats all. And you can purport to state fact but have in fact done none of the kind as of yet. And for that matter whether or not you are 53 or 50 is for you to know and you alone, but I for one choose to believe your naivite is that of a fifteen year old and not fifty.

          • What you’re seeing here is a collection of fans who are all passionate about the club and want it to be successful. They are not anti-Arsenal, they are unhappy with the performance of AW in recent years and Gazidis. AW aside, we can still be critical of the club management/administration under Gazidis and that is not being anti-Arsenal. It’s as though our transfer activity is being conducted by 15 yr olds.

      • There may be a waiting list, but what about us that renewed our tickets because we thought they would at last buy some new players
        I feel as though we have been cheated

  6. As depressing and negative as this article is, I feel its an accurate assessment of what’s transpired. If I’m going to buy a house why would I announce to everyone I have crap loads of money to spend???? It either shows Ivan the terrible is a genius or a full of crap…I say the latter. Secondly, how do you intergrate new players into the squad successfully if they’re bought 2 days before the season? We offer 40M for Suarez a known trouble maker, but say we don’t want to spend 10M less on Higuain? Absolutely ridiculous! There’s extra TV revenus money, as well as CL payouts and we’ve yet to spend money? This is what we’ve seen time and tme again as fans, and if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck…you know the rest!

    • This is exactly where our so-called fiscal genius is such a sham. To not showcase new signings on a tour through Asia is simply millions down the drain. It’s just another instance of waste along with the millions frittered on the bloated wages of dud players.

      I sincerely hope the players start to vote with their feet as well. I’d love to see a mass exodus threatened unless the club stops hoarding, and invests properly in the squad. Jack, Theo, Cazorla, Kosielny, Podolski, Arteta all poised to leave next season. Would the club actually react to that?

      We always how no player is bigger than the club. Same applies to managers, administrators and owners. The club is about the team and the fans first and foremost.

  7. I agree with everything you said. Only if all the fans agreed with this as well….not just now……but 3 seasons ago. Gazidis is doing nothing new, in that PHW have been doing the same for the past 5 seasons: “Arsene has loads of money to spend, but he is such a good guy, he wont spend it.” then Arsene supports it by saying, yes I can spend £30m on a player” Wenger gets paid £6m a year to play these games. Remember the season it went horribly wrong and the smaller shareholders criticised and blamed Wenger for not spending the money, while PHW kept quite and folded his arms. Wenger was so upset at having to take all the flak himself that he threatened to leave for real Madrid, before PHW came out all guns blazing to criticise what the shareholders had said about Arsene.

    My point is that a band of criminals (Wenger included) has hijacked the club. If it was Manure or Liverpool, they would never have got away with this.

  8. You knw what l find hard to understand?… a blog called Arsenal 4 life can spent so much time an space constantly slagging off its Managern and those that ran it.
    Try living in the real world one in which,unlike a spoilt child, you dont always get what u want,where not every player u would like in yr team is released without a fight his present club where sometimes u need to think of the future of the club an not go throwing money around without a care, unless u want our club to go the way of teams like Leeds Utd, Blackburn, Portsmouth, Coventry and the list goes on.
    I support Arsenal cos my grandad an father did as my son does too,an as much as l would love to see them winning trophy after trophy l rather knw that thanks to the way the club has been managed l will be able to continue to support them for years to come.
    So please stop comparing us to the likes of Man City an Chelski an the rest of the financially doped clubs and try supporting the club an the manager that brought us more trophies than any before, yes he makes mistakes, yes he doesnt always give us what we want but like a good parent sometimes he cant give us everything

    • Probably because sensible supporters know that the Club is bigger than the management. They know that criticising the management is not akin to critcising the club.

      Until you morons realise that Wenger is not bigger than AFC the better off the club will be.

      So how about you guys start supporting the club as oppsoed to the management?

    • I would like to start by saying that I am not on the Wenger out clan. I have supported him but my patience is wearing thin I don’t know why people keep saying well the board and manager are looking into the future and this is why they won’t spend big. Ok fair enough if thats the case why does our CEO have one of the highest wages in the league aswell as our manager? They openly say like PHW did last summer they don’t understand why RVP wants such a big rise but they are happy to grant Ivan and Wenger huge wages?

      I totally understand prudence and spending sensibly but there has to be balance the bottom line is we are a football team and success is judged on the trophy cabinet not the balance sheet. I for one would never say lets go out and do a Man City or Chelski but doing the opposite makes no sense look how far we have fell behind. 2004 best team in the league if not the world today looking at possibly the 4th or 5th best team in the league can’t compete on the world stage. 2004 we had one of the greatest strikers ever today we have Giroud, and I’m not saying hes rubbish but is he Henry (he might where Henry’s fav number shirt number but we all know he will never be that good).

      I am fed up of it why dress yourself as a big club when you have no ambition to back up your claims every summer is the same at least this summer hasn’t been all bad we have got rid of a whole host of players who where bleeding the club dry but of course that doesn’t enter the mind of a lot of Arsenal fans that Wenger brought them and then put them on contracts no other team would offer and therefore we where stuck with a lot of them until the club released them or their contracts ran out but god forbid we pay RVP market value on his new contract. So based on these fact you can see that the club is being run like a joke. You tell me which big club who tells there fans every year we want to win the league and then panic buy Santos, Park, etc? Which big club play two seasons running with only 1 proper striker?

      And you still believe anyone who says anything against the way the club is being run is “a spolit child” please you need a reality check things need to change. Every year Spurs are getting closer every year they strengthen their team and when will people like you wake up when we finish 5th or 6th or even worse and by the looks of it that isn’t far away. All of our good players we have will leave if we don’t act now i’m not saying the answer to the problem is sacking Wenger because I think the board will keep the same mentality so thats where the change needs to start.

      I really hope we do strengthen our squad before its too late I don’t think we will but we can have hope. Considering we have over 150M in the bank which was proved on our last quarters balance sheet means spending 70M won’t bankrupt us as you are trying to suggest with mentioning clubs like Leeds, Portsmouth etc no Arsenal fans wants the club to take risk like that, we have the means to take calculated risks but only if the club really want success on the pitch and not just in the board room, because like I said we won’t have an open top bus at the end of the season holding up our balance sheet saying we have 150M in the bank but won’t spend sod all.

  9. I’ve been saying for a couple of seasons now that we won’t win anything again until we have a new manager. I wish I was wrong, but AW just doesn’t change his ways.

    The problem now is that our best players are calling for the club to match their ambition and reinforce the squad. They want to be part of a squad that can win, not just battle for 4th and survive a couple of rounds in Europe.

    With the massive funds we have available, it’s just stupid not to put the team in the best position to win. For goodness sake, our first choice keeper would not make first choice for any other EPL team. Millions have been gouged out of our squad with sale of our best players, with inadequate replacements, and millions more for a manager with no accountability who earns more than any player at the club ever has.

    The time has come for fans to really vote with their feet. Enough rubbish from Gazidis. Season tickets should be refunded and the stands should start to empty until show some respect and consideration for the fans and the team.

  10. Completely agree with everything you said bar the spell check mate!

    If we were really serious about bringing someone in we would have ANY two of the players you mentioned.. who ALL individually cost less than the £40 million and 1 pound we reportedly bid for Ratface.

  11. The whole transfer window is another farce.
    They all need to go, Kroenke, board, that twat Ivan and most of all Wenger.
    6 million a year for 4th place and bending over every time the board ask him to is a disgrace, he is the one conning us all.
    All this Wenger making players crap, when we bought Dennis he was one of the most expensive purchases in the league that season.
    Do it again (spend) and we might have a chance of a title.

    • Rioch bought God, not AW. He was already there when AW arrived.

      AW still points out the players we should target. Friar and Dein used to sort the funds and transfer dealings in the good days. Gazidis and his team of muppets are incompetent. they can only pull off last minute panic buys at best. Now we lose out on our main targets every year – Mata, etc.

    • Yup Rioch got Dennis, Wenger has never really bought quality, whoever thought that was seriously mistaken. The best player Wenger has ever bought was Reyes or maybe Arsh and let just say that didn’t pan out.

      Oh and I’m fairly sure that charlatan is on 7.5 a year, and any potential bonuses attached to that is as far as I know not disclosed.

      • What about Henry, Pires, Fabregas oh lets just brush them under the carpet as they dont fit into yr argument

        • Stop living in the distant past.

          The only way is forward. And at this rate we are actually moving backwards.

          • Why am l living in the past for questioning someone saying Wenger has NEVER bought quality players an Gunupyrarse u stated he never bought quality dont change it to the players he spend big money on that failed, one of which by the way was “Arsh”

        • Very Expensive youth players, for those three you also have a list longer than my dick of players we forked out big for that never materialized. And believe me I am extremely comfortable with the length of my shaft.

      • Im waiting for yr explanation as to Henry, in particular, not being quality after all if u cant back up that statement u can always have another pop at me for my grammar or typing

        • So come on lets hear “Gunupmyarse” say how Thierry Henry, the clubs record goal scorer, wasnt a quality signing

          • Henry was by no means a Marquee signing when he arrived, he was signed as back up, with potential, just like Sonogo was this season. You know that as good as i do. So stating otherwise is just flat out lying. But I guess you have proved you’re not above that.

        • He wasn’t a quality signing when we made it you dumb schmuck, he was an underperforming youth player at Juve that we got as a second choice after Anelka was it? wrestled his way out of the team.

          It took two years before he was a regular starter, so honsetly you either have a really poor memory or maybe you where in diapers back then.

          • In his 1st season 1999-2000 he scored 26 goals playing in 31 games in his 2nd he scored 22 goals in 35 games so how can u say it was 2 years before he was a regular player.
            And sorry to remind u but yr statement was Wenger never bought quality lm confused are u saying he didnt buy Henry or trying to backtrack by saying because he wasnt quality when we bought him proves u right

          • Oh one more thing whos the dumb schmuck with a poor memory now, an by the way nice use of a good Yiddish insult from a Gooner, try googling Henrys stats before u open yr mouth nxt time 48 goals in 66 games during the time u said it took him to become a regular starter not sure how many starts it takes to be considered a “regular” but 66 seems fairly high to me

          • Oh an in England they are called Nappies, Diapers are what the americans call them get yr grammar right.

          • Sorry yr wrong again he was bought to replace Anelka who left for Real at the same time an went straight into the team at the start of the season so just who was he back up to.
            As for lying again l point out that those figures are facts so where are the lies. A lie is an untruth those stats are facts 5he only lie was u stating “it took 2 years before he was a regular starter” 2 years in which he played as 1st choice striker in 66 games an scoring 48 goals

          • U knw what beginning to suspect after yr use of the word diapers that you maybe an American so lm gonna leave it there now as whats the point of arguing with a guy from a country thats calls a game where u carry the ball in yr hands “football” and where they class the winners of 2 competitions, in which only one country takes part as World Champions !!

          • So when the AKB arguments don’t work what is the next step?


            You do realize Wenger is French right?


          • Who was the one who started insulting my english an my grammar when their arguments were found to be wrong,who claimed that I was lying about my age an again insulted me instead of simply disagreeing with my opinion an who called me a dumb schmuck an said l was still in diapers an who just called me an arse hole…….Xenophobic why for again stating fact, they do consider the winners of the super bowl an the world series to be world champions 2 competitions that only the Americans ( plus the odd Canadian) take part in

  12. Invite Wenger over to Canada with you mate – stick him a barrel and chuck him over the falls. Good riddance.

  13. There is a lot of infantile rubbish doing the rounds, but, this has to be up there at number one. To think there are people out in the Arsenal supporting world agreeing with this crackpot is a very worrying thought, can any of them be over the age of twelve?

    • Crackpots?

      Are these labels honestly coming from the cabal that agree with Wenger that our current squad is capable of challenging for trophies?

      And you lot have the nerve to call others pyschotic and insane?

    • Couldn’t agree more. I’m really more concerned by the imbeciles who purportedly support Arsenal than whomever we do or don’t buy in the transfer window. Quite frankly as you clearly put it, these lads either have learning deficiencies or are adolescents who blog instead of swapping Panini cards.

  14. The club is not bidding £40,000,000 for a player in some kind of PR stunt. That’s just a dumb thing to say.

  15. A simple fact all u anti wenger boys are missing is that take away the 2 financially doped clubs in the EPL, €ity an Chelski an our club would be Man utds main challengers.
    Those 2 clubs are above us for one reason MONEY, money they didnt earn by their success, in the way Utd or we have, but money that 2 playboys have thrown at them to buy the success they have enjoyed.
    When the Russian rolled up in west london the game changed an its not Arsenal’s managements fault that it did!

    • We might be anti-Wenger, but at least we are not anti-Arsenal.

      Shame that you brown nosers can’t tell the difference between Arsene and Arsenal.

      Must be the spelling I guess?

      • I knw who l support l just live in the real world where it takes more than jus picking a phone to such an such a club, saying we want so an so, an he is in an Arsenal shirt the nxt day

        • Apparently it takes closer to a decade in your world…

          Are the Russians to blame for the getting knocked out of two cups by lower league opposition last year? Or lose to Birmingham in the CC final? Or any of the other points where we have been abysmal against so called smaller clubs?

          Did the Russians and Arabs force us to buy terrible players and place them on wages that prevented us from offloading them when need be?

          How many more years will it be until you realise that Wenger is stuck in his ways? I mean it has been close to a decade of not just not winning things, but not even putting upa decent fight for any silverware?

          10 more years?

        • You akb are just so ridiculously infantile, you haven’t lived a day in the real world son, if you had, you’d know that in the real world failure has consequences.

    • Gazidis and his management team are at fault as follows:
      – Managing contracts poorly so they run down and we eventually lose the players
      – Selling off our best players and doing it too cheaply.
      – Not reinvesting the proceeds of key player sales back into the squad.
      – Not successfully negotiating trades for key players to reinforce our squad.
      – Not being accountable to the fans of the club as Gazidis himself pointed out.

      Look at a team like Juventus. Targets highlighted early and all acquired well before the end of July. And they just won Serie A. Tevez, Llorente, Melo and Ogbonna all great additions to their squad.

      We are light-on in too many places in our squad – the quality is not good enough for us to challenge….SUCCESSFULLY! And the whole point is that it is so unnecessary given the funds that should be invested back in the squad.

      My real fear is that a handful of our best players will leave siting the same reasons as van Persie. And I couldn’t argue with them for doing so.

    • Err the point was that without the players bought by those clubs owners they wouldnt be 21 pts better than us whats hard to understand about that
      Before the Russian Chelsea had players like Dixon, Peacock, Dempsey, Newton an that silly russian goal keeper u think if that was the class of player they still bought would make them better than us?

      • How can you not see how much of a fundamentalist you are?
        I swear we’re moving to a place where the AKB will have to be eradicated for the common good, like Al qaeda just drone the f*ckers, and watch average intelligence rise world wide.

  16. If you ignore Man City and Chelsea we are STILL A MILE behind united. We are not challengers anymore – get real and wake up!

    • Yup and the Spuds with 50 mill, A prolific striker, Defoe and Remy as back up and Di Maria and Coentrao as a bonus, is just… Ridiculous.
      I mean with or without Bale that group are starting to look a bit scary.

  17. Up to now Wenger should at least try to feel the pain we fans have had for so long and willfully deliver us from this shame even if it was for just one season. Please, don’t let other clubs keep insulting us. If the money is there as Gazidis said, spend it as it will help us earn more as the fans will be happy.

  18. The impunity with which Wenger lies is my problem. My old grandmother said ‘a liar is worse than a thief’. Well what comes around goes around. If Wenger lies and doesn’t refresh the squad (I reckon there are 18 maybe 19 first team players available), when the first defeat of the season comes, we will fall away and drop points. Those 19 players will have about 40 games each without injuries or suspensions. Then realty will dawn that our squad is uber small. If Wenger for once can follow his own advice and sign top players, we may have a chance of a trophy. With what is effectively a 19 man squad we are in danger of finding another way of failing. Lies will bring misfortune.

  19. I agree with you b’se gazidis is just playing on our minds and fooling us to gain profits to stupid american. I think fans shd riot until the stands b’mes empty.

  20. I agree with you 100%, Rob said that if we don’t buy top players “it will be it for the management”, what Rob has forgotten is our owner is American and has not been brought up with football and probably had not heard of Arsenal until about ten years ago, when his financial advises told that it would be a good investment.
    Our owner is only in it for the money he can make out of the team his main love is probably Basketball and NFL the games he grew up with, I am sure he has no love for Football, he hired and American CFO who has not the first clue how to deal with Football transfers and is given his orders by the owner (maybe not to spend too much on transfers) remember in North America they trade players, they do not buy and sell them. AW suits the Owner and CFO as he only buys young cheap players, remember he still has to prove us all wrong that he can win the league and cups with young cheap players that he can mould.
    So our owner will not get rid of the management because that’s what he wants to give him the best return on his investment, the way to get him to act is to hit him where it hurts in his pocket by not showing up for games and not buying shirts,etc stop buying season tickets, he will probably sell his shares when the stadium is payed for as the shares will probably go up by another 30-50% as the major debt of the club will no longer be there, then maybe our other share holder will buy the shares and Mr Dean will come back as CEO (if they would have been in place now we would have had our 3/4 top quality players by now, because they know what football and transfers are all about).
    PS I live in Canada (born in London,England) hope you are having a great time here and have a safe journey back home.

  21. Wenger should NEVER be allowed to run matters transfer for the club! He’s running the Club like a kiosk or a students’ canteen! This is outlandish. How long will it take this hopeless board to read the fans’ mood and act with speed? We need Suarez but ONLY, if he’ll accept to be administered a thorough psychological treatment and signs an agreement that he’ll play for free for a whole season should he commits any of his previous misdeeds! If not, why not bring Fellain(ignore the spelling), Dzeko, Vorm and Williams of Swansea? How much would that cost the club? I CONCUR with you that Wenger and Co are purely playing a PR stint. He should know better that people are fed up with his stingy attitudes.

  22. Arsenal FC is a business and run by businessmen for the good of them and the shareholders. Wenger won’t buy world class players as he is there to bring young player through to the first team give them a few seasons and then sell them at a profit. this has been Arsenals agenda for the last 6 years to whom the only people to benefit are the manager 6 million a year, the CEO 1-2 million a year and the owners, with a higher return on their capital investment. Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger don’t care for what the fans think as Arsenal is a global brand that makes them money. True supporters will always be loyal to there club and these people know this, they hold the true fan in contempt. The AST have been telling the board the fans views for years but do they listen With new commercial deals in place they gain to benefit even more, new contract for Mr Wenger even though a large section of fans were calling for his head last season and the fans have had to indure the highest ticket prices in Europe sinse 2006, this is why 4th place is always good enough for the board as the champions league generates the income and satisfies some sections of the fans.
    All Arsenal are interested in is your money they won’t show loyalty to you even if you have followed them for 50 years. the only way to influence these people for change or a new direction is in the pocket, don’t buy the merchandise they offer.
    Wenger out,Gazidis out, Kroenke out the Board out.

  23. i truely agree with most of your points, if truely arsene wants to strenghten the team, suarez will not play all position, you can atleast sign other players like fellaini, gustavo or any other top player that we were being linked with while the suarez saga goes on. I think all fans shuld boycott arsenal matches to show them that we are not fools

  24. FRANKLY speaking Spurs is serious and determined than us. These guys have brainwashed everyone with mind control, eight years, eight solid years and still counting without a trophy! That’s a JOKE! Our current team cant compete among the top five. To Finnish fourth next campaign will be a MIRACLE. Mark my word.

    • At this rate not even three years after, everyone is buying including BARCA with the best youth academy!

  25. I think it is a sad fact that the AKB have chosen to attack honest blogs in order to subvert any real conversation about our club, rather than engage in a most welcome debate. But then again I guess we have to chart it down as a victory when there’s nothing left to their argument other than bile. Take a look at todays Untold for example, a true long time bastion of the AKB, today they ran an article saluting the spuds for doing all the things we don’t yet they still champion the current regime.
    Unsurprisingly half of their regulars revealed themselves to be spuds saluting the article, so once again it has been proven without doubt that the greatest supporters of Wenger and the board are in fact supporters of our rivals only out to wreak havoc amongst our ranks.

    So if anything it seems a war on the AKB simply has to be fought.

    • So apart from the crazy conspiracy theory, ( AW, Gazides & silent stan working really really hard not to buy anyone just to piss off and con the fans) you’r now saying if we don’t agree with you then were all Spurs fans, some really deep intellectual thought processes going on here, @guninurback. By the way good luck with your riot!!!

  26. It’s funny how all those AKB supporters get their panties in a bunch , whenever anyone has the nerve to criticize the owner or the management . Same people telling others to go and try living in the real world( as if we didn’t) , shout” Wenger for life”(as if that was possible in the real world). Let me see if I got all the excuses in the right order. First we couldn’t win again because of the League’s bias and crooked refereeing . Then it was the unlucky injuries and more bed refereeing. Then it was the Russian oligarchs followed by Arab oligarchs. Then we didn’t have the funds to compete even though we’ve wasted millions on players we couldn’t get rid of. Then we still didn’t have the funds , even though Gazidis said we did , but he was lying and Wenger was just to nice of a guy to set the record straight . And now when everybody said we have the money we still can’t get quality players in because it is … hard , a nd it’s not like you can just get them at a supermarket . Welcome to the real world.

      • You talk so much crap its hard to believe if you think killing people is a good idea thats just shows your level of insanity and not to mention people who support te club that you say you support and thus conribute to transfer fund that you so desperatly want the club to spend, you fool.

        You have spoke so much on this blog yet not 1 thing you have said is backed up by fact just like the actual blog just your opinion and im not saying your opinion is crap but lets say its hard to take someone serious when they say wenger only buys shit players, well look atvthe invincibles and you will see 10 of the starting 11 are either wenger buys or where brought through the youth system under wenger you say wenger doesn’t buy marqee players who gives a fu*k if the player is free or cost 100m i couldnt care lesss as long as they preform week in week out doesn’t make any odds to me. One day when you have time look on the club website at the 50 greatest Arsenal players as voted for bybthe fans and you will vast around half the players on that list are Wenger buys or were brought through the youth under wenger which totally debunkes your arguement.

        If you think i am some AKB or some wenger lover then you arw wrong and if you don’t believe me just read my ealier comment which was a reply to the first comment by Hantsgooner and you will see i critise wenger as much as i do the board for whats going on but the differnce is i dont wish death on people with a different opinion or say things that can’t be proved its FACT so if want to give your opinion then please make sure you say something which can be backed up otherwise your rant is just meaningless.

        • Just to clarify something I mentioned earlier I was writing that at round midnight from my phone so made a mistake.

          I mentioned that if you go on the website you will see that the top 50 players as voted for by the Arsenal fans half of them are either Wenger buys or were brought through the youth system under Wenger.

          The number of players is actually is 11 players but at least 6 more players have credited Wengers training and dieting methods as prolonging their careers and making them better players.

          So if you think more the 20% of that list are Wenger players and the club has been around for 125yrs that is a huge amount of players.

          • You call me a muppet like I said if your coming to put up an argument then please back it up and this is where he said,

            “How can you not see how much of a fundamentalist you are?
            I swear we’re moving to a place where the AKB will have to be eradicated for the common good, like Al qaeda just drone the f*ckers, and watch average intelligence rise world wide.”

            If you want to come up with facts then im still waiting

  27. I for one am an Arsenal fan in Uganda(Africa) but I entirely agree with u on all grounds.For me if Suarez were not indiscipline,I would value him at£30m.With his price inflated & his behavior not withstanding,I don’t see Wenger splashing over £40m on Suarez.I actually see it as a trick for fans to buy season long tickets& dats why Ivan announced availability of transfer money as £70m.Otherwise if such funds were available,Higuain’s deal wouldn’t have stalled the disagreement being only£2m to buy Higuain initially at @£25m.I don’t see Arsenal buying anyone that much as if cheaper disciplined options are not there.Given confidence,Giroud will b good next season however an additional striker like Roberto Soldado who is cheaper will b highly appreciated.Wenger plz bring us a midfielder like Fellaini to back up Arteta,defender like Ashley Williams,good goalie like Cesar& a good striker may b at £ 20m.These 4 additions would cost us a maximum of £55m that crazy Liverpool want in their indisciplined asset Suarez. With those 4 additions,am sure next season we would get silverware

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  30. Looks like the deluded “Arsenal Till i Die” brigade outnumber the realistic, “I can actually see whats wrong with my club” people. No wonder people detest arsenal fans when the majority are so blind and stupid.

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